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  1. Maybe, but Windrunners almost certainly use windspren to form their armor, and from the novella Edgedancer, it seems strongly hinted that Edgedancers get their armor from Lifespren.
  2. We don’t know that for sure. When Rig asks where the cytonic hyperdrive is so he can try to fix/study it, M-Bot points him to an empty compartment within the ship. Maybe Doomslug’s species was used by humans for FTL travel by putting them in that compartment and exploiting the slugs’ natural abilities. Doomslug could easily have made her way into the compartment between Spin leaving M-Bot and the final dogfight. Or maybe not, maybe the slugs are a substitute for the defect; pilots without the ability could instead make FTL jumps using the slugs. My guess is that Detritus is one of the known planets, maybe the only planet, on which Doomslug’s species exists, which is why Gran-Gran’s mother took the Defiant fleet there. I’ve also been thinking that the slugs are how the Krell find human settlements, because the slugs are attracted to people with the defect. If that’s true, then Doomslug could have been protected from being discovered by M-Bot’s stealth technology.
  3. Yeah, I think this is the answer. Just like how in space you could theoretically accelerate to any speed if given enough time regardless of the thruster used, since their is virtually no air resistance, M-Bot can reach higher speeds with the same booster because he has the ability to ignore/displace air in the atmosphere to a much higher degree than any current DDF ships. All ships in the series are functionally flying through vacuum up until the point that their atomspheric scoops are pushed beyond their limits.
  4. Sazed does say that, but think of all the times in Era 1 that people were wrong about how Allomancy worked, as well as Sazed’s comments about how little the Feruchemists knew about the uses of some of the metals. My point was that they might have been wrong about storing/tapping while sleeping as well, possibly because it is really difficult to do.
  5. I didn’t catch that. Maybe distilling the mists requires some contraption made out of Aluminum that prevents the Investiture from leaving the physical realm. Or maybe there’s some trick you can do to emulate what Vin did and suck up the mists to condense them that way. Or both together in one fabrial/machine
  6. I could see the Nicrosil trick working, but I don’t think you could pull it off with Connection. From The Bands of Mourning (the book not the item) tapping Connection seems to connect you more strongly to where you are currently, not where the metalmind was created. But maybe that has to do with those metalminds being “unkeyed” and lacking an element of Identity.
  7. I didn’t think the Lord Ruler tapped his Atium metalminds to get his youth, I thought it was from burning the metalminds that he became young, storing whatever excess their might be within Atium minds for future burning. Or maybe he only stores when he’s old in his little cabin. if he is burning the metal as opposed to tapping it, then we know that allomancers can do that instinctively while they are asleep or unconscious, we’ve seen that with at least Pewter and I think tin with Spook. Also feruchemists do store wakefulness while sleeping, and from what Sazed says it seems like the amount stored is based on your Intent before you fall asleep. Maybe with enough practice you could do something similar with other metals
  8. I mean, some people are into that sort of thing, but I feel like there’s something extra weird about it being a person who can only be seen by one of the people involved. It’s like your imaginary friend coming along to watch
  9. Do we know that Gavilar formed the Sons of Honor? I’m not up to date on WoB, but I had assumed that he was just a recent prominent leader within the organization
  10. The Heralds are definitely an important motivating factor for the Sons of Honor, but Gavilar, at least, seemed equally interested in the return of the Knights Radiant. He spoke at least once of wishing to return to when men were Radiant, and his dying message to Dalinar was, barring some patented Sanderson twist, about swearing the Oaths of the Knights.
  11. I think what seems most likely is that the two groups share an origin, but there was a sectarian split at some point in the past over what methods should be used in attempting to bring back the desolations. Either the Envisagers split away from the Sons of Honor because they didn’t morally approve of the use of innocent lives the Sons of Honor seem much more willing to employ, or the Sons of Honor split from the Envisagers because they did not think the methods used by the Envisagers were ambitious enough to ever work.
  12. I like this a lot. Another interesting question that I hope gets answered is whether phase changes would be easier or more difficult/impossible in the Cognitive Realm. The mists seem to form within and leave the physical plane very easily, since there aren’t pools of liquid Preservation/Harmony that ever appear to form so far as we know. Maybe they, and by extension other physical manifestations of Investiture, are more “real” in the Cognitive Realm, and thus are more easily manipulated like physical matter. Or maybe Investiture only really works differently in the Spiritual Realm, and in either other realm requires tricky manipulation to mess with its physical state
  13. Except Nightblood doesn’t consume Breaths or Stormlight until he has been drawn. While he’s sheathed, all he does is deepen colors and send out psychic vibes Also, I don’t think Shallan’s alter egos depend completely on whether or not she has produced a physical illusion. Those help, but she seems to slip between Veil, Radiant, and herself pretty easily and seemingly without lightweaving
  14. Y’all could very well be right that Shallan’s views about herself would lead her to drawing Nightblood, but I think it’s worth considering that the reason Shallan thinks she is a monster and hates herself is because of her use of a magic sword to kill people, which could be a block to any temptation to draw another magic sword to kill people. Plus I bet Brightness Radiant wouldn’t draw the sword, so if Shallan could manage to become her when Nightblood was near that would probably protect her too.
  15. That does sound neat, but from his phrasing it sounds like this magic system will not be in the published Cosmere canon. Unless he replaces it with something more like the division surge.