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  1. Some toast.
  2. I think you have some cool ideas here. The Chemoarish connection to Chanarach is especially interesting to me. I dont really feel strongly against the idea of her hanging out on Braize, but I’m not strongly for it either. I do wonder how Hessi (and other random people) would know of her if she was torturing the Heralds though. Their agonies werent common knowledge, and so whatever they faced on Braize would probably not be very well-known at all.
  3. Not to derail this thread with more shipping jokes that aren’t actually related to shipping... but does anyone else find it kinda fun that a Sharder with the username @Harbour is shipping?
  4. This is where Sharders amaze each other with eloquent rhyming skills, written from the POV of a (often obscure) fan-favorite character (or maybe Moash) in attempts to win honor, glory and upvotes. This is the 17th Shard Cosmere Rap Battle.
  5. I ship Wandersail and Winds Pleasure. It is, in many ways, the ultimate ship, in that it is a ship of boats. Welcome aboard!
  6. Sometimes it lands in the spam area of the email. If you don’t find it there, DM me your email and I’ll forward it.
  7. Yep! Sweet. Gonna go work on some sweet horse-related rhymes.
  8. This new Interlude makes me think that Kaladin might not be part of the main arc of the book, which I find unexpecting but exciting.
  9. Thanks @hoiditthroughthegrapevine! @Ghanderflaffle can I join as Jenet?
  10. Thoughts: *Yaaay, spren POV! *I really liked Syl in this chapter. I normally don’t, so that felt good. *Seems like Kaladin has been assigned to healing duty in Urithiru, and regressed into depression again. *Stormfather is still a useless piece of moldy crem. *Rock gave Amarams plate to his daughter? I assume she has the Blade too then. But why is she cooking if she is a warrior? *Syls first knight was named Relidor. He should have been called Merin for easter egg purposes.
  11. I just wonder if Ham will be named Hammond or if her full name will be different. Hammond just sounds very male to me.
  12. Good point. I think I saw someone suggesting Gina Carano for Ham. I am behind that 100%. Dockson... dunno, he... she feels like someone who could be played by a whole bunch of actresses. I think Rebecca Fergusson maybe? Or Felicity Jones?
  13. If it was, Tarah wouldn’t have moved there. It might be now, but not before. As for Mourns Vault as the resting place for Chemoarish... it is possible. I do think that if Mourn Vault was haunted by an Unmade in an obviously unpleasant way, people wouldn’t be moving there.
  14. Its not? It should be!
  15. November 17th. I think the non-partisans should know this :-D
  16. Do we even know when the digital will release?
  17. Given that Shinovar most likely was the place where the humans on Roshar started, it is not unlikely to assume that the people there are much more in touch with the ancient history of Roshar, the wars, Desolations and Blades.
  18. Of course! Post on! Edit: Beware of spoilers in this subforum though!
  19. Or Gavilar. Or Taravangian.
  20. You could cast Adam Driver as anything, and he would do a good job.
  21. Given that the worldbuilding is very complex, I’d say that it is a good thing that he speaks so much. It creates great interaction between him and the community, and his answers are times things that spawns more questions than they answer. What I can see though, is that there are tons of WoBs for people who are new to the fandom to go through in order to learn everything. It can defenitely be seen as a steep learning curve for some.
  22. Rise of Skywalker
  23. Good point! Still my issue remains. Just the fact that she is ahead of everyone else adds to her ”I am the best at everything” feel.
  24. Right, gotcha, sorry. Then we agree. The Skybreakers are defenitely not as... understanding as the Windrunners.
  25. Some people thinks she has Plate, which would mean oath 4, presumably. I doubt that, and I also hope that isn’t the case. Jasnah is overpowered as it is compared to the others. So my guess/hope would be 3.