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  1. Storms! My bad, somehow I missed the WoB part of your post
  2. Nice catch. So she could be approaching savantism, I personally don't think she would be a savant yet. I feel the crystal transfer part might be some of the transportation surge, like when she kills the bandits in Kharbranth. Also as an aside, do we know if soulcaster KR savant would have the skin change, like the soulcaster in the Aimia interlude, or like the soulcasters Adolin watches make storm walls
  3. Good points. It's been a while since I read Oathbringer. I still feel that she could potentially be in her way to becoming a savant. We do see her use soalcasting to do mundane things throughout, specifically in tWoK
  4. @Calderis would this also imply that Jasnah is also a savant, or at the very least we'll on her way to being one?
  5. I am very interested in seeing how this plays out as I am new to DND and don't know enough yet to give feedback. I feel like the dragonborn barbarian I Dm for would be very interested
  6. Everyone is trying to figure out how to kill with edgedancer surges and I just wanna see lift and adolin using vine seeds to create giant vines they ride much like iceman and his ice beams
  7. So I was listening to the newest shardcast this morning and the talk of Kels bones got me wondering: could kel have used his bones and spiked a kandra to btain his body? Sorry if this has been talked about before, I got excited and had to put this out there
  8. Me and my crew of SA readers so as such: Me:33 Buddy at work:33 Brother:36 Sister:38 Brotherinlaw:38 Nephew:10
  9. Unrelated but @Argent I now hear your sultry voice everytime I read one of your posts
  10. @Invocation if I am remembering correctly a strange storm does pop up on then during the aimia interlude.
  11. My thought is one would be: I am NOT my father's son. The only thing I have in favor of this is that Kaladins hair is completely black and tiens is a mix of black and brown. Not real proof I know but fun to think about haha
  12. I think it was to uphold the law of the land. Only thing I can think of that would make sense for him to switch sides and not loose his sprenbond
  13. My headcanon fornshardplate is a mix of iron man armour and the glass armour from the elders scrolls games
  14. I think it's a simple as he hasn't had a need to summon shardplate yet
  15. But if the ghostbloods took the honorblade wouldn't they then know that taln was a herald, thus mitigating the need to send shallan in to see who he is in WoR?