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  1. It is an action video game that basically has the premise of "Minecraft meets Hunger Games with guns". Popular on Youtube, the reason for many of the wierd dances people do on the internet, and the source of more crossovers than the DCEU and Smash Bros combined.
  2. I'm really looking forward to the daily Fortnite tutorial uploads from Chaos on the Youtube-channel.
  3. I doubt the Dalinar-part of the Kholin family is going to die out, and Adolin and Shallan having a kid seems more likely than Renarin having one. So yes, eventually, but it will probably not be plot relevant until book 6 at its earliest.
  4. It is an interesting thought, but I doubt it. I can't really see many other similarities between Paul and Moash than the blindness. And furthermore, I doubt book 5 will have space for a "Moash-being-apostle"-arc. I think he is too far gone now to be more than a puppet for Odium, or, maybe in the long run, a more self-driven villain.
  5. On a related note, does Szeth still hear the screams? I don't think they have been mentioned since he was resurrected by Nale in WoR. This is great. Should be on Ashertmarns Coppermind page.
  6. Dalinar is tricky. I haven't seen him in much, but I'm thinking Kevin Durand. The guy is almost two metres, and is around the right age. For Ash, I'm thinking Nathalie Emmanuel, though Lupita would be excellent as well. Winston Duke for Taln. He is a really good actor, and is physically huge which is important for Taln. Omid Abtahi or Riz Ahmed would be great as Kalak.
  7. What Honorless said. Axies seems to be wandering about causing (or rather ending up in) trouble with local authorities. Given that he is an Aimian, scholars will probably know of him. Who knows, he might have published a book or two as well (I doubt that the Vorin ”men can’t write”-rules would apply to him).
  8. I doubt that Nale will switch sides because of Venli and Leshwi. Predicting how he will react is quite impossible given how broken his mind is, but from a storytelling-prespective, Brandon seems to want Nale as an antagonist and he hasn’t really done anything on Team Odium yet. So unless having him be on the dark side is just a way for Brandon to keep him away from Urithiru for a while, I’d say that he is unlikely to leave Odium until he has done something inportant in his service.
  9. Chaos is gonna be disappointed by the results of this poll... Personally, The Dustmother is a pretty intriguing nickname, so I am voting for Chem.
  10. Someone upvoted this recently, which reminded me of it (had completely forgot this thread). And, after RoW, I am kind of proud that I randomly guessed this one year ahead. Taravangian = Odium? - Stormlight Archive - 17th Shard, the Official Brandon Sanderson Fansite
  11. Sorry for missing this guys, haven't really been around the Shard that much in the last few weeks. @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine I would totally have naled it though... next time :-D
  12. We know from previous books featuring Thaidakar (I am avoiding his real name in case some people haven't read the other books featuring him) that he likes to have people worshipping him. And then I started thinking about this quote from Mraize, during his last communication with Shallan in RoW: This does, at least to me, remind of how many religious people speak of interacting with God: in terms of not being worthy. Now, I realize this isn't much to go by, and Mraizes choice of words do not have to mean that he is worshipping Thaidakar. But, I still feel that it is an interesting thought.
  13. Fair enough, although the Kaladin stuff was pretty strongly hinted at, and Navani was the natural fit for a spren focused on the science of Urithiru. No one predicted Moash killing Teft, Restares being Kalak, Rayse dying by Taravangian with Nightblood, or the main plot being the occupation of Urithiru though, which were all way more shocking to me.
  14. I like your thinking :-) He’d be way too OP On a more serious note, I really hope they add someone from Warcraft or League of Legends. Both has awesome fantasy characters. I’d love to have Arthas Menethil or Sylas for example. That could be cool, and both are huge, iconic games. I’d love a FE-character who isn’t the player avatar too. Edelgard, Claude, Anna, Dimitri, Saber, etc. There are tons of cool options there. Also, I will always hope for Palpitoad. Never gonna happen though.