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  1. This sounds like very solid evidence that I have not seen myself. Conquestor it is. Nope that's not it. Conquestor
  2. I don't have to read posts on google. I just search things. I will say I thoroughly enjoy the new mechanics of the site though.
  3. I'm not Fain. I hope that puts all your suspicions to rest. This new site has so much white its burning my eyes. Anyone know how to make it less white? Or make it like the old site?
  4. Now does it seem more likely that the eliminators purposefully/ made no kill to frame the whitecloaked?
  5. Yeah I'd have to disagree with that statement. I think HS is much more likely to be an eliminator. Haha kidding.
  6. . I know who I've suspected in previous games. I'm not going to look back at games I've played with Sart because I don't care. Thinking back on it most of my suspicions on Sart we're stated in PM's or in real life with Mailliw and Deathclutch before anyone knew we knew each other. He tends to be hypocritical (My first game he said to kill all inactives first while only posting twice himself) and all around not say anything useful or anything that hasn't been said before. No offense Sart I just don't like your play style and that usually grants you suspicioun from me however I've found that it has no bearing on whether or not you're evil so I didn't know if I should suspect or vote on you this game.I wasn't able to vote on Sart the first game primarily because Deathcluth was playing the first 3 days(in actively)and I had missed sign ups. MR10 I was a little busy being attacked by the actual eliminators to do anything about Sart. I had about 5 eliminator votes on me and all of them verbally attacking me. AG2 I said leaning towards bad because again his play style is off to me and he's always leaning towards bad so really that's no read at all if he's always leaning towards bad. I obviously wasn't aware I'd never voted for Sart or I wouldn't have said that. He usually gets lynched early and I always suspect him so I made the assumption that I was a part of it.
  7. To be completely honest with you I'm leaving for universal studios right now and won't be back until after the day cycle is over so I'll try to read the thread in the car but I get carsick easily so unless you guys tone down the large paragraphs I'm going to have a hard time reading this cycle as well. I read most of day one, but again wasn't able to read most of wilsons, yours, metas, or elbereths posts. What I have analyzed is the lynch last cycle, the results of this cycle, and what's been happening with Nyali.The lynch last cycle was a great success. Although I usually suspect Sart because of his awkward play style by the end of day one in every game I've played with him, I was tired of voting for him day one over and over and ignored him and votes on him all day. This of course naturally gives trust to the first few voters, Elbereth, Wilson, and Meta however I honestly doubt that all of them are village especially considering there was a night one conversion. The results this cycle. I'm not too worried about losing DC as I voted on him and wanted him to die anyways, however losing a dream walker this early could mean pms are going down in the next few cycles depending on distribution. My guess is the darkies have one dream walker. Orlok dying had no bearing on anyone except his only suspicioun was Wilson day one. (I think) The wolves should be killing their suspicions however I'm not sure that by night one they had all that much information to make that kind of informed decision which is why 2 villagers died. The whitecloak and conversion was expected, however the eliminator kill was not. The reason I gave out the other reasons for why there could've been no eliminator kill is because just because one person was role blocked and there was no kill doesn't mean that persons automatically evil. I talked with Bard last night and he told me what actions he was sending in(none) and we role swapped and I trust him. So understandably I wouldn't want one of the people I trust to be mislynched just because there was no eliminator kill.
  8. Channelers have two different types of role blocks? And if there are 5 channelers any one of their role blocks could've been the successful block on the eliminators as well. NOW Elodin has suspicion on him. That has nothing to do with last night and him deciding whether he'd make the kill or not. I honestly don't know if they'd target Elodin. I don't know who is on the team. I wouldn't but I'm not an eliminator so I don't get a vote. I don't see why it's not a valid option. They've gotten so much information, claiming and distrust out of it I think they've made a great play if that's really what happened.
  9. Nyali there's so many other instances where the eliminator kill could've not gone through. I don't think it was a good idea to claim just to lynch one possibility. We don't even know how many channelers are out there. The Whitecloaked person could've attempted the eliminator kill themselves. Anyone targeting or redirected to the Whitecloaked person could've made the kill. The eliminators could've just made no kill at all, which nobody is considering.