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  1. Anyone in Emperor's Soul since I feel that book is underappreciated in general.
  2. I got it yesterday and I love it. I started with Tressa and then moved north to Cyrus. I really like the path actions and think that it nicely rounds out the noncombat side of the game. Also the music and unique map style are wonderful.
  3. There are jobs I am looking at but even if I cant land one right away I can still coast on my bank savings for quite a while.
  4. Spren are cognitive entities and those are every were in the cosmere (every were with sentience at least)
  5. Writers of the future 33rd edition Its a collection of short stories that won a contest of the same name. I picked it up cuz the cover is one of the best looking ones I've seen in a while. The stories inside come from a range of genres but are all really good. Only cost like 15$ so I'm pretty happy with the purchase and recommend it to people who just want some good reading.
  6. I QUIT MY JOB I actually really liked my job and most of the people I worked with but it was low paying and pretty much a dead end so Im excited to be moving on. What kind of rpg is it if i may ask?
  7. There's an anime I really like called "Natsumaes book of friends" and I just learned that there's a new season coming out and I'm excited but also worried since the last season wrapped up so well and I dont want it ruined. Still pretty excited though.
  8. I just hit 100 posts on the shard!!! That might be less than impressive to some but for a long time lurker It feels like a major accomplishment. Also life is good despite all my problems. A rare treat. And I am getting on top of my writing and getting that much closer to being an author or something. And I might get a raise. And I learned that people generally like to hunt with me in monster hunter. Other stuff to but I cant think of any right now.
  9. I think part of it has to do with professions and society. For example if your kid wants to grow up the be a soldier it might be seen as patriotic but if your kid wanted to grow up to be a prostitute you would probably want to have a looooooong talk with them.
  10. Im on mobile and for whatever reason I have a sperate browser for youtube that doesn't use normal browsing so I still need help.
  11. Ah thank you, I knew something felt off. I dont think it matters since the cognitive realm is everywere. Maybe they dont visually appear since the people dont belive they will.
  12. In shinovar the shin worship the gods of stone and such (source: Nale) and that got me thinking. What effect does this have on the cognitive realm for shinovar? We do know that belief is important to the creatipn of spren and that the spren are actually shaped by it (source: the interlude with the two monks measuring the flame spren) so what does this mean for shinovar? My theory is that due to the dogmatic religious nature of the shin that the "rock gods" have become extremely powerful spren and as a result the shinovar region may be more resistant to odiums influence as a result. FIN
  13. I thought about posting a link to brandons vids but figured someone else would anyway☺. Also how did you get the vid to show up in the comments instead of a hyperlink?
  14. (If I can figure out how to put the videos strait in I will probably edit my comment to do that. Help plz) I compiled a short list of channels on youtube that are really good for learning about writing. Anyone is welcome to add their own suggestions as well. At very least it will give some new stuff to procrastinate writing while you "research" All of the youtubers here have more than just the one video I'm linking so if you enjoy any of it you should see thier other stuff ---#1 Jenna Moreci: video-how to write romantic chemistry I particularly like her advice on writing various types of relation in a way that will engage readers ---#2 JP Beaubien: video- DYSTOPIAS His videos tend to focus on a topic or genre were he hand out equal parts awful writing advice and humor. Two more of his video that I really like are magical school, environmentilism and fantasy races ---#3 Tsuko G: video- Why "Name of the winds" tone matters Though tsuko g is not a writer but rather what I will call a professional reader. He knows what he is talking about and it is always interisting to see what he has to say. So yeah, does anyone have any other writing advice givers they want to share?
  15. I think Scardial has the advantage mostly due to mistborn and kandra. Think about it, the most powerful nation on Roshar is the alethi. All it would take would be to have the kandra sniff out one of the fancy dinner parties then have some mistborn drop in and spray coins every were (it not like they have armored shardbearers at those things) and bam! You not only killed many influential people on team roshar but you shamed the ruling elite in a very efficient way. The survivors would have to not only deal with demorilization but all the new people who step up to fill the power vacuum (inheritance's and such) in shot you completely overturn the powerstructure and create political instability which is never a good thing in a time of war. ----- In a strait up battle I sort of give an edge to roshar since even if there are very few radients there are still armored shard bearers and they are pretty badchull when it comes down to it. Though there are some problems. A armored shard bearer vs misting: Shardbearer wins cuz shardblade Armored shard bearer vs mistborn (no atium): I see it as a draw. If the shardbearer catches the mistborn then its game over but mistborn can push off of coins to fly around. The mistborn could effectively kite the shard bearer and keep popping off coins till something breaks. The only problem is how many coins would it take? At very least the mistborn could annoy the shardbearer and then fly off to refill when they started running low. Armored shard bearer vs mistborn (with atium): Throwing knife through the eyeball, easy win. Armored shard bearers vs kolloss horde: Individually shard bearers have the advantage obviously. But there are so many kollosses (kolloi?) That numbers might just win out. Remember on the tower adolin and dalinar almost died to regular parshendi troops. Also kolloss are easily replaced. ----- Roshar advantages Soulcasters: An army marches on its stomach and soulcasters not only allow roshar to field more soldiers but their army is less reliant on supply chains. Also instant fortifications are nice. Greatshells: If you could get some greatshell riders together it would probably be pretty dangerous ----- Im gonna stop there since I need to go to bed.