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  1. Apparently there is a sneaky spy who tells Ialai what Dalinar is up to. Who do we think this is? I have made a poll (I love polls)! I added characters who I know are close to Dalinar, but who could presumably be the spy (so I didnt do Lift/Szeth/Kaladin/Adolin/etc). Some of my alternatives are extra interesting to me: *Taravangian/The Diagram - Mr T is currently employed by Odium, but Odium might love Ialai as an independent distraction for Dalinar. Thus, he has Taravangian use one of his agents to give Ialai information that she can use against Dalinar, thus shattering the war effort of the KR. *Sebarial - Sebarial has always felt shady to me. I personally have a crackpot that he is a high-up Ghostblood, but I suppose that he could be a Son of Honor as well. *Kmakl - This is somewhat crackpot-y, but he did recently get a scene with Navani. Was that so that people will remember him before his treason is revealed? We know that Gavilar hung out with several important figures (most notably Taravangian). Kmakl could reasonably have been a member of his inner circle. And he has managed to make sure that Dalinar and Navani trusts him, and gives him information. *Rushu - Rushu is an ardent, and Navanis aide. She has been present since book one, and it wouldnt surprise me if Gavilar and the Sons wanted an agent close to the queen. *Hatham - The guy did involve ardents in his politicking. Who else loves ardents? The Sons of Honor. *Ruthar - Ruthar was a loyal ally to Sadeas during WoR, and, unlike Aladar, never seemed to side-switch wholeheartedly. He is presumably involved with Dalinars war efforts though, so he would be privy to information. Who gets your vote?
  2. Göteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden. It´s on the west coast, rather far south.
  3. Three years after her much talked about debut in the Cosmere, she will finally gain relevance.
  4. What would be the point of that. Amaram at least was a renowed general and warrior, who distributed beat-ups to various people in Alethkar while the highprinces where on the Shattered Plains. The guy also had a Secret Society at his back, the support of Gavilar, and, at the end of OB, two Shardblades and ten surges, which allowed him to best Kaladin. The most impressive thing Leshwi has done is flying well.
  5. Cord went to Aimia?? Okay... wonder if that will be part of Wandersail? Seems likely, I´d say. I also wonder what happened to Restares. Both Shallan and Mraize seems to believe that Amaram was the leader of the Sons of Honor, and that Ialai has taken that position. Yet we know that Amaram reported to Restares, and we know that Mraize knows that too, since he refers to the SoH as "Restares cronies" in WoR. So, either he is keeping information from Shallan, or Restares has died somewhere between WoR and now. Also, Brandon is not really doing a good job of making Leshwi intimidating. She has died twice now, and the only thing she could do against Kaladin was fly away.
  6. Not to be that guy, but I want to make a case for Nale. No one else is at the fifth ideal. No one else has two Blades and Plate. No one else has thousands of years worth of experience, not only with their own Surges, but fighting against a ton of crazy stuff. Nale has to be number one, unless we count Szeth + Nightblood, or whatever happened to Dalinar at the end of OB.
  7. This sounds dangerous.
  8. I find that I do things in cycles. I can be very into a book series and read a ton one week, and then I won’t touch a book. Same with games: I will play the heck out of something, just to put it down and not touch it for six months.
  9. Most likely because he wanted to go if Navani went. And no one really tells Dalinar that he cant do anything. At least not successfully. In prison. Dalinar apparently told him to go there. I have always thought that it would be cool if Mraize, who is Cosmere-aware, and presumably a skilled warrior just whipped out aluminum knives or something and started to take out Radiants.
  10. @Frustration thanks, I fixed it!
  11. I defeintely agree, and as a religious person, I´m quite happy with that. It is very easy for a lot of fantasy to just do the political aspects of religion, and not really focus on the faith-part of it (Cursed on Netflix is a great example of this). I think that could be because people in general grow more and more non-religious, but it really is neat to have an religious author writing about spirtituality (or the reasons for lack thereof), and not just pulling the Inquistion from the history books and placing it in a fantasy setting.
  12. No problem!
  13. I think people are prone to discuss what they disagree about, more than they discuss their agreements. And most people are in favor of putting an end to systemic oppression and murder of black people, which is why that isn´t a talking point when debating BLMs effectiveness as a movement. Furthermore, since the general climate on a lot of places at least seems to be "If you dont like BLM or support them, then you are silent coward at best, or a racist at worst". Most people who won´t support BLM are neither of those things, but instead question various policies that the official BLM-site says that the organization has. Every issue (or suggestion for societal improvement) that BLM adds to its list of "things we are fighting for" will just make it more complex (like pretty much any polical movement that lives beyond one week). The more complex BLM becomes, the more dissenters it will have (again, just like any political movement). Long story short, you can´t have an organization that is portrayed as something every decent person should agree with unconditionally, if that organization is even the tiniest bit complex. Tl;dr: More policy questions leads to more complexity, more complexities leads to more disagreement, and most people dont want to place their wholehearted support behind an organization that they, in some manner, disagree with on an important level.
  14. First off, I dont think Brandon needs to write people with tons of different sexualities, faiths, illnesses, etc in order to be good at characterization. That is representation, which is a different beast. So if anyone on that reddit thread is using that as critcism of his characterization, they have got their terminology wrong. Second, I think Brandons characterization is one of the strong points in his books. I have not suffered from depression myself, but I have never seen a person with that experience criticise Kaladins character. On the other hand, they praise him. That is a sign of good characterization. Same with Jasnah. I am no atheist, but she has been praised for being a great representation of how atheists do think. Personally, I have recognized myself in Elend (just general nerd behavior), Dalinar (being ashamed over bad stuff you have done) and Hrathen (religious stuff). As long as Brandon keeps on creating characters which tons of readers identify with, I think that is a sign of great characterization.
  15. I said that I don´t think Mraize lies very much at all, so I agree. I was discussing the claim that Mraize is a generally unreliable narrator, and not that what he said about Ialai wasn´t true (I think it is).