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  1. It is so heavy because of all the guilt from the Breaths the person has to carry.
  2. So the third graphic novel will end where the prose version ends, meaning that there'll be no solution to the cliffhanger at the end for ages? I also think that Kenton probably dies as no one has seen him with Khriss, and I dont think they would seperate.
  3. I think page 323 was meant to be a verb of spite, ie spiting. Spitting is double t. Other than that, nice dedication. I also remember your being used instead of you're, but don't remember where, so good luck with that.
  4. If good events have to equal bad events, does that not mean that if Rand died, the dark one would die/be incapacitated too? I've been thinking about this for a bit.
  5. Dead Memories - Slipknot
  6. resolved
  7. Well, if you're completely sure you don't want to join the Dark Alley, how about Kalad's Phandom? (Is that a thing? I never made a post in the forum.)
  8. That moment when you blink as Shallan is drawing a family portrait.
  9. Granted, but every time one of your pokemon starts evolving, you press b. Oh and you only have magikarps. I want to be the very best.
  10. So just as Makkal asked Raeth, which one is he? Slaughter or Despair?
  11. Yes, accept the cookie. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for suddenly have magical powers or permanent disfigurement.
  12. I've been listening to TFK for the last few days. Namely, Move, Scream, Born This Way, Down, Fly on the Wall, We are, I Get Wicked and E for Extinction.
  13. Remember guys, this was I think before Sanderson had laid out the groundwork of the Cosmere.
  14. You are very colourful. Eating spicy curry is being an allomancer.