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  1. Could everstorm be the 10th unmade that was created after the breaking of Tal'n? Odium will be controlling it's movement like a trainer controls a newborn pup's movement until it becomes self aware enough to develop its own personality, like some of the unmades have?
  2. horror

    Isn't there a recent wob in which Brandon described the encounter between Hoid and Frost the Dragon? Iirc, Hoid said his goal was to make whole again that was lost? So here's my theory: The reason Adonalsium was shattered in the first place was because a group of people decided that a) either too much power concentrated into a single vessel is not a good idea or 'b) the power could be used more effectively if it were shattered without the conflicting intent of each shard not rendering the vessel basically incapable of taking any action. We have already seen that holding two diametrically opposite shards makes the shareholder very restricted in the decisions he can take. So, what happens to a vessel who is holding 16 shards? What if even though all Shards are not pairwise diametrically opposite to each other, but the vector sum of all 16 shards is 0, if that makes any sense. This would also play into the original shardholders' decision to not mingle with each other and Bavadin's annoyance at the shardholders' unwillingness to follow through on this decision. By imbibing the magic system of all 16 shards, what Wit is essentially trying to do is provide a proof of concept that all 16 powers can reside in a single vessel without the vessel relinquishing his autonomous decision making power as long as the contribution of each shard is relatively small? Which means that the original Adonalsium could have been shattered in a different way. Instead of shattering into 16 seperate intents with each Shard holder having 100% of its intent, Adonalsium could have been broken into 16 seperate shards, but each shard having access to only 1/16th access to each intent's power? Here's how to current and proposed format will look like Current Adonalsium = 256 power points With each intent getting 16 power points Honor's power points = 1/16 of Adonalsium = 16 power points Harmony's power points = 2/16 of Adonalsium = 32 power points And so on for each shard Proposed Wit = 1/16 of Adonalsium = 16 power points but by combining 1 power point of each intent (1 for Honor + 1 for Ruin + 1 for Preservation ....) So basically, there will be 16 mini Adonalsiums with all of the intents instead of 16 (now 15) individual intent shards. Wit himself said in the aforementioned encounter that the old rules don't apply anymore so Frost doesn't know what is and isn't possible. And he's just trying to find a different way of making Adonalsium while again but bypassing the incapacitating restrictions of mingling of different shards.
  3. Do you have a WOB for that?
  4. Does anyone have a theory as to how exactly these artificial orbits of the moon were created? As a follow up, are the moons themselves naturally occurring celestial objects or were they a result of some radiant related activity? ( I can't think of anything else powerful enough to create artificial moons)
  5. So now that we know that even the oathgates have sprens, I think I have a theory on the third Bondsmith spren. It's the spren of Urithiru. The reason the tower of Urithiru dues not function properly is because it's actually the physical manifestation of the sibling. The stormfather, while discussing the sibling with Dalinar says that you disturb them enough at it is. I suppose people poking and prodding the entire tower on a daily basis could be construed as disturbance. Additionally, the tower can only become fully functional only when someone has bonded the spren, providing it sentience. Otherwise, the tower (read: physical body) regresses back to its basic functioning like a storm or a windspren. And only someone who can understand the tower intimately will be able to bond its spren. An additional point of thought is the refusal by sprens of Thylenah's oathgates to grant entry to Shallan from cognitive realm. They told her that they have been forbidden to do so by someone. Stands to reason that such an order can only be given by a spren that ranks higher then them. Say a spren of the building that has all ten oathgates. What do you guys think?
  6. Hoid used breathes to reawaken the doll. He had a discoloured patch on his robe after he commanded the doll. Luckily for him, now that he had bonded a cryptic, he should be able to harvest stormlight directly
  7. Couple of points regarding Hood: 1) Before bonding with the cryptic, Hoid already has access to allomancy, feruchemy, breathes, and elantrian magic (he talks about his hair coming off in chunks, which we know, can be done by the chemical that the monk drank on Elantris) 2) Hoid also has access to the moon sceptre, which is kind of a Rosetta stone. I'm assuming one of its abilities is to provide the end user with access to all kinds of investiture. Regarding the cryptics: 1) They have been looking at Elgokar for a long time now. 2) At his death, Elhokar was about to bond one 3) When Spren cross over, it's a leap of faith for them. They don't know if they'll ever bond anyone. And until they do, they roam around mindlessly. It's the same reason that the comet Spren that was following Eshonai around started following Venli around after her death. The Spren should not go back. The cryptic that Elhokar was about to bond, has already crossed over, and thus could not go back. It has to find another host. Taking all this into account, it seems like Hoid enticed the Spren with truths to bond with him. Recall guys conversation with Shallan when he used lightweaving. He told her that the Shards on this planet are very strict. I interpret it as that while Hoid was able to imbibe in himself the magic from other planets by hacking or shortcuts (burning a bead instead of snapping, borrowing breathes already collected by everyone else, drinking a chemical instead of being born in Elantris), the only way he could get surgebinding is by bonding a Spren. That's why his Fortune took him to that palace. Regarding the voidbringers, do note that their entire focus from the start had been on capturing Kholinar. And they were not tearing down the whole palace, just specific section of it. Seems to me that the enemy had knowledge of something hidden inside the palace at Kholinar which he really really wants and that's what the parshendi were searching for.
