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  1. You’ll be fine. There are TONS of awesome twists, reveals, deaths and surprises you havent heard a thing of yet. Personally, I don’t think any of those you mentioned is the coolest or best twist in the story.
  2. The deaths of Mraize or Nale. Brandon whacked Amaram and Graves last time so I would be glad if he should choose to leave my other two fave villains alive. Kaladin saving everyone at the end. WoK and WoR gave me my fill of ”Kaladin saves the day endings”. No Vivenna would be a shame. Put this along with no Chana, no Ishar and no sane Taln. Every major/important good guy making it out alive. I like when stories kills someone off and it affects you.
  3. Cody is basically a better version of Wayne.
  4. Bavadin is another one people think might be a Shard. Still, good job OP with spotting this. Finding clues to something is always great, even if someone else already found them.
  5. Chulls are great. I propose we name the chull Chulldon the Chully.
  6. Think its Twitter, reddit, Facebook, etc. The general communication channels. The Discord Events chat is a good resource too. He doesnt announce stuff there, but you will find people talking about them when and if they happen.
  7. Its sad to hear about the signings, but it is what it is. The most important thing is that Brandon doesnt get too much on his plate, and is burned out. Looking forward to The Original, and SA4 of course. Hopefully the editing of that goes smooth, and Brandon can write W&W4. Dark One is cool as well. Not too excited for the Hard Rock story though. Not a fan of rock music (unless you count Imagine Dragons as rock, which you dont). I am also sad that Apocalypse Guard is looking less and less likely. Really want to see the combined wierdness of Brandon and Dan.
  8. Wasn’t that basically how Secret History happened?
  9. Okay, a case for Amara... you know, I’ll do Moash instead. Killing Elhokar Elhokar is the king of a society that is sexist, racist and authoritarian. Moash is rebelling against this scummy dictator, who only cares about himself, his son, and a stormin’ drawing. In any other scenario, Moash would be praised as the humanitarian hero he is, but because we are reading from very biased POVs, we are misled. Furthermore, Moash is incredibly honorable and merciful. When he has struck down this petty, childish, cowardly ”king” he stabs him through the eye to end his suffering. Also, the salute to Kaladin is there to remind of what Bridge 4 was meant to be: a symbol of freedom from the dirty lighteyed opressors. Not the Kholins cheerleading-squad. Betraying Kaladin Moash never betrayed Kaladin. He joined a just cause, serving national hero, and master assassin Graves. With his great persuasive abilities, he made Kaladin join too. But Kaladin is spineless and lacks Moashs immense bravery, and thus, betrayed Moashs trust, and saved the tyrant from just retribution at the hands of the two saviors of Alethkar. But this scenario has been spun, to make Kaladin look like he is heroic. Only because he can fly. But Moash persists, even when facing flyism (racism against people who can’t fly). Being a douche Moash isn’t a douche. Moash is love. Moash is justice. Moash is mercy, kindness and comfy shoes. Moash is basically pure greatness. Just look at how he helped the Singers in OB! How he became a wanted man for opposing a tyrant! How he befriended the one guy in Bridge 4 who always was by himself, alone, but who later betrayed him: Kaladin. Killing Jezrien Jezrien, the Great King, worshipped by everyone. But also the guy who broke his promise, betrayed mankind, lied to them, left Taln for a millenia of brutal torture, contributed to the killing of billions of innocent Thunderclasts, supported the conquering of the Singer homelands, is a central figure in a discriminating and evil society, and turned to drinking instead of helping his fellow men. Remind me of why killing him was bad again. As you can see, Moash is no villain, but a Rosharan Robin Hood. He kills the rich, and doesn’t kill the poor. #lovemoash
  10. I am incredibly hyped for this, and I LOVE Brandon for hitting the deadline. Also, an arms race? Did not expect that, but yay. Wonder if someone is making a hemalurgic beaver? For once we agree. Navani will defenitely have major part in this book. Seems like Urithiru exploration is key as well. If the Sibling is connected to the tower, we will defenitely learn of it in this. Furthermore, the fact that Odiums forces are undertaking a dangerous expedition makes me wonder: will one of the three POV group be a villain team? A section consisting of Moash, Nale, etc, would be sweet.
  11. I wrote about my issues some pages ago in the thread :-) But I’ll be glad to write them down again if that is helpful for you: *I dont really feel the connection to the characters or world. It is quite unclear to me what is happening and who the people are. No one has names (though a peek ahead told me that changes in chapter 3) and doesnt really get to show their personalities that much. I pretty sure this is a choice on your part, that we are supposed to feel as confused as the POV, but that doesnt really work for me. *I am very much a dialogue guy, and there isn’t a ton of dialogue in your story. Obviously, this is not a flaw, but purely my personal taste. I am generally not too fond of very long descriptions of things (which is an issue I have with Tolkien and Jordan) and you do have quite long descriptions of things. Again, not a bad thing, just a question of taste. It does speak for the story that so many others are digging it though. Keep it up!
  12. @Nathrangking My dear nathrang, I have now read chapter 2 (sorry for taking a huge amount of time to get to it). I still don't really feel like this is my kind of story. I really don't know how to critique this, since most of my issues are very subjective. I am happy to see that so many others in the thread really digs it though, so it is nothing wrong with the story. I will try to get to chapter 3 rather soon.
  13. I do think they will cast the royals for season 1. They already have Logain, so it makes sense to have the royals too. I do think Min might get to wait until season 2 though :-(
  14. I felt that movie was fun, but I dont know how well Ritchie would pull off the complexity of the story in this case. I do think that it would be interesting to see him or Matthew Vaughn do Mistborn though.
  15. Night of Sorrows keeps reminding me of Long Night from asoiaf. I do like the historical connections though, and there has been earlier speculation that humans will have to escape Roshar.