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  1. Sure. As long as that's all you do (and I'm left alive), I don't mind. Yeah. Didn't realise it was a night turn. I thought people were going to be voting today. :facepalm: That aside, I'd like to ask: Why have we concluded the Rathmaskal's negation came from some other player? It could have very well been the defend action negation. There was a 40% chance of that. So, yeah. (Unless he mentions it was ebcause of something else, then I probably missed it.)
  2. I mention I wanted to vote Rathmaskal. However, if you see, BR removed her vote minutes before I posted. Therefore, in the interest of preventing vote manipulation, I cemented the vote in Snip. I'll admit, I jumped on the wagon. I had no reason to suspect Snip, and I honestly found his posts on D1 NAI at the very least. However, I voted for him because I wanted closure for the D1 vote result. His hardy status didn't us much. So, yeah. That's that. Also, I've had a mishap today and injured myself (I know, medical problems are annoying >.>) So, I haven't had much of a look at the game. Just a quick glance through the thread. I don't have enough information to vote at this point, and I'm exhausted right now. If I can get up in time in the morning and read through the thread before rollover, I'll make a vote. (And, yes. It'll likely again be hopping into a bandwagon because I do t think I stand a chance of actually lynching anyone that's already under fire) That said, I'll likely vote for Rathmaskal or BR or Randuir. Idk why, but they've got my gut stirring. If I can't substantiate my gut feel with some evidence, I'll probably not vote at all. Anyways, I'm feeling very sleepy now, so I'm signing off. Edit: On a second skim of the thread, I think I'm getting Randuir confused with Karnatheon in this post. I should sleep. So, yeah.
  3. Ah. The negation was because of the defend action though, I assume?
  4. Snip had 5 people vote for him. The count shows that only 4 of them were effective. It was also possible that the elim team left Snip alone because he'd already been lynched once for relatively non-random reasons (by D1 standards). So, they expected we'd lynch him again anyways, for whatever reason. I know I would have left him alone. Edit: There was a 40% chance for a single vote to be negated by the defend action. Thought I'd put it in.
  5. "What splendid coincidence!" Lars said with a gleam in his eye. "Astoril was a butcher before he decided to apprentice to a surgeon!" Spinning around to his hand-servants, Lars motioned them to book an appointment for Antor. "Tell Astoril to make double the preparations! We're having a brain celebration!" Lars turned to face Antor again "I'm so glad you decided to change your mind."
  6. Lars lifted his hand against the sword. "You dare doubt my belief in modern medicine? Tairen surgeons are the best in the world. As it happens, I have one in my retinue. Would you like to me to schedule one for you too?"
  7. Scheduling my brain surgery right this minute!
  8. I'm actually torn between Rathmaskal and Snip. With regards to Rathmaskal, his first vote rang alarms for me. His reasoning for vote was silly, granted. But then, he takes it off at the slightest challenge. That I don't get. If you're being silly in voting, I don't see why you would suddenly become rational. On the other hand, it could be an elim throwing on a first vote to seem village and then removing it when the slightest amount of attention got called to it. Granted, I don't have context for the previous game so I may be missing the severity of it. This is only a very light accusation. So, I'm not too sure of lobbing on a vote for this. Well, ninja'd. So, I guess I'll be voting for Snip to help with the lynch? Not much can hap[en in the last 15 minutes, I don't think?
  9. Yeah. I'm actually wishing he does get . lynched. It would clear up D1 to some extent too. As it stands, we basically don't know much of the results of D1 yet.
  10. Mark here. I know this is a little late but Snip is part of the Fal Dara Doc. I can confirm.
  11. Just reread D1 and N1. I may not be on before Rollover again. I have a strong gut feel about 2 people, but not much evidence. I'll not be voting for now, for aforementioned lack of a case. However, if I do happen to come online before rollover, I may drop my vote to solidify the lynch at the very least. I'll keep that in mind about BR. I'll admit, I'd never have asked BR the question if Bard had never made his post. However, the reason I asked her was because I felt her answer was a little off. You could say I picked low hanging fruit. IMO though, I made a post about something I found odd. That it was in response to Bard's question was inconsequential to my actions. I'm not saying I necessarily suspect Karnatheon of being an elim. In fact, I'm leaning village on him. However, I found the slip interesting and pointed it out. I'd rather wait to see how it pans out rather than put pressure on him. Catch him off-guard if you will. Putting pressure on him will instead raise his defense and he may not make a similar slip again. The point's sort of moot now though, given that it's received so much attention now. Honestly, at this point, I don't think he'd slip up under pressure. So, yeah. I thought I'd let the matter be. This post's been a sort of ramble. I apologise if there's any repetition here or there. It's a little late here. So, yeah. Hopefully I'll be on before roll over.
  12. @Ookla the Ring mobile formatting is like this: [ color=enter color here] Vote [ /color] Without the initial space in the brackets. And note specifically the American spelling of color (colour doesn't work).
  13. Yeah. You do have a point karnatheon. And in all honesty, it could just be a mistake. I don't disagree there. But, it could also be good manipulation. I just thought I'd point it out. I don't know how many games anyone's played here. It's almost like my first game again. For now, I'm willing to wait and see what happens with regards to Mat.