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  1. horror

    Hey, so I've been gone from the site for a while, college apps and whatnot, and I was wondering what happened on the site while I was gone. I think I left around when Edgli was confirmed to be Endowment at a book signing. I'm cought up with the reading, so spoilers aren't an issue, so I'm mostly wondering if there were any particularly juicy WoBs lately, what theories that everyone has an opinion on, stuff like that.
  2. I was rereading WoK and noticed that the leathery-faced man, the one that Kaladin gets his vest and sandels from, refers to Talenelat'Elin as the "bearer of all agonies." I'm sure people already have theories about this, ie he's probably part of that herald-cult or something similar. What do y'all think? How did someone who had access to that kind of knowledge end up in the bridge crews?
  3. I've had a few shorter questions bouncing around my head for a while now. Is there any upper limit to the amount of Investure that could be stored in an object? What causes the separate appearances of the Cognitive realm / what would happen if you took a sphere from Roshar's and brought it to Scadrial? Is there any overlap between the two sections of the cognitive realm i.e. what would happen if two worlds had different interpretations of one object? if you created a perfect duplicate of a statue, killed yourself before telling anyone and before the object had a chance to form its 'Identity' then destroyed the original, would someone in the cognitive realm be able to tell that it was a copy? Is there any standard relating to the amount of Investure used and the physical force used i.e. a ratio between the amount of steel burned and how much force you could exert on a coin and would that be the same with how much force an awakened cloak could exert relatively to its breath input.
  4. I've been looking into the cosmere-lore for the past day-ish now, so I'm not that knowledgeable in how everything works, but from what I can understand, there hasn't been enough time for the people to evolve a new way of coloring their hair/eyes yet, but I also can't imagine that Honor or Cultivation would look at the previous humans and think "That looks great and all but I want everyone to have fancy eyes" I just don't get it
  5. Sorry for the double post. Why was dalinar able to feel the thrill in his vision. Isn't the thrill caused by the spren thing mentioned by travanagan
  6. What is the element that Hoid speaks of in the letter. I think the author is Hoid. I'm not sure. Also, why are the Larkin valuable; they seem to only effect surgebinders. There aren't many surgebinders when the interlude takes place. What makes them valuable. Also, there is a weird line in WoK; it says that Elhokar "absently rubbed his chest" Andolin, the person who noticed this thinks it is odd. It seems like an odd inclusion; at first I thought he had been pierced by a spike, but he seems to normal. In the book it would make sense for it to be a failed assination attempt from the group that Marsh works with
  7. So basically what I meant is that more primative cultures don't think of space as having the awesome scale that we know it has, I think that worldhoppers are able to use this misconception to essentially just walk through space.
  8. So, this theory has been in my head for a while, I was reading the Mistborn books again, I noticed two things, 1; the shards actively influence the world. 2; the shards seem to have created the powers, by that I mean they like decided what metal did what and like how slow bendalloy made time. Ok, so what this means to me is that 1; they are unable to influence the world for most of the book, and relied on slivers and passive things (like the Well) to change anything. 2; the burst of "power" or ability to change things disappears when the intent settles in. These are probably things you already knew. Part two, bubbles. Ok so here is where it gets speculative. The burst of change ability only comes when the intent hasn't set in. I think that since harmony's intent is.. harmony, if Odium offsets the balance by being odious, harmony would get a burst of power, allowing him to reset the size of bubbles, make allomancey even more powerful, to reset the balance. This is the end of my theory. Now for that third thing. Something I thought about while writing this; what if the only reason the people are able to worldhop is the fact that people think of the stars as something more like a wall, or something you can get to. Waxillium almost immediately thought of a "ship to the stars" when he saw the allomanticaly powered ship. The worldhoppers are able to use this misconception as a way to "climb to the stars" and get to other places.
  9. How do the lashings work (the ones that work with gravity)? Like, do they create gravity that only affects the person/object? Or do they redirect the planet's gravity. I tried looking in the ars arcanum, and there were two contradictory sentences "the lashings work by ripping the person from the planets gravity, and pulling them somewhere else. This causes the gravity to twist." (I'm doing this off of memory, I probably got some of the words wrong
  10. I thought the shards made "God metals" like atium, and lerasium. There might be some similarities. Also, I like your theory, and I'm wondering if there could be a similarity with the orders and the other shards
  11. Oh, I guess I should be more clear, I didn't expect there to be something that eats shardblades, I assumed it would turn them into like regular metal, or interfere with there ability to be summoned. Also, do you think it would kill like a kolos, as I assume they are only kept alive via investure
  12. Larkins remove investure, right? So like what would happen if a Larkin got a lil bit to close to an inquisitor, or other hemerologic creation. What about a shard, shardblade, or even the mists in mistborn.
  13. Two questions What is mechanical allomancey If you did like a lashing (I forgot the name, the one that Kaladin did to his shield, the one that pulls objects toward an object) a couple billion times, could you mess with the planet's orbit.
  14. I think it was Rayse. I feel like it would be in his character to kill the God of creation, then use 1/16 of his power to go around and kill a bunch of people.
  15. I was suggesting that since the voidbringers are able to switch between spreen, and are therefore probably able to switch surges, so to keep a balance, the powers would be watered down I do like the idea of a warped surge, and I think the two ideas could mix. Imagine a less-powerful lightweaving but instead of creating illusions, the power would be to remove light