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  1. Someone upvoted this recently, which reminded me of it (had completely forgot this thread). And, after RoW, I am kind of proud that I randomly guessed this one year ahead. Taravangian = Odium? - Stormlight Archive - 17th Shard, the Official Brandon Sanderson Fansite
  2. Sorry for missing this guys, haven't really been around the Shard that much in the last few weeks. @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine I would totally have naled it though... next time :-D
  3. We know from previous books featuring Thaidakar (I am avoiding his real name in case some people haven't read the other books featuring him) that he likes to have people worshipping him. And then I started thinking about this quote from Mraize, during his last communication with Shallan in RoW: This does, at least to me, remind of how many religious people speak of interacting with God: in terms of not being worthy. Now, I realize this isn't much to go by, and Mraizes choice of words do not have to mean that he is worshipping Thaidakar. But, I still feel that it is an interesting thought.
  4. Fair enough, although the Kaladin stuff was pretty strongly hinted at, and Navani was the natural fit for a spren focused on the science of Urithiru. No one predicted Moash killing Teft, Restares being Kalak, Rayse dying by Taravangian with Nightblood, or the main plot being the occupation of Urithiru though, which were all way more shocking to me.
  5. I like your thinking :-) He’d be way too OP On a more serious note, I really hope they add someone from Warcraft or League of Legends. Both has awesome fantasy characters. I’d love to have Arthas Menethil or Sylas for example. That could be cool, and both are huge, iconic games. I’d love a FE-character who isn’t the player avatar too. Edelgard, Claude, Anna, Dimitri, Saber, etc. There are tons of cool options there. Also, I will always hope for Palpitoad. Never gonna happen though.
  6. It will be written in like, spring-summer 2021, which is not terribly far away. The thing that I find wierd is that it is slotted for release late 2022. If he has it finished by July, why wait one and a half year to publish? I get that the publisher might need a bunch of extra months, but they can usually release Stormlight, which is three times the size of Mistborn in about a year after Brandon finishes the writing of the first draft. So Mistborn actually taking longer to go from first draft to actual book is what bugs me. Anyone who knows a reasonable explanation for this? Knowing Brandon, there is one, but I'd like to know what it is. As for Starsight, we have to be happy that Brandon is actually as productive as he is. He generally writes more than one book a year, which is a lot more than most of his contemporary authors, especially other heavyweights like Martin. If he feels that he needs to do Skyward before Mistborn, then that is the best thing, even if waiting sucks.
  7. Yup, Brandon has mentioned this multiple times. Has to do with France being an inspiration for names in Mistborn. But Brandon doesn't say Kel-see-ay either, so that is mostly how he imagines that the people in-world would say it. Personally, given that english isn't my native language, I probably pronounce a lot of names somewhat differently.
  8. I get this, especially since I couldn't get into Skyward. But it has to do with his different publishers, and also with him needing to take breaks and do different things. I'd rather wait a little longer for Lost Metal than have a burned-out Brandon. Otherwise, I guess that the bad thing about "Stormlight years" is that State isn't as exciting, since Brandon hasn't had as much time for side-projects. Still, cool to know about the audiobooks he is planning. And I hope he manages to get Apocalypse Guard going, since the thing Dan Wells read from it was hilarious. I'm really hyped for that book.
  9. This is a really fun idea. Hopefully people will participate. Anyway, everyone knows that the only three options are Jojo Rabbit, LotR and Infinity War. They each deserve a Brandon.
  10. I have been playing a lot of Smash today and yesterday with Sephiroth now being in the game. I have never played his FF-games (my only FF experience is two hours of the MMO). But I nontheless find Sephiroth a lot of fun, definitely more my kind of character than Steve and Min Min. That said, anyone having any guesses on which characters will get the remaining three DLC-spots for Smash? I know popular ones are Master Chief, Dante, a Pokemon from Sun/Moon, and of course, Waluigi. But what do you think, and also, what would your dream character be? I also made a poll, with (mostly) serious and popular alternatives.
  11. Episode 8 spoilers:
  12. Now that the Diagram is disbanded, and Taravangian is Ascended, so what (if any) role will the Diagram/Kharbranth faction play now. Are characters like Malata, Adro, Mrall or Danlan still going to be relevant? Will Taravangian still attempt to use them as his minions?
  13. I doubt it will be this easy. It's a Brandon book, and it won't go as we expect.
  14. I guess it could be Shallan. After all, a lot of people are getting crushes on her, and the fact that she is married to his brother might be a reason as to why he hasn't said anything.
  15. I hope not. Moash is the most villanious character in the series. He is more of a villain than Sadeas, Amaram, even Rayse. The only one who comes close is Taravangian. And having Moash go through a redemption arc would be too predictable, too much of a "been there, done that" arc, and require too much time. He is much more interesting as the guy who constantly, despite having better options, chose to turn away from everything that the Radiants represent. The guy is the perfect anti-Radiant.