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  1. Look, I know this was from, like, 2 years ago, but I saw this and it was bugging me. There's no problem with the aura failing to prevent Cinder's attack (or the effects). As we have firmly established in Volume 5 (freaking hype) magic is real. And there have been hints at that since the maidens were introduced. Magic beyond dust and semblances. The maidens are supposed to be feared for their immense power. Thus, not only could Cinder likely break the aura of a (comparatively) inexperienced fighter, she could also, likely, bypass auras entirely. Who knows. But the simple fact that she has the powers of the Fall Maiden kiiiinda make all arguments against her null and void until we get even more information.
  2. Dude, wow... You gotta finish. With volume 4 coming out now, I can say that the animation is now fantastic, and the characters are absolutely captivating. The action scenes that have been discussed are top notch, and the plot is super well thought out. So yeah.
  3. Have you ever seen a picture of Helen Keller's dad...? No? That's ok, neither has she. Going vegetarian is a missed steak. A steak pun is a rare medium well done. Three guys are in a boat with 4 cigarettes, but nothing to light them. They toss one out, and the entire boat becomes one cigarette lighter. Whoever stole my Microsoft Office is in big trouble. You have my Word. Man, I can't how bad these puns are... I'm sorry...
  4. Bud, it's even better in competitive. It is in the ubers tier for a reason. The only issue with it is that it is annoying to get it to Aegislash instead of Doublade during the game.
  5. I know this was at the beginning of the conversation, but I'm just going to point out that Klefki is an incredible player with Prankster, Aegislash is almost stupidly OP, Chandelure has absurdly high special attack, and, apparently, each generation needs a Pikachu clone. Just sayin.
  6. Since I see the blatant Slowbro, what is your favorite Pokemon and why? (Sorry, I'm nerding it up.)
  7. could I just be like Hoid and insult everybody I see? would that qualify me for the job? Cuz, I'm really searching for a job in mercenary wor- I mean the culinary arts. I have my own recipe! Notice, it's not cannibalism with barbecue sauce.
  8. Bro... it could be a Jigglypuff as seen from above, like the anime, it could be the obvious Electrode or Voltorb, it could be a Poliwag where you don't see a tail, it could be an above Drifblim, it could be a Shroomish for the same reason as Jigglypuff and Drifblim, or it could be a Foongus for the same reason as Jigglypuff. Be more specific. Just saying
  9. Wow... guys, really? Has anybody played gen 6? No longer a grind. I beat y version in VI days. It took me 23 hours of game play. I will admit it isn't the best generation. Gen IV is the best. Don't argue, just accept. Anyway, the most powerful, according to Pokedex entries, is Magcargo. It's hotter than the surface of the sun. Anything within a several mile radius of one would instantly combust. The most powerful in game is Mega Mewtwo Y, with its insane Sp. Att, awesome Spd, and viable defenses. The best according to what I believe, would have to be, actually, Groudon. This is purely because of one thing: it would have dried up the seas if not for Kyogre. Thus, the intensity of the sun must have increased vastly. Groudon is powerful enough to make the seas dry up, and, thus, could pretty much wipe out everything in existence. Just saying.
  10. Lets be honest, though. With season 3 ending, we can totally see who in that universe is most overpowered (purely because her weapon could end all existence). Velvet. In case you don't remember who that is, that's the one with rabbit ears, the camera, and the OP weapon that I won't talk about because spoilers... and I'm too lazy to deal with that.
  11. I'ma lay it out for ya nice and easy. He isn't. Reread the part right after seeing the Shadowblaze. He truly wanted to make the drawing come to life. But it didn't. I'm sorry, but all other arguments are invalid. This is the plain and simple truth. He likely will in the next book, but not now. Sorry.
  12. Even if i was caught off-guard, all one has to do against an average epic is throw crap in their way and run. If i did know, though, I would likely take out the stairs with an axe after getting a crapload of food supplies from downstairs to upstairs and wait out the days. Let the reckoners do the dirty work.
  13. So you're making an evil Frozone? huray for The Incredibles going completely wrong!
  14. oops. brand of evil. forgot that. probably would have to be something along the lines of this: Travels across Central America and takes over ancient structures for sport. Just as entertainment. When he's not goofing off, he's kidnapping children and forcing them through grueling expirements. And that is Flashbang.
  15. I would probably go with a two power epic with this: 1. Super speed/reflexes 2. Something similar to burning Atium This would create an almost invincible epic. It would be amazing. My weakness would have to be: 3. Betrayal. I feel like this would be fitting, as I have always feared betrayal. Cheezy name: 4. Flashbang No costume.