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  1. So my wife and I are on the second season of Daredevil--she's half-assed watching. She hears something and asks, "Did he just call him 'Stick'?" I said, "Yes. But he could be fire." Her look was totally, "What the Hell does that mean and why did I marry you?" Haven't said another word. Waiting for the Ask. I have "smart-chull" issues. :-D
  2. Cowardice? (Could also be the survival shard)
  3. I went ahead and bought Steelheart and The Rithmatist. I am pages away from finishing my second read of Oathbringer. I think I might read one of those before hitting White Sand prose and Aether of Night.
  4. I saw this today. Anyone read any of Brandon's YA stuff? I'm 49, are there any I should read?
  5. What's the speculation on who is talking?
  6. I don't know when the picture was taken, but the actress is 41 years old...
  7. How about Rebecca Hazlewood for Jasnah?
  8. I’ve been lurking for far too long now, so I thought I’d introduce myself and share my questions and answers from Brandon’s December 21 book signing in Orem, Utah. Hi everyone, my name is Joe Graff, and I have a Brandon Sanderson problem. I’ve read all his books already and want more. Now. :-) Before I get to the questions, I just want to say what a genuinely nice guy Brandon seems. My wife, who hasn’t read and only knows about him through me said, “Wow! He’s just so nice!” On to the three questions... Q: Could Sazed take up one or more additional shards? A: Under the right circumstances, yes! (He also corrected my pronunciation—it’s Say-zed. But did say some in-world characters use one syllable. As in rhymes with ‘dazed’.) Q: OK, since that’s the case, if someone took up all 16 shards, would that put Andonalsium back together A: <big grin> That’s a RAFO! (And just like that I get a RAFO card for Christmas!) Q: What color is Autonomy’s shardpool on Taldain? A: RAFO. Really good question though. Full disclosure, Drew McCaffrey gave me the third question. Thanks, Drew!