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  1. I know it's been a long time since the game ended, but I'd still like to finally post my thoughts on the game. Firstly, Archer, excellently run game, Loved playing it, especially after such a long break. I won't be playing any games for another few months, so I'm glad I can take a break with a good taste in my mouth. The twitter segments of the writeups were all very amusing, and honestly, my second-favourite part about the rollover (right after finding out if we'd lynched an elim, of course ). I'm somewhat surprised people read me as village, given how I voted and that my reasoning was usually somewhat insubstantial. But, maybe that's because I didn't used to say much of anything before, so I'm not used to saying stuff... Conq, I'm curious what Devo said to you in her PM that made you come close to being suspicious of me - in the sense that I'd already expected you'd be suspicious me. (I mean, to be honest, I think I'd have voted for me :P) Illwei's death was really a stroke of luck, especially given the first 2 cycles. The vote swings during the rollover danger zone on C3 was honestly amazing and hilarious at the same time. Though, it'd have been nice if rollover wasn't around 2+ am for me XD. If Illwei hadn't been lynched that cycle, I think most of the village might have turned on itself, given my suspicions of Mat & Shining, Conq's suspicions of me (?) and Mat and Mat's read on Shining. Conq's suspicions were really on point throughout the game. My whole reason for believing Shining was village turned out to be unfounded. XD After I hinted in thread that I thought Shining had an extra-life role, he role claimed in PM and I thought there'd be no way an elims would have an extra life. Idk why I thought this, given there's been so many games with elims with extra lives, but it just came off as very villagery. Glad I believed you, Shining, but idk if it was wise. There's probably some other things I wanted to say, but I don't remember anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well played to the Elims. If things had played out a little differently, I think you'd have had the upper hand by the end of it. I honestly hadn't suspected Illwei or Devo (until I spoke to Conq). Well done to the Village. Thanks again, Archer, for hosting the game. I'll see you guys again in a few months, hopefully.
  2. @_Stick_, your interactions with Devo seem designed to distance yourself from her, from memory. I wouldn't be surprised if Devo tried to bus another teammate last cycle, given she already kinda bussed Illwei. Which makes me think you, _Stick_ might be the last elim. Sorry I've not said a thing this cycle. I meant to post yesterday but just been busy. :/
  3. But why? Then who do you think is the most likely solo elim, if we consider that possibility for a second? Or do you strongly suspect that there are indeed 2 elims? And what's your rationale for saying I'm not likely to be an elim if there's just one left? If I perform the same analysis, Devo really is the only one that could be paired up with Xino or Stick in my opinion, and is also the likely elim if there's just one solo elim left. She's just the common denominator for me right now, as I see it. (I know what mine is, but I'd like to hear your rationale first, Devo). Seems like the Monday Blues are hitting everyone hard today. XD
  4. Sorry about my silence. I've had some OOG reasons I've not been able to look at the thread at all over the past 24 hours. I don't think I have the time to look at the thread this during what's left of this turn either. Rotten time to be caught up in affairs, but that's just how it is. I think part of the issue is that Illwei didn't really leave many obvious breadcrumbs to follow, either false or true. Sticks analysis of Devi's posts seems helpful, at least. However, I have no read on Stick themself, so I don't know to what extent I should trust the points Stick's laying emphasis on and, more importantly, what they're omitting (talking specifically about the possibility of an e!Stick here). Stick's analysis shines a more positive light on Devo, esp the vote tie. The only issue I see is that I don't see a Xino + Illwei team given their play styles this game. Sure, there could be a third person, but then that's one of Stick or Devo (given my reads on Conq and Shining). Regardless, I'm retracting my vote for now, but I will be coming online later to place it towards the end of the cycle. (Mostly because I don't have the time to analyse right now, unfortuantely). Devo Also, this kinda sticks out to me (no pun intended) Either this is a v!Stick expressing their woes or an e!Stick subtly hinting that they're Village, imo. Not sure which though
  5. Haven't reread C1/2 yet, but I just realised it was Xino who voted for you, not Illwei. I keep getting confused between the two for some reason. :/ Not much to say yet, but I thought I'd point it out.
  6. I guess the last minute train really caught the elims off guard, given that Illwei was an Odd Favoured, which means she could have protected herself if she had submitted the order. Which means that either she was just inactive toward the end of the cycle and submitted no orders or had both orders for looking for coins. Either way, last cycle's vote was realy informative, especially the way it swayed around. Devotary. Yours was the last vote on Illwei. Given that Illwei didn't put in her self-protect order on (odd) cycle 3, I assume Illwei wasn't online at the time. So, (and this is now hypothesis), an e!Devo decided to capitalise on it and voted for Illwei to gain some credibility once it was clear that the 3v1v1 VC wasn't going to flip again. If Illwei had finally come onine, she'd have had to submit a self-protect order anyway, regardless of your voting on her. To me, an e!Devo + e!Illwei team seems possible. Illwei's random votes on you could have been a bold distancing tactic, possibly? The issue is that Illwei didn't really contribute much to discussion C1 and early C2. I'd have to reread C2/3 to see how you two have interacted though. My vote for now is somewhat incorporeal given I don't have concrete evidence linking you to Illwei, but, as mentioned, I intend to reread C2/3 and I'll leave my vote here until I do so, if for nothing but the sake of discussion. That aside, @_Stick_. Idk, just poking you again. Any comments on last cycle? I know it's a lot to catch up on, but we're at a crititcal cycle now. If there are in fact 2 more elims as Conq suggested, then we could possibly reach parity next cycle (though someone had mentioned that the elim win condition is to outnumber the villagers, not reach parity?). But, it'll be terribly hard to win if we are, in fact, at parity. Also, the vote cancellation on Mat is interesting. E: @Devotary of Spontaneity, because vote on you
  7. Ah, well, do dice feel dice in their heads? I meant, claim if you think losing your role would really hurt the village.
