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  1. I know that there hasn't been any release dates given, but are these scheduled to be released before or after Cytonic?
  2. Hey everyone, I have come to realize over the past several years, that a forum such as this just isn't the best place for permanent showcasing of theories. Its great for discussion and feedback and throwing ideas around, but then the theory eventually gets lost under hundreds of new posts, and it can be very difficult to find an old one, especially if you don't remember any particular keywords. As such I threw together a wiki ( to fill this void. Only for theories, not for discussions, this should be a way to keep theories accessible, and of course add more as they come to light. It is not a competitor for this 17thshard forum, simply an adjunct to serve a different, more specific purpose. I need help in adding theories, it is editable by anyone at this time. (I also need some people with wiki experience to help keep the place clean, user-friendly, and under control.) Although it gives credit for who edited the theory, you can also link to any source in the reference section, such as your original reddit posting if want credit for a theory. Once again, not trying to take away from 17th shard, but simply give it another tool to reference. Coppermind is a great wiki for learning facts about items, people, and information, but not the best way to showcase speculative theories, as they are not fact, til proven so by the text.
  3. I read Eregon when I was 16 (the year it came out), and it seemed to use the exact same...everything...from other books. From the magics to the plot, it all seemed recycled. I didnt read the sequels, but I feel Sanderson hit the nail on the head with that statement.
  4. I get refreshing the look for a new release, but at least on android mobile the new website is terrible! There is one set of links to the side, with a total of 3 options. Gone is basically all website functionality, gone are the progress bars, gone is the event schedule. In fact all I can find is the blog, links to the 2 starsight books, the free reading section, and 'what is the cosmere?'. (Oh and, newsletter sign up) Even in desktop mode on my phone there is nothing. I did load the website on an actual desktop here at work, and there were more options, so maybe the desktop version of the website is all good - I didn't have time to asses it. Anyone else have similar thoughts? My actual problem with it is more that it seems broken than any issues with design or artistry.
  6. Gotta check this out, a friend of mine is a professional artist, and put this out on reddit as the first part of a stormlight series of comic illustrations. He also sells hand drawn prints, DM his reddit if interested.
  7. Brandon mentioned on Facebook something about this year's con "exclusive". Anyone there that can pass along word of what it is this year?
  8. What if Dalinar, with his Connection to all 3 shards was able to somehow take some power from each of them (as much as Honor can give at this point, and whatever Cultivation and Odium have that's accessible to him) and made a new shard from that. So none of the 3 were destroyed or taken over, but all were diminished, and this new Unity shard as the combination of power from those 3 united. Edit: not that I've jumped on the "Unity is a new shard for sure" bandwagon, but just a speculative possibility.
  9. Did he stick around after the lines were through for the more casual q&a from the hardcore fans? (I had to leave after making my way through the unexpress line)
  10. Haven't we seen Nightblood...and it's sheath? Couldn't that be aluminum?
  11. Unfortunately White Sand 2 is not out yet, and was recently delayed til February