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  1. Anything related to how medallions work, IIRC.
  2. Just because it was in the table does not mean it was canon. Brandon has said that Feruchemy has 8 Physical metals. On top of that, BoM throws out Feruchemy table out of the window, so I'm not sure what's your point.
  3. Oh no. It's what I feared. More of the non-canon, MAG crap. Because there's no such thing as Hybrid Feruchemical powers. I weep.
  4. Indeed I did. I even have the relevant thread in my sig (look down) This thread reminds me how happy I was to finally get that WoB about Allomantic strength and what it entails...
  5. You are still Ookla! Burn the heretic!

    1. Oversleep


      Dang, I knew I forgot something...

  6. Even Ruin and Preservation - our best pair of opposed Shards - were not perfectly opposed, as in fact Ruin is more compatible with Cultivation. And I think Cultivation and Preservation would also be considered opposites. Took the words out of my mouth.
  7. Well, I write in a different language, so I don't think the reading my work would work out :| And I'm not the best on reviewing others' work, either.
  8. There is a writing group here?
  9. If you want more ideas, look here: Especially look into the spreadsheet
  10. Hope of Elantris was written sometime when writing Well of Ascension:
  11. Has someone got the WoB about Kenton Street in Luthadel? There are folks that think they've read it but a quick search has given me no results.
  12. Well, it's resolved now: it's left.
  13. Hoid is the like second oldest (or just one of the oldest) being in Cosmere, so... He is older than Scadrial. He is older than Shards although not necessarily older than their Vessels. Compared to him, Vasher is kinda young.
  14. Yeah, we know: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/361-rbrandonsanderson-skyward-ama/
  15. I need to update it with Edgedancer and OB info but maybe this will help: