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  1. Brandon recommends Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. I did not like it.
  2. I think this makes sense. Ezra Millers comments are not canon. They can be taken as the things Brandon says at signings. Canon unless the story says something different later. The twist does work, I feel. A lot of things in the movie was built up rather poorly, but the twist is the least of the problems here, I think. Overall, I like the story decisions in the film, but the execution was not that good.
  3. Toasters always modify misplacers, and it is always on purpose.
  4. Eh... havent read Skyward yet, but the Doomslug looks storming cute and I love the name. It beats Stick for me, but so did Herman the Crystal Grower from Reckoners, so, yeah. I don’t really like Stick.
  5. Probably. Nale bonded a Skybreaker spren. Nothing says that they are able to bond their own kind of spren only. Ash for Dustbringer is a pretty popular theory.
  6. I wonder if Chana dies sooner or later as well. I think Ash will be a Dustbringer, and it might be wierd if the original Dustbringer Herald was alive for that.
  7. I see. I doubt this is Vedel though. I don’t think Vedel looks particularly old, based off the art we have for her. If this is a Herald (and it could be, the behavior is suspicious) I woyld guess Battar/Dova. Or possibly a Ghostblood spy rummaging through Jasnahs stuff.
  8. He is revising stuff I think. The WoT short for that anthology. He might be trying to fix Apocalypse Guard as well. Or he needs to finish the outline for SA4. He is not writing TLM though.
  9. Which maid?
  10. I have wondered about this too. But we have not really seen any female Herald except Ash, so Brandon might just have decided the female Herald through throwing a dice or something. Also, had he gone with the Heralds who actually appear in book, Ishar would have been swapped for Nale. Edit: It is of course possible that Vedel appears in the book. I just don’t know who she might be, but for now I will keep on with the belief that Dova is Battar.
  11. -Insert obligatory Stick joke here-
  12. Brandon dropped a WoB that says that some of the Heralds will get POVs. Those who live long enough. So, Jezrien is gone. Anyone want to place their bets on other Heralds who might kick the bucket?
  13. I think this new WoB confirms the fact that Battar is Dova. There is a Herald near Mr T, he has no reason to lie about her identity, and Brandon has no reason to give us the wrong Herald in-book.
  14. Congrats @Felt! Great job to the rest of us!
  15. Brilliantly done, @ILuvHats! Going at Amarams arc is an extreme low blow though, but I guess it fits smart Taravangian pretty well...