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  1. From the album Mistborn Pumpkin

    I'm not sure whose work this is, so if you see it and it's yours, please give me a shout so I can credit you!
  2. I really have no idea who any of them are, actually! Hahaha! I just did face searches for the characteristics I was looking for.
  3. What does he look like in your world?
  4. A collage I made of people I think look like the characters from Mistborn the way I imagine them from the descriptions. Obviously, finding real people to fit them was harder than being able to draw them outright, but I can't draw a stick figure, so this is my best chance! Lol!
  5. Having listened painfully to several clips of Krammer reading these beautiful books, I am not surprised he has some strange pronunciations. He is one of the worst audiobook readers I've come across in a long time . I started making my own so I'd have something I could actually listen to without going Hoed
  6. I was thinking, didn't Hrathin or Sarene or someone say that Jaddeth was God of earth and stone? And they were talking about how he can rise once everyone is converted and the Elantrians are gone. Could he have done something to cause the earthquake that distorted the pathway for the Dor?
  7. Thank you Thank you!
  8. How about deaths in Arcanum Unbounded? While not technically main characters in the main books, they become so in their own books...
  9. I cannot even tell you how much that list saved Elantris for me! I could read the book and not cringe in terror every time something happened to someone. It made it possible for me to enjoy the book without the horror that I know I would have felt if I hadn't known. Thank you so much for giving me what I needed. You guys are the best. <3
  10. Lol! Well you got another one in!
  11. Hahaha! You guys are awesomeness! To be honest, I really wasn't expecting people to actually answer me because EVERYONE seems to think I'm nuts and should just read them. So I truly, truly appreciate the answers and the thoughtfulness in them <3
  12. I totally wanted these too!
  13. Yeah...that... Lol!