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  1. Its mentioned by Vasher that a few ropes can hurl massive boulders insane distances in siege warfare so its not beyond probability that you could awaken some ropes, attach them to a frame with canvas and use them to propel a extremely light weight plane. (IRL there have been pedel propeled planes in real life) also I dont think that awakened objects tire so awakened flight distance might only be affected by how quickly the materials wear out/ brake apart. I love this theory. Thank you
  2. I've been thinking about getting discord but would like to know more before I jump in. What is it like and how is it different from like say reddit or 17thshard? Stuff you like about it? Is there anything you dislike about it? What is the shard discord group like? Edit: My internet lagged and made two posts. I didn't do it on purpose.
  3. What would you say makes his writing work? Also what kind of things he studied if that's applicable? ( ie poetry, music, ect)
  4. I'm trying to experiment with my writing. Widening my voice so to speak. I mostly read Sanderson due to limited time but I worry that might limit what I think is good writing. Among people with wide tastes I generally hear that Brandon has good ideas, plotting, world building and characters but his prose is very utilitarian. What authors would be an example of good prose, like the kind of thing that is a pleasure to read just because of the wording and flow. How would tolkien or jim butcher compare on your personal scale or prose? Feel free to info dump, I'm mostly looking for a large chunk of knowledge to look at and digest.
  5. The Emperor's Soul is a great book. I feel that it doesn't get the love the other books get since its not a thousand page tree killer.
  6. What did you think about the movie? (no spoilers) Also which of the games are you thinking about playing? I've played platinum through ultra moon and am curious about your preference.
  7. Here are some rpgs you might like. Radiant Historia. This game is on ds and pretty underated In my opinion. One of the things that drew me to it was the combat and encounters. Encounters are shown on the map and when combat starts enemies are on a grid. You can then use attacks to effect multiple areas and to slide enemies into new zones to stack them up and deal with them more efficiently. This make combat more bearable for me since "5 goblins attack! Mash A to win!" Gets really old over time. There was also a remake on the 3ds that adds new content, updates the art and adds voice acting but I prefer the art in the first game. Also multiple endings to work for. Golden Sun and Golden Sun lost age are on the gameboy and they are pretty fun. Not terribly difficult but I enjoyed it. You need to play both to get the full story pay off.
  8. Slightly off topic but whats up with the "mtg novel" that every one is talking about?
  9. What exactly do you like about Hollow Knight? Its one of those games I have been thinking about picking up for a while and I would like to know what you think it does well (and unwell).
  10. I recently played black for the first time and some things annoyed me but I liked it over all. My play through was carried by leavany and zebstrika with some aid from the party. I think that the generation has weaker design for the pokemon it introduced but it has some standout designs for sure. Team plasma annoyes me but I like N. Part of what annoyed me was that I generally had to track down most of the gym leaders before I could get to the battling the gym though that might be due to me being unable to transfer from platinum until it was over (which is why I got the game in the first place)
  11. Anyone in Emperor's Soul since I feel that book is underappreciated in general.
  12. I got it yesterday and I love it. I started with Tressa and then moved north to Cyrus. I really like the path actions and think that it nicely rounds out the noncombat side of the game. Also the music and unique map style are wonderful.
  13. There are jobs I am looking at but even if I cant land one right away I can still coast on my bank savings for quite a while.
  14. Spren are cognitive entities and those are every were in the cosmere (every were with sentience at least)
  15. Writers of the future 33rd edition Its a collection of short stories that won a contest of the same name. I picked it up cuz the cover is one of the best looking ones I've seen in a while. The stories inside come from a range of genres but are all really good. Only cost like 15$ so I'm pretty happy with the purchase and recommend it to people who just want some good reading.