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  2. 1. How do you get a hold of, mentally,an entire story your reading or writing? 2. I want to practice writing and practice reading every day, what books should I start reading to we myself into it and make it fun especially if reading is not one of my fortees. What can I do to get in the habit of writing everyday again? at one point it came easy then I wrote a story and someone said they liked it and would like to see where the story is headed but it frightened me because i had no idea where to take it. This frightened me and its been hard to write everyday sense how do I make it enjoyable for them? I've recently bought Persistence is that a good book to read to get over writer's block? 3. How do you do research? 4.I will try and take James patterson's master class to learn how to research and see what he has to say about that a good idea? 5. I've been listening to the podcast for around a year or two now? any way to get questions to them so they can be answered on the show? 6. what books do you guys recommend to get started with reading? novels and creative writing books?