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  1. I will indeed keep on reading. I might not be able to do so right away when new chapters drop, but I will read on :-)
  2. @Nathrangking Sorry for taking long. But I got to reading it, and you really succeeded in setting up an air of confusion and chaos. The good thing about that is that it is intriguing, but at least for me, that intriguingness (not a word, I know) is harmed by the fact that it is too confusing for me to connect to. I think you need to start establishing the mans character and the backstory and the worldbuilding at least a little bit, to avoid a scenario where it is too chaotic. Then, and this is my personal preference, I am a very straightforward ”action and dialogue” guy. When I write stuff, I generally not spend a lot of time on description, whereas you spend a lot of time on it. It really gives the text a great feel, but I disconnect a little bit on so much descriptive text. Again, just personal preference (I have the same problem with Tolkien and Jordan, so you are in good company ). Good luck with continuing the story, and above else, write what you want to write in the way you want to write it.
  3. I do believe that Hoid will be the ultimate Cosmere villain, and it wouldn’t surprise me that he would want to bring back someone to life. He loved his dead master, who he named himself after. So yeah, good theory. Upvote!
  4. Endowment could very well become an antagonist, however I doubt she will be an outright villain. She might attempt to stop Shards from cooperating for example, or attempt to stop whatever Hoid is up to.
  5. @Nathrangking Havent been on the Shard these past couple days. Will try and read chapter 1 tomorrow (swedish time).
  6. Nale and Dalinar. Both are awesome, for different reasons. Who is Warren?
  7. Pretty sure that Chaos is generally okay with necroing as long as they contribute to the actual thread in question.
  8. I imagine him a bit like Aidan Gillens Littlefinger voice in GoT.
  9. How would Brandon write without letters? That would be a horrible day.
  10. Yay, Pathfinder, my Amaram bro! I think you read the thing about Coreb wrong. Kaladin wants one of his own men to have the Blade, and out of the remaining ones, Coreb was the most skilled. That does not mean that Coreb is more skilled than Amaram. I would argue that it is likely that Amaram is the better fighter, but that is beside the point. Kaladin doesn’t consider Coreb the best fighter around, just the best of those he commands. As for the second point, it is quite likely that people would assume Amaram stole the Shards, even if Kaladin gave them to him. I dont think Amaram is wrong in that aspect. Also, again, it is not necessarily so that Amaram considers Kaladin to be a better warrior than him (after all, Amaram was quite the powerhouse in OB, when fighting a fully powered, experienced and non-depressed Kaladin, despite having his body torn apart and being entirely unexperienced with all his new powers). He would just see Kaladin as a warrior of great skill. Furthermore, having plate for two days before giving them back to the one you got them from wouldnt really be that fun. I dont think that Amaram did it just for the glory. I actually think that he wanted the Shards without harming his reputation, and claiming the glory was the best way to go to achieve that. I dont have WoK right now, so I cant provide quotes, but it seemed to me that Amaram was quite triggered about the fact that Kaladin rejected Shards and just gave them away, as if he didnt see their full value I think that fact was a part of his decision, along with his lust for glory and power, and Restares convincing.
  11. Agreed. Amaram is a character with huge potential. And I think you are right about the last part. Amaram must have seen Kaladins worth as a warrior, and if he had Shards he would be very valuable.
  12. I read it, and found it mysterious, like people have said. You might want to check grammar, commas and spelling in some parts though. Good work Nathrang!
  13. I still doubt that Ishikk will be king. He is an aventurer which is why the 17th Shard wanted him. He knows a lot of people, and travels around a lot As for the Shin, I feel like we know too few of them to be able to speculate, but I dont think it will be Szeth.
  14. Fair enough. I would argue that my original price is good if he were to go on sale though.
  15. Odium is worth about three sapphire broams and one fishstick. Just replying to the title of the thread.