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  1. Agreed. This is in fact my main criticism of Brandons writing. Sometimes he does really funny characters really well (Lightsong, Breeze, Axies and Cody for example) and sometimes he makes characters whose comedy is so unrealistic it becomes bad (Lift, Sebarial, Lopen at times). Granted, the first one is way more common than the second, and the annoying characters are alright most of the time, but there are occasional scenes (Sebarial chilling in battle, Lift randomly showing up in Dalinars vision to talk about butts, the scene where Lopen becomes a Radiant) which bother me.
  2. I want to see the real Graves. Colin Farrell was the best part in the first movie.
  3. Mission failed :-D I love Dalinar. But apart from this you managed to be opposite pretty well.
  4. Favorite would probably be Dalinar and Nale. Dalinar because he has a fantastic story (in my mind one of the very the best character arcs Brandon has written). How he fights with guilt and beats it through accepting his faults... that was the singe best thing in Oathbringer. Nale because I find his law-obsession and his descent into madness interesting. Plus, he is pretty badass. For least favorite, I’d say Jasnah, Lift and Lopen. I consider Jasnah to be a very well-written character, but she gets on my nerves for a number of reasons. She is great at everything, which makes it feel like the solution to all problems is: ”call Jasnah”. She behaves badly at times as well. Lift and Lopen are both fun in small doses (or, in Lifts case, as the star of her own novella) but can become too much, which renders them annoying.
  5. Haven’t read the book so I cant say anything about it. But I loved the movie.
  6. I’m pretty sure Dalinar says in OB that he gave most of his troops to Kholin or Aladar, and only kept a small personal guard, since he is uninterested in a military command. Agreed. And I dont ask this about Kadash, Aladar, Hatham, Fen or another side character. But my gut feel says that Sebarial will have bigger things to do.
  7. Do you think Sebarial has a purpose beyond comic relief? He has no army, is no Surgebinder, and is not very good at very much, except for commerce, for which we already have thaylens. Also, am I the only one who is annoyed by him, and thinks he feels untrustworthy?
  8. Do the Inquisitors have weapons? Do they have healing? Can they compound? Do they have atium? If they have any of these things, they win. If not, the Chasmfiend probably takes a majority.
  9. I think Mortal Engines is the second-best movie this year after Infinity War. I also thought Robin Hood and Grindelwald were pretty good movies.
  10. I really like Snape. He is a complex figure. A very bad teacher, yes, but also a very fascinating character. And he is kind of badass too. Young Dumbledore is pretty great too. Jude Law is awesome.
  11. Yeah, that is what I meant. I was simply arguing that he had a clear arc in OB, not that his story is over. He still has a long way to go.
  12. Ignore this post.
  13. Maya is confirmed to be Edgedancer.
  14. And Dalinar wins on walk-over because Taravangian is too smart to bother with something as simple as chess.
  15. I doubt Adolin would sideswitch if Shallan did. He wouldn’t abandon the family. Adolin would be a great mafia in that regard. In my mind, Shallan is much easier to lure with a random offer of taking away pain.