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  1. Thanks. I need to update the WoBs to Arcanum someday...
  2. I might be back

  3. That's actually on my list of questions. We don't know definitive answer. But I'd guess that the ability is still tied to spike, and you can't spike it out of someone since it's only in them because of Hemalurgy.
  4. The difference is that when storing gold, you heal slower (described as feeling sick). So when you tap it, you heal faster. So after you stop tapping, the healing stops but you have already healed away whatever was the problem. You can say gold works on healing speed, and when you stop tapping or storing, the speed at which you heal returns to normal. However, atium works on [years from your current age]. So, when you store, you get older than you're now. When you tap, you get younger than you're now. But if you stop tapping, you'll return to the age you're now. Which means that TLR needs to constantly tap very large amounts of youth (he is, after all, over 1000 years old). And he gets those large amounts of youth by Compounding.
  5. You got it wrong. It's not that bodies are bad at holding Investiture; they're bad at holding Stormlight, only. That's a trait of Stormlight to leak and Breaths tend to cling to things. Remember this: Stormlight is leaky Breaths are sticky and you should be good. As for the Dor, it was trying to force itself through a wrong exit point (Shaod has not been completed), so that's about it.
  6. You know how we got there - where we know obscure WoBs by heart and can recite them in our sleep? We posted, theorized, got things wrong and were shown WoBs that contradict our ideas. It's how we learn this stuff.
  7. Anything related to how medallions work, IIRC.
  8. Just because it was in the table does not mean it was canon. Brandon has said that Feruchemy has 8 Physical metals. On top of that, BoM throws out Feruchemy table out of the window, so I'm not sure what's your point.
  9. Oh no. It's what I feared. More of the non-canon, MAG crap. Because there's no such thing as Hybrid Feruchemical powers. I weep.
  10. Indeed I did. I even have the relevant thread in my sig (look down) This thread reminds me how happy I was to finally get that WoB about Allomantic strength and what it entails...
  11. You are still Ookla! Burn the heretic!

    1. Oversleep


      Dang, I knew I forgot something...

  12. Even Ruin and Preservation - our best pair of opposed Shards - were not perfectly opposed, as in fact Ruin is more compatible with Cultivation. And I think Cultivation and Preservation would also be considered opposites. Took the words out of my mouth.
  13. Well, I write in a different language, so I don't think the reading my work would work out :| And I'm not the best on reviewing others' work, either.