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  1. I like it, but I think @Kargers comment raises a good point: he was once willing to damnation himself for everyone else. I do think you might be right in that he went mad before the other Heralds did though.
  2. Until Brandon reads this and whacks Zahel in the opening of book 4 for shits and giggles.
  3. Unless the Blackthorn tells you to do as he does and not as he says.
  4. Nale respects humans and parsh. Darkeyes and lighteyes. Men and women. Be like Nale.
  5. It just struck me how brilliant it is to write a story with racism as a main theme and have an embodiment of hate as the major villain. Brandon is truly awesome.
  6. Yeah, we’ll agree to disagree. Lets just say that I dont think using racism broadly puts the oppressed on the level of the oppressors. Compare it to the word murder. Amaram murdered Kaladins men, and Adolin murdered Sadeas. Both are defenitely murders, but what Adolin did was less bad than what Amaram did. Ina similar way, the systematic racism is much worse than Kaladins prejudices, but both would qualify as racism.
  7. I don’t think anyone claims that WoK Kaladin could harm anyone by being racist against them. Everyone agrees that systematic racism is worse than whatever Kaladin is feeling. But I think limiting racism to the systemic definition is too narrow a definition. If we use the broader one, Kaladin can definitely be racist in some regard. Especially considering that there is one instance where he has some kind of power to exclude lighteyes (Renarin joining Bridge 4) and his first instinct is to do so. Not because Renarin did something against him, or because he is incompetent, but because he is one of ”them”. He is different. @Diomedes Thanks for the reminder. Havent reread SA in a while.
  8. Adolin is incredibly loyal. It is one of his main traits. Turning against his family is not in character for him. And if you have read WoR/OB it is stuff in there that basically says that this wont happen.
  9. For some reason my post got posted again. Apologies for that. However, I’ll adress @Dreamers response: My point was that oppressed people can be racist. If you define racism as purely systemic as @ILuvHats spoke of, then, sure, you cant be racist against your oppressors. I have never kept the word limited to that context though.
  10. This is wierd to me. Like this: I am a swede. If I started to wander around oppressing minorities in Sweden, and call them inferior to me because of the fact that they are originally norwegian or whatever, I’d be a racist. But say that Norway attacked and conquered Sweden, and turned us into an oppressed minority, I would still be racist if I wandered around and considered myself better than them just because I’m a swede and they are norwegian. Granted, Kaladin doesn’t consider himself worth any more than anyone, so this might be a moot point. Still, I find the claim that oppressed people cant be racist very strange.
  11. tropes

    I think we have plenty of anti-monarchy perspectives. The aristocrats in Mistborn Era 1 are chulldung (except for Elend, and arguably a few others) but most of them are seen as the monsters they are. All our POVs (except for Elend) also belong to the oppressed classes in one way or another. Elends arc in books two and three are about wether you can combine principle and idealism with the pragmatism that is needed to defend your people. It also shows the flaws of the democratic system (and it does have flaws, just lesser ones than other systems). Era 2 is also pretty critical of most noblemen. Wax makes a point of actually being a good lord, and caring for his people, which isnt something that a lot of the others are doing. The characters in Warbreaker also tries to do good with their power. As for SA, Kaladin, Moash, Teft, Lift are all from the non-privileged parts of society, and especially Kaladin and Moash delivers harsh criticism towards the system. My point is that none of these are actually uncritically pro hierarchies. They just show people with power who tries to use power for good things, instead of attempting to tear the system down.
  12. There is defenitely a Herald with Taravangian. Whether it is Pailiah or Battar is unknown.
  13. I think there is an old quote from Brandon that states that most people on Roshar are racist in some fashion. This is tricky to discuss, because racism is one of those words that can be tricky to define. Is it the same as being biased for/against someone based on their ethnicity? Is it a specific case of considering one being worth ”less” because of their ethnicity? Is it being against immigration from other cultures? If we define it as the old fashioned ”some people are worth more than others based on skin/eyes/height/whatever” then no, I wouldnt argue that Kaladin is or has been racist. I dont think Adolin really has been either though, but I might be forgetting something. If we define it as being biased however, the case is different. Then Kaladin has most defenitely been racist. He has totally been biased against lighteyes. He wasnt positive toward Renarin at first, he was distrustful of everyone with the wrong eyes, wanted Bridge 4 to be a safe zone for ”us” (the Darkeyes) and not let ”them) the Lighteyes in. It is also worth noting that all Alethi have been totally racist against the Parshmen (Kaladin even acknowledges that his behavior against Rlain was wrong). So in that regard, all non-Parsh characters (and maybe not the odd ones like Hoid, worldhoppers, Heralds or Axies) are/have been racist in the ”more worth than others” sense. As for Dalinar, I think his statements regarding equality was that he couldn’t do a darkeyes/lighteyes societal reform in the middle of an apocalyptic war against a dark god and his immortal magic monster-soldiers.
  14. One month for each Herald still alive. Wonderful.
  15. True. But being good with people is an advantage if you are to be a good ruler. My point isn’t that Jasnah wont make a good ruler. It is rather that I dont think she is the best possible choice on Roshar. I think Dalinar is better, for instance.