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  1. I will do you one better, why is Obrodai?
  2. I think he generally does four or five. The final ones usually go quite quickly. First draft is the slow one, and after that things get sped up. Also, for Stormlight I think he does first and second drafts at the same time. When he finishes one part he sends it to his editor, and then the editor sends it back, and Brandon edits it. So second draft is already partially done (someone correct me if I got this wrong).
  3. The horse girls name is Jenet. Hope Brandon brings her back. I am not much for shipping, but my two cents is that Kaladin and Jasnah would annoy me, but Kaladin and Rysn sounds fun.
  4. Kaladin is not turning down a dark path. Here is a WoB, which I put in a spoiler tag because it spoils the ending of Game of Thrones:
  5. Pattern: -How does searching work? -History of the internet -How to make Shallan happy? -What is chaperone? -What is mating? -List of persons who tried to divide by zero *googles himself to see how famous he is*
  6. Happy you liked it guys!
  7. Nales search history: -Top 10 Ishar quotes -How to legally murder someone for dummies -Who took my Honorblade? -Where is Shinnovar? -Top 10 Best Laws on Roshar -Can Skybreakers swear the 3d ideal to the laws of physics -How to apply for juridical studies in Silverlight? -How to use Nightblood? -Tips and tricks for dual-wielding Blades -Where is Lift? -Dalinar Kholin wikipedia -Top 10 wierdest laws on Roshar
  8. I hate the outlining bar. I always see Stormlight on 90 percent and get incredibly happy, and sees that its not the first draft bar...
  9. Pretty sure it was Elariel. Shan was from that family.
  10. I thought about that too. Rust sounds scadrian.
  11. I have to do one for Amaram: -How to build my reputation -Soldiering for smart people -Hidden shardblade locations -Top 10 Best Heralds ranked -Did Taln have dark eyes? -How many people died in the Desolations? -Who bought Kaladin? -Which Radiant Order are you? -What is Yelig-Nar -How to use all surges?
  12. I just appreciate this guy. He is one of the commanders in Dalinars army, and a shardbearer. He has a cool name as well. I hope he gets something to do in SA4.
  13. Some Ghostblood stuff. Mraize should get something to do. Its about time. I want to see Chana and Ishar. Nale being a badass, and interacting with Moash. Taln growing sane.
  14. I am in the moral wierd zone where I see very few people, if anyone, as evil. Sadeas is the worst person in SA so far, in my opinion, but is he evil? No. He is selfless in certain things (how he protected Gavilar during Szeths attack is one of the bravest actions in the series in my opinion). But he does a chull ton of evil actions. Human beings are complex, so you cant narrow them down to evil. There is always a good side to all persons, and that cant be disregarded. Actions cant be valued like that. If you kill one guy but save another, are you good or bad? I’d say neither. So by that standard, no one is irredeemable, because there is always some fraction of good in everyone. And people change. People grow. I have done things I deeply regret, but I have learned from those, and wont do them again. Dalinar is the same. He has faced his crimes, and atones for his sins. This is why OB is such a powerful book, and why Dalinars arc is so fantastic: because it beautifully deals with redemption, and showcases that the most important step a man can take is the next one.
  15. They are on Vax.