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  1. Id of thought the blades were alloys of honor and cultivations metal. With windrunner blades being pure tanavastium and edgedancer blades being pure.....cultivation.....iumiumiumium.... And the other 8 being varying alloys of the 2 But brandon has said theyre made entirely of honors power which seems....odd to me.
  2. I would say the fact the surges the orders possess form an unbroken circle is reasonable evidence that there are only 10 surges.
  3. I believe they all had one originally but several have been killed and left their shards unheld.
  4. Would be cool if harmonys perpendicularity ran all the way through the center of scadrial down its axis
  5. The real question is can i use spikes to transfer, radiancy ( ?!?k,;ld) to a HAMSTER. Flying Gravity Hamster.
  6. I think being opposites does in fact make them MORE compatible. Brandon has said Honour would be the most Compatible with Odium. And ruin is very compatible with preservation and cultivation.
  7. Makes me wonder if this is going to segue into something about Ashyn given how diseases work on that world and it is basically next door to Roshar.
  8. Imagine if through some convoluted process of investiture hacking a Kandra became a knight radiant. They said the vows and their spren gains the ability to become a Shardblade. The kandra has the spren transform into a shardskeleton to use as their body. Hell yeah thatd be cool. If you thought this thread was building to some kind of point. You were wrong.
  9. We know the purelake has recently become plagued. I thought that this may be because of the 3 guys from the interlude. stomping through it with their alien bacteria and viruses that nothing on roshar has any resistance to and infecting everything. Has anyone asked brandon about something like this. because i dont think ive seen any posts about it.
  10. Adonalsium is sometimes refered to as a person. Specifically as "he" or "him" I think Adonalsium had a vessel that is now unequivocally dead. SO even if all 16 were gathered into a new vessel. It would be different to the original because the vessel would be different and many of the shards have been badly affected in various ways. Also the original adonalsium seems to have been a unified whole. not a conglomeration of 16 conflicting pieces like a new one would probably be
  11. Maybe alethi have black hair because everyone expects them to have black hair. The returned look the way they do because thats how theyre EXPECTED to look.
  12. It has been generally theorised that Ishar has turned against if not all the other heralds then at least against Honor and the oathpact. Given Ishars trait of Piety and his order the Bondsmiths evidently bonding "god"spren i think this alone would make him VERY likely to turn against honor for one very good reason. Honor is dead. Ishar needs a god to worship and has decided a dead god isnt good enough and in the rosharan system there is only 2 others who could fill that void in his soul. Odium and Cultivation. Anyone familliar with the lore of the warhammer 40k universe should know of the Primarch Lorgar who had a similar religous need. and when the emperor refused to allow Lorgar to worship him as a god Lorgar instead turned to worshipping darker gods. So with honor being dead, it seems quite logical that Ishar would maybe turn to Odium. There is some holes in this as Honor was eivdently killed sometime after Ishar started acting suspiciously.
  13. wob

    That was the first thing i noticed. Its like the entirety of feruchemy is a resonance caused simply by being scadrian.
  14. Given brandons like for golems ill be very disapointed if stonewards cant fuse stones together to create golems.