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  1. Agreed! Mraize is awesome!
  2. Rysn could be the Stormlight Bran Stark. Jokes aside, I agree. Rysn is more interesting when she is partially paralyzed.
  3. She feels like a potential Dumbledore or Kelsier death. A death that makes everything seem hopeless but winds up being a saving grace.
  4. Still, it is a character we don’t really have in Stormlight (Moash doesnt count since he is Kaladins foil, basically). Eshonai is already pretty similar to Dalinar in both character and conflict, which is why she feels less interesting.
  5. Ashs hired minion in the Interlude in WoK. What do you think happened to him? Did Ash just abandon him somewhere. Did she mistake him for art and killed him? Did he receive a better job offer? Took up the Shard of Dominion? Post your best (read: funniest and most out-there) guesses for what happened to Baxil!
  6. Interludes has always been a thing in some shape I think. An old Stephen King book in swedish that I own have them. But to have random characters who dont show up ever again, like Ishikk or Baxil, might have been something that he did first.
  7. Jasnah will die at some point. Pretty certain of that. My guess is that it might be Jasnah, Szeth, or a Herald. Ashs book is probably the Dustbringers, so Chana could be her Venli.
  8. It is kinda subjective. But I think that Eshonai was basically just honor, and caring for her people, thrust in a role she didnt want. A good character, but we have similar ones already. Venli is hungry for power, sided with Odium, realizes that she is doing the wrong thing, and has to try to become like Eshonai, while fighting the feeling that she can’t and isnt worthy. I think that Venli is more unique to SA. And to me personally, she is defenitely more appealing.
  9. Do we know that for sure?
  10. Ruin. The concept of having ”ending” as a villain in the concluding part of a series is just so brilliant. And I also liked his personality, and I’m intrigued by the fact that he was a good person once. Also, Bavadin for being mysterious and probably incredibly cool. I suspect that she will be the most dangerous Shard.
  11. Venli was always more intriguing than Eshonai, who, frankly, was one of Brandons more boring people, I think.
  12. If this was true, there is no reason for why Y-N could continue walking around in Aesudans body. But that he actively destroyed her is an explanation. And OB makes a point of mentioning that Meridas was himself when corrupted by YN. Everything he says is his own thoughts, even when his body is warped and twisted by YN. If YN just takes over, his thoughts should go away along with his body.
  13. True. But it seems like there are simpler and less risky ways to kill them off for good, so I doubt we will see that.
  14. His intelligence changes every new day. But would it be possible for him to pull an all-nighter and keep his intelligence? Or would it change while he was awake? Probably the latter, but it is a fun question.
  15. I doubt any of the ones we know would do it. Nale only does what he thinks is right and I doubt he would accept Yelig. Taln isn’t really in the mood to do anything, and Ash isnt crazy in that way. And Jezrien is a gemstone himself, so... yeah.