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  1. Where are they? It feels like the Singers would have discussed the fact that Nale is on their team. It also feels like the KRs would have worried about the Skybreakers attacking the Fourth Bridge? So what up with them?
  2. The theory does hold water. My biggest issue would be why a kandra would bother leading a Herdazian war against Odium, which was doomed from the start. Furthermore, my personal preference would be if the Mink was just the Mink. He is way too fun to be a kandra, in my opinion.
  3. I´m thrilled that you spotted my little joke...
  4. I feel like Words of Radiance set him up to be a chouta salesman.
  5. Yay, Szeth is back! He seems to be really good at being a prisoner. Also, am I the only one who gets wierd vibes from the Mink wandering around learning about the security and everything? Could he be a spy for Odium (or the Ghostbloods, or someone else?) Furthermore, tossing Nergaul into the ocean is dumber than the time the Sons of Honor decided to revitalize religion by ending the world. Odium is just gonna call Dai-Gonarthis, aka the Black Fisher, and Nergaul will be free again.
  6. Agreed. The kind of reaction he has gotten shows that. However, he is decidedly unlikeable, but that doesn´t make him a bad caharcter. In fact, I think he is similar to Jasnah in the regard. Both are (in my opinion) unlikeable, but also very well-written.
  7. Ehhhh.... probably, with school or something. I’ll say yes. Never have I ever attempted to cheat at a test in school.
  8. The only Pratchett book I have read is Guards, Guards (I know, I know, I should read the others, and I will). I was excited for this though, and I think Richard Dormer is great casting for Vimes. I love his portrayal of Beric Dondarrion in GoT. So it is a complete mystery to me why they chose to have Dormer do Jack Sparrow instead of Sam Vimes. Sure, Dormer is a surprisingly good Jack Sparrow, but that is not how I remember Vimes. I think it looks like it could be fun, as long as you manage to forget what it is supposed to be based on.
  9. Thanks. Read the Formless-thread directly after posting that comment, so I’m up to speed now :-)
  10. I’m biased against removing Chrom since he is one of my favorite characters in Awakening. But I get your point, his moveset doesnt offer anything new. I would have personally preferred if they had added Chrom instead of Lucina in Smash 4, and swapped Robin for another mage character who actually has a personality (like Tharja, Henry, or even Anna). Byleth could have been any of the house leaders (or just all three of them with a swap-mechanic). Corrin probably wins the award for most boring character in Fire Emblem ever, and thus shouldn’t have made it into the game. Put in Leo instead.
  11. They should add more Fire Emblem characters to Smash. Like, actual characters, not the player-insert protagonist. Give me Anna, Edelgard, Xander, Hubert, Basilio, Shamir, Frederick, Ryoma, etc. I honestly dont want multiverses to be a big thing in the MCU. The 100 is one of the best tv-series ever made.
  12. Playing Three Houses at the moment, and I can´t stand Rhea. She is either annoyingly boring, or a manipulative bag of crem. I never buy that she really cares about the people she hangs out with either. Also, while I´m at it: basically every supernatural dragon/fairy character from Fire Emblem. The dragon-thingy (Lilith was her name, I think) in Fates was the worst one, but pretty much all of them are either boring or annoying, often a combination of the two.
  13. I broke my toe when I was like four years old. Fell off the kitchen bench when climbing on it. So I think that counts? Never have I ever 100% completed a video game.
  14. I agree with Bliev, I dont buy that Formless is one of Mraizes operatives, or that Formless killed Ialai. It doesn't really make sense, and the implication in the text is quite clearly that Formless is not established as of yet. I do think though that the as-of-yet nonexistent Formless is a distinct personality, and not various different potential ones, like Cal is suggesting. Shallan and Veil seems to be scared of "Formless" in singular, which I read as a single, specific persona.
  15. Who is Formless? Im drawing a blank on him/her/it. Also, regarding the morality of the Ghostbloods, they are a self-interested third party, willing to play any side to get what they want. I think they are something like a more evil version of Hoid or the 17th Shard. Pretty sure that they will be mostly villanious down the line.