  8. Oh, Conq My bad. VC: Mat (3): Stick, Conq, Devotary Conq (3): Mat, Shining, Mark E: I don't think Conq knows we're voting for him, possibly? @Conquestor, because might as well, what with the variable roll over.
  9. Ugh, why do you have to make sense. The zero resistance is still fine because of how fast it happened. My earlier theory was that the elim team was Mat + Xino (idk, there could be a third, but I'd prefer to not think about that for now). If that's the case, neither Xino nor you had any time to really stop the train after Shining and I shifted my votes. However, your point on Conq does raise my suspicions about him again. I'm wont to chalk it off to a mistake though - same as you thinking Me + Shining would be a viable team given that I have been the second vote on Shining for a while now and it doesn't make sense for e!me to wait until the last minute to pull a weird stunt to pull the votes off of Shining when I could have just not voted on him in the first place. However, it still makes me want to reconsider my read on Conq. I'm half tempted to remove my vote and let Conq and Mat tie to see what happens though. But, it is now officially past my bed time and I can barely remember why I do or don't trust whom I do or don't trust. I will analyse Conq though, if you do turn out to be village. If you're claiming an important role, then just say it, at this point, I think. We'll worry about verifying it next cycle. E: You know what? @Archer Mat. Do you feel the dice rolling in your head, Mat?
  10. I did already mention this in my post *shrug* (Maybe it was an elim doc convo? )
  11. This is what I'm thinking too. I have a feeling lynching a v!Mat would be a fatal mistake, especially in the late game. But an e!Mat seems like a distinct possibility. Unfortunately, I really don't have the time to go back to C1 and re-analyse. If no one's voting Xino, then I might as well solidify the lynch on Mat. Don't want vote manip to mess things up (I'm more afraid of it now because it's about time we saw some elim vote shenanigans, but we've been voting for villagers so far, so they had no reason to do it yet. If e!Mat, then they're likely to play their hand if they indeed have vote manip). Getting the post out for now. Don't know when the cycle will end. I'll provide more justification tomorrow if req. Good night to everyone.
  12. This is an emergency announcement to inform you that I am no longer suspicious of Shining. In fact, I have a strong Village lean on him. We have settled our differences over a nice private cup of tea. I'm not entirely sure I can say why though - it seems somewhat risky to. That said, I don't want to leave the vote to a tie either, partly because vote manip and because of my aforementioned lean on Shining. Mat. I'm sorry there's not much you can do to change my vote now. The issue is mainly that if you're not elim then I have to revaluate my reading on Conq and Devo. I.e., you're the lowest I was originally going to vote for Mat, but I think there's more to be learnt from keeping him alive, esp if he's village. As such Xino. The only other vote candidate is Illwei, but I have a slight village lean on her as well. So, I'm forced to vote outside the pool. It is possible (but rather unlikely) that Shining has tricked me. But, if he has, then I'd much rather just give up (based on the implications). So, I'm going to assume what we spoke of was, in fact, correct. E: Inb4 this comes off as a last minute elim tactic - e!Mark and e!Shining being forced to make up bad reasons to save e!Shining from the vote.
  13. Oh, I'd hate it if I got a disappear too! Just posting to say, in signing off for the day. While I'm less confident of my Shining vote now than I was before, Shining is still my primary suspicion (because v leaning Devo and Conq, no info on Xino, Illwei or Stick and I keep flipping on Mat as well). Just a thought, but could a Mat +Xino/Illwei pairing work? I'll have to see tomorrow. Also, Shining seems rather composed about his impending death. That's somewhat interesting. I guess we'll find out if it means anything after rollover.
  14. @_Stick_ Anything to say? Have you been able to catch up? We basically know nothing about your/Tani's role. Just mildly poking you cause I'm going to be signing off in a couple of hours and I'd like to see what you have to say about things before the cycle ends.
  15. Roit. I meant to say Illwei in that paragraph. Mixed up Xino and Illwei as I was writing. Ugh, I meant you trusted Illwei and her v lean on Mat. I do want to vote, but I don't know what to vote for really. On the one hand, Shining's actions do seem suspicious at first glance. But, the reason's he's offering are just vague enough that they could be genuine C1/2 lack of info/gut reads rather than elim manipulation. I agree that Shining's trust in Mat after saying he was wary of him C1 is somewhat weird, especially this: Well, he defended me, so that was nice Honestly don't really know at this point. Will do some more reading, but I think it's relevant enough to mention that his activity levels are much lower here than they were in the QF game. Personally, I'd be somewhat suspicious of someone defending me so strongly so early on (it was strong by C1 standards by any rate). But, it's possible that Shining simply didn't think it suspicious or that an e!Mat's manipulation worked on Shining. I just don't know when to stop giving the benefit of the doubt, I guess. My primary issue is that, ideally, if I vote for Shining I want him to be able to defend himself. And for that, I need to have concrete allegations or something specific to point to that he would be able to counter properly if he were village. However, none of the cycles so far have been ideal and I don't think I can afford to wait around for concrete evidence either. Conq's right, this cycle's been rather tepid so far. And, I have a feeling I'll end up voting Shining by the end of the cycle if nothing changes anyway. (I'm not sure if I broke the nested quote box, but I managed to insert text into the header. Also, it's now showing me 6 of Devo's profile previews at the bottom of my page. That face is scary >.<)