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  1. I really enjoyed the book "The Great Gatsby", and the movie adaptation with Leonardo DiCaprio. I felt it really did the book justice.
  2. I actually wanted to know if anyone was playing the new pokemon game on switch. I wanted to hear their impressions of it.
  3. The dissapointment of the movie is def running high. But, if its done well, I think it could be a great show. So I'm...cautiously interested. I do want more stuff in that universe, but I don't want more like the movie.
  4. Well...ok then. Don't say I didn't warn you all. I'm still going to put them in spoiler tags, just in case.
  5. Interesting topic idea! I have a few dislikes myself, but I'm a little worried to state them. They are kinda hot button topics, and I don't want to put anyone off. So, can I post these topics? Maybe in a spoiler or something?
  6. SIR

    whats the server about?
  7. Interesting. I, to, am a huge fan of supernatural. I just couldn't imagine it being real in anyway. Remember that episode when they came to our world? Favorite episode right there.
  8. You could also try using a different browser all together. I prefer firefox, but there are others out there.
  9. A little depressing, but I think they're important rules to know and understand.
  10. No idea myself, that's something you'd have to do your homework on. I know it exists, but not much else. Also: see here about that specific flavor: It doesn't run on everything out of the box. As for drivers, I would ask your device manufacturer. Or you might need to write your own. Sorry I can't be of much help on this front. Have you asked around the internet? Forums for Linux users, or forums for DIY guys, Engineering sites, ect. I can't give you a specific one, because I don't know your needs. If you do manage to pull it off, def come back and let us know though. I'd be interested to hear about the final product.
  11. Started this one: So far, its quite enjoyable.
  12. Hey man, its your device. Don't let anyone give you issues for doing what you want with it. As for help, I don't know much about putting an new OS on a tablet yet. I do know you need to have access to the boot loader, then tell the boot loader to look for the OS files in a new location. But you've figured that part out already it seems. My issue is, I don't really have an old tablet that still functions. I tend to use them till they are, quite literally, falling apart. Then smash them and toss them. I do know, Ubuntu has an older mobile version floating around out there. Maybe you could try to get that running on your device? Or are you firmly set on debian? You might need new drivers for the image you choose. The one time I did my homework on that, I needed to download the non-compiled files, then add the drivers I wanted to use to the driver files the OS had, before re-compiling the OS in question. My boss at the time, didn't want me spending that long on the project in question, and just canceled the contract.
  13. 'a man chooses, a slave obeys'. Not a fan of the piece of media where its from, but I do like the quote.
  14. I am reading: Book 3, in the empire of bones saga. Its...interesting. Not a huge fan of how they handle human implantation of technology, and slavery. Its very clear the author doesn't quite know how to write. But I'm definitely seeing improvements as he writes. Not sure I'm going to continue with the series after this novel though. Entirely because of the narrator. She doesn't have this wide range of voices to draw on, and can't quite emote with those voices. The princess sounds enternally happy, or miserable. With no in-between. But...we'll see. The story has me here since the beginning, so I might try.