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  1. My money is on Zellion being Gavilar reborn. Him having Ishars Honourblade would make for the perfect mirror match against Dalinar
  2. Bonds if I had to guess, though I dont know how that would be different from connection. What would be the point of storing honour?
  3. My pet theory is that using a Rasium metalmind would store your emotion or passion at the time. This could be really useful in making calm rational decisions. Not sure how useful releasing said emotions would be in large quantities (maybe for therapy)?
  4. Dalinar with plate, blade and thrill would be a match for Szeth, especially if it was Dalinar and Gavilar
  5. I feel like Kal and Syl have a different bond then a romantic one. They're both bonded by trauma and a shared connection for helping and protecting people. They've always felt closer to two soldiers/comrades in arms that would go to hell and back for each other. They definitely love each other but in a platonic way
  6. Imagine being depressed then having to save the world, I dont know if that would improve your mental health necessarily. Also being expected to risk your life, being asked to take the lives of others and also you're a paragon now so don't do anything to tarnish the reputation of your holy order of Knights. Just saying that these are pretty broken people who have been asked to fight the god of hatred and his millennia old magical warriors. I find it hard getting out of bed some mornings
  7. theory

    Unless Ati and Leras had a past agreement to not use the Dawnshard. I dont think Ati would be stupid enough to breach an agreement when victory was so close nor do I think a dawnshard like "Survive" would be particularly useful to him considering his Intent. Leras breaching an agreement with Ati would have spelled his doom much sooner
  8. I think part of its down to the fact that Kaladin is prone to self pity when he has particularly bad bouts of depression. Wit has the right idea with being a little harsh here, self pity doesnt help anyone. Shallan on the other hand grew up in a toxic and abusive household, when shes in a low place, compassion and empathy helps her realise that shes not the awful person she thinks she is. When he talks to Dalinar he doesn't for one second shrink from the atrocities of Lighteyes rule and war, pointing out the countless dead and enslaved. Dalinar needs to here these things so he can confront his own nature and actions and become a better man and leader. Lastly with The dog and the dragon, we see Wit treat Kaladin with such incredible care and compassion. Wit knows that Kaladin is frayed incredibly thin, closer to giving up then ever before. I think Wit knows exactly what he's doing when interacting with these flawed, often fragile beings.
  9. Is the light infused with investiture though? If so I imagine it might
  10. Would illusions turn up in an aluminium mirror?
  11. theory

    You would be burning the feruchemical coppermind. I kinda think it would flash you into the memory almost like a stormfather vision, where you walk around and watch stuff.
  12. "I am every bit as manipulative and brutal as the monsters I aim to destroy" "I don't think I can win" "I dont bear the responsibility for what happened to Adonalisium" "Its not my responsibility to restore the Cosmere" "I dont posess the moral high ground" maybe? I dont know what lies a being as ancient as Hoid would tell himself. I imagine he's had plenty of time to reflect on who he is and what lies he tells himself.
  13. While logical, I think thats kinda boring for an answer. For plot purposes I could see a secret org or several secret orgs hoarding them (or even moving them off planet) for their own purposes.
  14. I saw some conjecture for Odium + Honour = Inquisition or something close to that (maybe Zealotry or Zeal?). This was why Hoid is so ready to burn Roshar down if the wrong shard/shard-combo is about to be let loose
  15. theory

    Theres always another secret. There is a dawnshard somewhere on Scadrial and Kelsier got it post era 1 or is still looking for it