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  1. "But, may I ask" says a cheerful voice coming from behind a bookshelf "what is your favorite thing to speculate upon?" The voice was of course Al. Who had been hiding there reading all this time. He smiled and ate a bookie. "Eck, this one tastes like ferrets."
  2. This is quite possibly the best thread I've seen today. I had no idea there was an entire coppermind article on this small moment in WoR. I just finished the book, so this small tip of the hat to Stick helped with the sadness of having no new Sanderson to read.
  3. Alomantist stumbles in bearing odd scrapes on his face and forarms. "Troll in the dungeon! Just thought you should know." He shouted. Then he proceeded to faint. From the floor he mumbles, "Sorry boys, I don't sing."
  4. "Shoot" he shrieks, and runs into a wall. Al's sword Advice Bringer came slightly out of its scabbard in the crash. "I told you to check your spelling... why do you never listen to me you water flesh thing?" "Shut up Advice Bringer." Al says from the floor.
  5. Dang it. I've run out of Nicrocyl again. Anybody have any extra? I have experiments to run, there is research to be done, on the people who are still alive. *singing in GLaDOS voice* (I'm in ally 214 if anyone is interested)
  6. "It's not polite to kill newcomers. They only do that in the Dark Ally, and, well... let's just not go there. "Hi! I'm AL by the way." Says Alomantist voice full of whimsy and possibly potatoes.
  7. "Well this seems to be a storm a musicals. I will respectfully abstain." Says Al, burying his face into His book.
  8. Hmm. I appear to have arrived late. My apologies! But on the subject of cookies... should we also consider the Knights Awkward invention of bookies? On the subject of the dark ally. It is a time honored tradition of Hemalugy. Spiking new members is an honor that can be refused. Therefore it must be accepted. But I am open to counter arguments.
  9. Dear untainted child. How can you remain as your name implies while attending the church of Wayne? Have you not heard of our glorious leader's exploits? His adventures should leave one quite tainted I should say. Ooh! Hay Murasaki! I'll trade you a spoon and a burning candle for that kiwi accent you got there!
  10. "Hello and welcome! I am the one known as Al! I haven't been here in a while, but I would like to take this moment to... *psst* spoke Al's trusted blade AdviceBringer, *perhaps you should say something nice to the newcomer, instead of just blathering on. It is impolite to blather without proper compliments* "Oh. You're right AdviceBringer. You have a very nice profile pic there Dragon314!"
  11. A computer with a hat? I'll trade you a small notebook and a bar of soap for it!
  12. I seem to have misplaced my coppermind containing the information on how to change one's account settings (like my picture, name and whatnot). This may have been posted somewhere, but I could really use some help here.
  13. Yes! Ship Waxsteris! I'll work on the rigging, someone find me a rudder and we will get this thing sailing!
  14. Good plan. Go team.