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  1. This makes sense more then anything. It could also be that it would give fused with Adheision the ability to make deals with shards the way bondsmiths could
  2. Me see two hetero people of different gender. They must bonk bonk because I cant see anything more in people then their sexuality! Anytime people ship characters, this is what you look/sound like fyi.
  3. We dont know that he broke. Theres a popular theory that another herald died and was sent to braize. They then broke releasing everything as well as Taln
  4. In this case, Gavilar makes more sense and is my fave pic atm for Odiums Champion
  5. Do they know how to? Can you source that?
  6. It was common practice for *some* orders to do so
  7. Tension + adheision Tension from what we understand makes things stronger. So not only do they make bonds they can strengthen them. I think in this regard Tension is an amplifier for what they do with Adheison on a spiritual level. Also, Windrunners can lend powers to those they fight with and protect. Giving the ability to use basic WR powers, lend plate etc. I think this is the spiritual component of their powers. Also, when looking at the virtues of each, Windrunners are leaders while Bondsmiths are a kind of religious mentor, guiding with piety. Their realm concerns Gods, how to live well, honorably etc. Also, Dalinar is a special case among all Bondsmiths. Before his death, Tanavast changed the Stormfather, imbuing and merging him with Tanavasts own CS. Dalinar is the first to properly bond the Stormfather after that point. This makes Dalinar unique among all other Bondsmiths, likely contributing to his OP-ness.
  8. I think it's more to do with Honour technically abiding an agreement with the Singers according to their deal but not in the *spirit* of the agreement. This also relates to the quote about caring more about oaths then the meanings behind them. This probably would have gone against his shardic intent, much in the same way we see with Rayse at the end of RoW. The BAM event may have been the final nail in the coffin, leading to his death at the hands of the Fused with Rayse assisting. In the end though this did nothing for Rayse, Honour never realeased him from Roshar. This may have been calculated? If not by Honour then maybe by Cultivation. With Honour dead he could not release Rayse, trapping him permanently. Until Dalinar came along, which as we seen was also a large part of Cultivation's plans.
  9. Likewise for Oroden (I think thats how its spelt). Theres a lot of young people set up in the first five: Gavinor, Oroden, Lift, Rysn, now Adin. It's going to be interesting watching these characters grow and interact with each other in the back five. Plus any wee lads and lasses that prop up in book 5.
  10. This is Kelsier we are talking about. Look at what he did with a few years with his mistborn powers.
  11. Lin never displayed any features of a soulcasting savant. I think it's worth noting how much he may have soulcast if enticed by debt collectors and the restoration of his house. Shallan displays difficulty soulcasting as evidenced in RoW. I think it relates to a mental block with her final truth, perhaps partially because of Testament's bond as well. Something else of note is how protective Lin was of Shallan, maybe just not because she was his only daughter, and a shardbearer. I think it was also because she was the literal salvation of his house. The obvious hole in the theory is the Ghostbloods and the broken soulcaster. Owing to shallans unreliable narration a d tge nature of her story, it wouldnt surprise me if the Ghostbloods were involved with her family much earlier. Maybe they new of Shallan in her childhood and were pressuring Lin to eventually give her to them. (That's a wildcard theory). This could tie in with the Shallan's Mother is Chanarach theory as well. Lemme know what you think
  12. All I was trying to say is that throwing your hands up in defeat before trying to change things isnt in the spirit of the first ideal. Was honestly a throwaway statement
  13. It would likely be Division right? That's a scary thought
  14. Fair enough I get that. But you do know what I mean right? I'm not saying that your cause isn't right, but getting mad at others for not doing what you even aren't? Doesn't seem very life before death to me.