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  1. I felt that movie was fun, but I dont know how well Ritchie would pull off the complexity of the story in this case. I do think that it would be interesting to see him or Matthew Vaughn do Mistborn though.
  2. Night of Sorrows keeps reminding me of Long Night from asoiaf. I do like the historical connections though, and there has been earlier speculation that humans will have to escape Roshar.
  3. Huh, they have cast Thom, Logain, Loial and Fain. I only know of Logains actor (he is the Professor in La Casa de Papel) but I do like the castings, even though Thom doesnt look much like I pictured him. Hopefully they announce Mins actress soon. She is one of the few females in WoT I like, so I’d be bummed out if she got cut.
  4. Oooh, nice with actors from The 100.
  5. How Lopen lost his arm? Unfortunate toothbrushing accident.
  6. Sounds like a Pratchett book :-D Knife of Winds might be good?
  7. Some cool Szeth-suggestions: Lost my Oathstone Killed some Kings Cleansing with Sword-nimi Infusing three Beavers Granted, the last one isnt Szeth based. That one is just dumb.
  8. Breanna Yde might work for Lift.
  9. Your tag made me lose the game, @Ookla the Imperial :-(
  10. sa 4

    Not really true. Dont forget that food is easily produced through Soulcasting on Roshar. Dalinar has access to Soulcasters, and they also have Queen Jasnah who is a walking Soulcaster. So they could provide food quite easily.
  11. Wait until you get to the part where Kaladin is made into a pizza and eaten by Shallan... Seriously though, take care. There are more spoilers here than there are slaves in Sadeas’s army.
  12. I can also dicuss this for ages. My opinion is as follows: The prequels have a ton of good stuff. The concept is great, but the execution often messy. Anakin Skywalkers fall is a brilliant idea, but hurt by sloppy writing. Warcraft 3 did that story, but a LOT better. The love story is as boring as being an aluminum misting, and some parts of the trilogy are just plain bad. However, they also have great stuff. Ewan McGregors Obi-Wan is one of the best characters in Star Wars. Palpatine and the Jedi Order are great. Jango Fett is what Boba Fett should have been. Grievous, Dooku and Maul are all cool, if underused, villains. And it really develops the Star Wars lore. I think that it would come off as worse without Clone Wars, which really does great things for the era (the villains are given more depth, cool characters are introduced/expanded, the clones get personality, and Anakin is what he should have been in the movies). I do find it interesting that just a couple of years ago, everyone hated the prequels. Then came TLJ, and they got popular overnight. Their fans often criticise TLJ for the same reasons as fans criticized the prequels years ago. It is too silly. It doesn’t feel like Star Wars. It mishandles iconic characters, and introduces new pointless ones. It is badly written. It wastes its villains. At the end of the day, I love Star Wars. I love all three eras, and basically all the movies (I’m eh on Phantom Menace, but I dont hate it). And I think that a lot of Star Wars fans are stuck in a nostalgia-loop, when they want the things they saw when they grew up, and gets mad when the property is taken in another direction. After all, if you look at it objectively, all three Star Wars trilogies kind of have the same issues, and also the same strenghts, and they all manages to tell inspiring stories for new generations, who then unfortunately grow up to hate everything that is different from the Star Wars they saw as kids. I do wish that the SW-fandom would stop being such a toxic mess, which it kind of is. The fans, particularly the Fandom Menace, who spend their time with personal attacks against Rian Johnson/Kennedy/JJ, and attempts to discredit everything Disney does (Geeks + Gamers, I’m looking at you) are just contributing toward a hateful discussion climate. The same goes for the other end of the spectrum, who hates everyone who doesnt like Disney Star Wars. One random guy on the internet many years ago said it best: ”No one hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars fans.” It is kinda true. Sorry for the rant.
  13. I think Roshone will have a low-key redemption arc, that will make us like him.
  14. My choices: Amaram - Interesting and tragic. Also has a cool name. Nale - Love justice-obsessed characters. Dalinar - His arc in OB is pure greatness, and I love him. Pattern - Funniest character in the Cosmere. Mraize - Part mob boss, part warrior, part spy, part adventurer... and mysterious to boot. Taln - Because its Taln. Rysn - Her exploration is interesting, and the grass, the larkin, and her disability make her a quite unique character. Axies - Obviously.
  15. sa 4

    Presumably because the refugees would die in droves if this was attempted. The Fused (or Odium) doesnt appear that interested in randomly murdering unimportant humans. If KRs show up however, they will attack. And so, the refugees who walk away on their own are left alone, but the ones who Windrunners would attempt to save would be attacked along with the WRs, which, presumably, would lead to a lot of death. He also has chulls. Chulls are cool.