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  1. Thanks! And don´t ask me. Someone revived it again. Happens like at least every six months or so.
  2. Hah, I like it. I don´t really see how the faces and the drained feeling fits into it though. And then there is the fact that stealing an Oathgate is no easy feat. Can it even be done? And in that case, I feel like Odium would have snatched one away. I think the idea about him being an Unmade is more likely (and also fun, because that basically means that an Unmade is being used as a tourist attraction).
  3. The inability to use Stormlight can still be a liability. There is usually not food scattered around battlefields, but there is probably a lot of infused gemstones, given that they are the currency everyone use to buy stuff. Probably something related to the change as well. I have a hard time seeing how metabolizing food fits there.
  4. So, an idea which may or may not have been suggested before: the Vessels split Adonalsium because they wanted to divide power across the Cosmere. They didnt want Adonalsiums power focused on only one place, and thus split it into pieces and ran off in different directions with it. This would explain their rule about staying away from eachother. No one should be able to harness all the power of Adonalsium at once. Thoughts?
  5. Literary probably produces better writers, but I think scifi/fantasy makes better storytellers. Good idea. And adding Thrawn to anything shouldn’t be controversial. Thrawn is awesome.
  6. Tormund isn’t really shoehorned though. He is the leader and face of the Wildlings, and one of Jons lieutenants. He is a pretty valuable character. Also, Theon is so dead.
  8. I dont see why we have to stick to the focus characters of the back five. I don’t think they will be major here. Instead I suspect that we are going to see some Rock and some Moash. Both have been set up for storylines in OB, and both are in interesting places. It makes more sense to build the story with them than with someone like Lift or Navani, who are playing supporting roles this far, without their own arcs in the main series. So I propose that Kaladin, Venli, Moash and one more (Szeth?) will be the four part storyline. It feels like the major one, and the one with most time dedicated to it. We will also get Singers here. The second one will probably be Urithiru, and center around Shallan, Dalinar and Adolin. Other characters, like Jasnah or Mraize will obviously play a big part here, but Dalinar, Adolin and Shallan have still been major characters this far. Dropping them to promote a supporting character feels like a strange choice. That leaves the last two, which is the mystery one. I propose Rock for this one, along with a random character. Renarin would make sense here, but Brandon could throw in Lift, Szeth or anyone really. Renarin will be my main bet though. I could also see Shallan being here, if she is looking for Unmade. And then I have had the feeling that Sesemalex Dar and Ishar will show up in this book... but I guess that could happen in one of these arcs somehow. Maybe the one with Kal. I doubt he will spend 400k words hanging out with Herdazian Houdini.
  9. Okay, everyone knows my stance on Amaram, but I’ll post anyway: Amaram is no bad guy. He is too full of himself, and a religious fanatic. But he is created by his environment. His mother probably created his wish to become the greatest general in Alethkar, and his narcissistic traits are probably something that she gave him. And I assume that he always found the Vorin faith important, and, like some religious people today, disliked the growing secularism in Vorin society. When Gavilar took him in (I think Amaram was relatively young then, but I’m not certain) he probably saw it as a huge honor and a step towards the purpose his mother gave him. I also think that the nice Amaram isn’t a complete facade. Amaram wants to be good. He mourns the fact that so many will die, he needs to be convinced by Restares into killing Kaladins men, and spares Kaladin. This is also what breaks him. His will to be good, but the fact that he is too weak to step away from evil actions. I also think that Amarams purpose is good, in his worldview. He wants to save souls. The way he wants to do it in is wrong though. He does have at least partially good intentions with his actions. So, in short, I read Amaram as a weak person who wants to do the right thing but is too weak, too corrupted and too selfish to do so.
  10. I love what we got. The movie looks awesome, and Palps returning is intriguing. I wish they had put Thrawn in this one though...
  11. Mr T is totally dead in SA5. And I doubt Szeth will survive. Nale is goner too.
  12. What? I’m gone for like, a month, and people start sharing my most controversial opinions? Thanks guys!
  13. Here you go: Good luck everyone!
  14. I’ll have it up tomorrow then :-D If not earlier.
  15. @Herowannabe I can do it if you need to (I’m halfway done writing) but if there is someone who would love to do it they can step in for me, cause my rap will be both short and bad. If not, I am happy to post my own. I also apologize for not being responsive here. It is lent in the Catholic Church, and I am a member there, and thus have chosen to abstain from using internet on my free time, which leads to a minimal amount of Sharding for a while. I can make an exception for the Raps though, if needed :-)