  8. What if Szeth's ability is to act like an anti-radiant? He can either such the stormlight from other invested objects,like the larkin thingy, or, he can block both radiant and voidbringers from accessing their surges?
  9. Wouldn't Nightblood being the cause run counter to Brandon's philosophy of having standalone series? I mean, we have seen people from different planets in different anthologies, but have never seen anyone whose actions have significantly changed the digressed of events. Instead of looking for off world intervention to explain the phenomenon, shouldn't we first examine the on world event, i.e. the death and subsequent restoration of Szeth as the possible agent of change? In that regard, I like the mouse pointer of a slow computer theory. When someone in the Sandersonverse dies, their physical anchor is lost to them (Secret Histories). You can restore the body to its original form if you have enough expertise on the subject of physical realm, but the connection of the spiritual/ cosmetic component may be an alright different slontze to master. No matter how hard you try, it just isn't restored the way the Almighty intended it to be. Another analogy can be an anchor on a ship. Originally, the anchor is on the ship, and the motion of both is perfectly synched. But if you drop the anchor and let it float in the sea, it will still follow the path of the ship, but with a slight lag. Come to think of it, maybe Sanderson is a doom fan, and has implemented the rule that if you are respawned in the Cosmere, you will have to face lag. The only people we know of who have come back from the dead are the Nalthis Gods and Kelsier. In case of the Gods, one of the shards is directly involved in the process and he/she may have enough expertise of all three realms that they may be able to restore the connection perfectly. As for Kelsier, he didn't return to his own body, AND he used hemalurgy, a magic system that is still mostly unexplored.
  10. Didn't Kaladin's mother say that sprens materialise whenever something changes? I mean that's the only reason I can think of for the existence of some emotion sprens and the absence of others. For example, contrary to popular belief, you don't immediately start loving someone, it's a gradual process. But you can suddenly become angry at someone, become jubilant, etc etc
  11. What if the survival shard that Brandon is talking about is on the planet on which Sixth if Dusk is set. The reason everything is trying to kill on that planet is so that the shard can train them to survive.
  12. What part was Ym playing?Lift's spren said something along the lines of her preference being a horticulture grandma but the council pushed it towards Lift. Neither of which seems to be playing any important role in world events, only theit local sphere of influence. I don't thing the sprens have discarded Elhokar completely. His second last scene with Kaladin seems to imply that they are still perving out on him. Another question. Sly said that if Kaladin dies,she goes stupid again. She also said that she has helped men kill before. Both of these sentences taken together imply that if a bonded spren's human host dies, the process of looking for a new human host can start again. What if the spren that bonded Ym has done the same thing. But this time, he is advised by the spren council to look for Kaladin's immediate relatives, those that inspired him to become worthy of a Nahel bond. Lastly, in the day of recreance we see around 2-3 hundred shard blades. Which means that apart from bond smiths (whose members numbered 3), other orders had multiple Knights. Doesn't tha lend credence to the fact that there can be more than one order of healers (Ym's order, I forgot the exact name) at the same time?
  13. Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. So, I've been rereading WoR and tWoK for the nth time and just realized something. Almost all the orders of knight radiants are concentrated on a select few families. We have the Kholin family where Dalinar is a bond smith, Renarin is truth watcher, Adolin's shard blade is expected to come back to life, Navani is a pioneer of the fabrial magic system, Elhokar is being spied on by the rude highsprens, and Jasnah is an Elsecaller. Then we have the Davar family where Shallan is lightweaver, the eldest brother was a skybreaker, and the father was a ghostblood. We are yet to see the other brothers manifest any powers but I'm sure the sprens are into some serious nepotism muck. Then we have Kaladin who is a windrunner, and his father Lirin who always heals people. This seems like the sort of thing Ym used to do before he found himself at the pointy end of the long arm of justice. Which makes me wonder if his spren would have settled for Lirin as the new Knight Radiant. The only possible argument against this theory is Lift. But the again, she did something that Dalinar did too and I'm thinking Nightmother pulls some serious weight in the monthly highsprens' board of meeting. Any thoughts???? PS: sorry for bad engrish, sleepy and small typy screen.