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  1. Polish (my grumpy commentary in parenthesis) Devotion (English) | Oddanie Dominion (English) | Dominacja (imo should be Panowanie [they translated it as if was Domination, not Dominion]) Preservation (English) | Zachowanie Ruin (English) | Zniszczenie (literally Destruction) Odium (English) | Odium Cultivation (English) | Pielęgnacja (nurture) Honor (English) | Honor Endowment (English) | don't know Autonomy (English) | Niezależność (idk why not just leave it as Autonomia) Ambition (English) | Ambicja Harmony (English) | Harmonia no idea about the ones revealed in RoW
  2. It was probably something I read on coppermind back then. If you read about the OG religion and then look at Miles and Set, they don't seem to share the same religion or god.
  3. Happy birthday

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  4. Math checks out, can't deny that.
  5. The reports of Hive's demise were greatly exaggerated. Wait, how long have you been gone? That WoB is over two years old!
  6. Well...
  7. Though there is the question of Spiritual DNA. Brandon indeed said that there are good chances I'd see Connections to Shards etc but that's really a broad term. It'd have been a good followup. The thing is, if you just dump enough Investiture into a Soulcasted human body... It might go sentient but I wouldn't call it human. Investiture will probably latch on the surroundings, create Connections to what's around. That's not how it works with humans. Like, kinda like FMA. Sure, you gather all the things that make up a human body and get something for a soul, but what you end up with... Might not be human. I think the best way would be to do that with Breaths, as they naturally are human-like (all the Awakenings are tied to human form and take on the shapes too). ---- And BTW creating a human body from scratch is... Way, way too complicated. Probably need something of Shardic-level competence. You might thing "let's just get some human cells and just use Progression" but... Well, cancer is also human cells, you know? It's all very complicated.
  8. Hey, that thumbnail picture is Starsight Polish cover! i was like "hey, that's familiar..."
  9. Not exactly news. One Stormlight book takes about three years (time between releases, not just writing time) and I doubt Brandon will significantly cut that time down. With 6 books left that makes it about 18 years. But then we must remember that Brandon plans to take a break between pentalogies to write other stuff like Mistborn, Elantris sequels and stuff like that. Which adds a few more years. Even assuming Brandon pumps out one book a year and writes nothing but Mistborn Era Three and Elantris sequels, that makes it 5 years. So the most optimistic, totally unrealistic estimate would be 23 years. If we try to be a bit more realistic, let's round it up to 25; if we make Mistborn Era 3 and Elantris sequels take 1.5 year each + some smaller thing, it adds another 3 years. We're at 28 years. That is a *long time* and lots of unforeseen stuff can happen. I think we can safely round it up to 30 years to get something resembling a realistic guess. Anything less than 20 years is undoable.
  10. where? I don't remember that. I was sure this is not the case but if you have a quote proving otherwise, I'd be grateful.
  11. Is the poster contest available for international fans?
  12. Mmm. The highlights of the few years I was active here (joined end of 2015, has been active on Discord mostly lately) are surely forming the Hive (yo, @Calderis, @Extesian, come here); when I trolled the whole forum on behalf of Brandon - I was interviewing him when he came to Poland and when I asked about recording the signing line next day for the Shard he told me to "go tell them he told us how Stormlight ends". Good times. I have that one super upvoted meme of "Explaining Cosmere to casual readers" buried deep in the meme thread. Kinda proud of it. When Pagerunner was running that "Collected Reddit WoBs" thread, I made my that served the purpose of helping people find WoBs. Now it's, fortunately, obsolete thanks to Arcanum. Arcanum. I feel proud to have helped fill it with WoBs, even if I haven't done even remotely as much as some other Arcanists. I coined the term Mistpoint and have even seen it used once or twice I have tried to make a list of possible combined Shards; I made the thread for interactions of various powers in Cosmere and thought of Feruchemical steel and Surge of Abrasion before Steelrunner did (not sure what's his alias now) I had one big theory that got enough buzz for someone (I think it was Chaos, not sure) ask Brandon about it like a week later and Brandon himself shot it down. Creation Daily holds my first ideas that are now cornerstones for my worldbuilding endeavors. But most importantly the Shard itself; people here first showed me how deep the rabbit hole goes. My life would have been different, maybe worse, if I haven't went off the deep end into Cosmere. A butterfly effect...
  13. The link goes to Stormlight Book Four Update #8 reddit post.