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  1. That was specifically about
  2. End of an era. What would be the legal status of someone standing by and writing stuff down, I wonder?
  3. You still haven't sourced it up. All people on Scadrial have seeds of Metallic Arts in them; however, without additional factors they don't emerge. Just like introducing lerasium to bloodlines to create nobles (without that you need mistsnappings that specifically add Investiture, otherwise Mistings are extremely rare) or whatever happened to Terris so they have Feruchemy. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/243-hero-of-ages-qa-time-wasters-guide/#e6148 That is your theory, not a fact. Exactly. He specifically genocided his own people twice because he was afraid of Feruchemy. First by turning all Feruchemists alive into mistwraiths, then when he realized there are dormant genes for it in the surviving rest of population he created breeding programs for them to get rid of Feruchemy. We know that Kelsier brought them technology to use Metallic Arts. As of right now we have no knowledge of South having had Feruchemists.
  4. Source? Even if they share lineage, I highly doubt that 1036 years after Rashek separated North and South with boiling oceans they still have similar architecture. Like, even if they were both descended from the same culture (which they are not, unless you have a source stating otherwise), they had pretty big geographical separation so there would be no reason for their archeticture to be similar.
  5. And why would that be? He Ascended to the whole Shard, not a fraction like Rashek. And he was the Vessel for days, even weeks (honestly I don't remember exactly). They know the technology. The Bands are actually simpler technologically than medallions with multiple powers. The difficulty here is with having someone with all the powers to create it. Ascension. He notes there are people in the South. IIRC even Vin noticed it during her Ascension. That *is* weird and I want to know why the hell Harmony did not do anything for them even though he created paradise for North, There are mutliple theories on that. My own is that he posed the challenge to South and spread the rumours in North to get them both to meet and exchange technology. Why? Well, he learned about other worlds, even met with aggressors from one of them that had technology enabling them to take a Shard of Adonalsium. He knows The Lord Ruler froze progress for a thousand years, so he might be afraid Scadrial is lagging in the arms race. Hence, get the South and North to meet, and also leave behind the Spearhead so that if need be they can create Fullborn soldiers. I guess he knew Sazed would keep an eye on this so that it would not fall into wrong hands and yes he did: after all, Harmony's Sword was there. My guess is copper Compounding. If it's a coin: it's a neat thing to have money that doubles as metalminds. And this one is the memory of how their people were saved, and reinforces his status as their savior. How on earth did Hoid end up in possession of something someone did not want him to have? Thousands years of experience. Anyways, if you add everything up, Sovereign cannot be anybody but Kelsier, unless Brandon is pulling a one on us bigger than that whole "man who calls himself Taln" thing. I doubt he'd do that,
  6. Except pulling out the spikes of a kandra does not kill their consciousness - they are limited in cognitive function, but they remain the same person (as in kandra). See MeLaan in BoM. When does the personality start? Upon a mistwraith being spiked, and kandra being born.
  7. It doesn't. It is changed upon receiving the spikes, as it's the case with all Hemalurgy.
  8. If you read the WoB I linked, you'll see that even machine that gained consciousness will have a Spiritweb. I don't have anything else to add here, as pretty much everything was already said.
  9. "consciousness in the cosmere is directly tied to Investiture" - Brandon Sanderson https://wob.coppermind.net/events/124-drogakrolowpl-interview/#e1817 Leave Investiture alone long enough and it starts thinking. We see this everywhere.
  10. I don't see a problem here. That's the correct angle here. For example, see this: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/183-stormlight-three-update-6/#e3913 No, in Cosmere the core of the person is not just the physical brain. Mistwraiths are uplifted when they are turned into a kandra. In essence, that's where their existence starts. A machine that would achieve sentience would also be a new being.
  11. A kandra is born when a mistwraith receives spikes. So when they die - does the kandra die or mistwraith? Koloss were already existing sapient, sentient beings before spiked and transformed into koloss. Kandra only start existing when a mistwraith, a non-sentient being, is spiked. Does the sentient being count or the body? In Cosmere consciousness is directly tied to Investiture (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/124-drogakrolowpl-interview/#e1817). How long people linger in Cognitive Realm after death is also linked to being Invested. Put those together and I believe it means that when a kandra dies, what goes Beyond is the kandra. And so, Harmony would have told Wax the truth.
  12. WHAT. I always were like "eh, German translations probably have it nice and easy since combining words is so bread and butter in their language" and now I read this. It's horrific and a war crime. Like, a tremendous waste. They had one job. My deepest condolences.
  13. Polish (my grumpy commentary in parenthesis) Devotion (English) | Oddanie Dominion (English) | Dominacja (imo should be Panowanie [they translated it as if was Domination, not Dominion]) Preservation (English) | Zachowanie Ruin (English) | Zniszczenie (literally Destruction) Odium (English) | Odium Cultivation (English) | Pielęgnacja (nurture) Honor (English) | Honor Endowment (English) | don't know Autonomy (English) | Niezależność (idk why not just leave it as Autonomia) Ambition (English) | Ambicja Harmony (English) | Harmonia no idea about the ones revealed in RoW
  14. It was probably something I read on coppermind back then. If you read about the OG religion and then look at Miles and Set, they don't seem to share the same religion or god.