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  1. It just tells me "Can’t connect securely to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner."
  2. This wait is gonna be insane.
  3. I want Eshonai's flashbacks to start off in her early childhood. That way, we'll get to see everything fall apart and I will be very sad in a good way.
  4. When you have yet another Cosmere-themed dream. According to my subconscious, the worldhopping Kandra is in Bridge 4.
  5. I loved the new WTCC melody.
  6. I think it might be Fortune?
  7. Nightblood affects people it deems evil or not evil differently, but how does it tell the difference? Whose morality is being used?
  8. Wait, Grace is my age? Damnation, I'm really wasting my life.
  9. I just realized I tend to say names with a Russian accent, especially when it comes to what syllable is stressed. I also pronounced Jasnah with a 'y' from the beginning, but I tend to default to that pronunciation.
  10. "intuitively obvious to the casual observer"? Let's hope it's not that clear, or we'll be guessing for the next 15 years.
  11. About how you said that Hoid is hiding from us: he is being chased by the members of the Seventeenth Shard...
  12. Excellent episode, as always. Loved the memes.
  13. Sorry for the unclear clue :/
  14. I guess I might as well post my theory. So, here's the thing. We read that Sja-anat couldn't corrupt Radiant spren before, but I think that she could, but it was not spoken of and the Radiants that this happened to kept it secret. ------ There is the Oathbringer epigraph, "Don't tell anyone. I can't say it. I must whisper. I foresaw this."(chapter 85, OB). This was said by a Truthwatcher, which reminded me of Renarin's visions and how he was affected by them. I immediately noticed the similarity, but there can only be a link if Sja-anat could corrupt higher spren before. Another thing I noticed was in a WOR epigraph. "the enemy’s baleful influence demanded vigilance on all occasions, of war and of peace."(chapter 51, WOR). This does sounds like they are specifically vigilant against the enemy's influence, but they could have been talking about propaganda. This, however, connects with the following epigraph: "Of the Unmade, Sja-anat was most feared by the Radiants"(chapter 97, OB). Why was she so feared if all she could do was make harmless spren act strangely? Of course, we read about what this results in during the Kholinar arc of OB, but it does not appear to be bad enough to make an organized group of Radiants extremely terrified. I feel that Sja-anat's ability to corrupt higher spren would have caused such fear, though. We can see how powerful and damaging her corruption is in Renarin's POV, it is definitely something the Radiants of old would have been seriously hampered by if this happened en masse. The sight of a corrupted spren in the city would have meant that any Radiant's spren could be next, so they would have run. And the reason there are no records of this happening is pure propaganda - the Radiants are humanity's shining beacon of hope, learning that there is a danger they can do nothing about would have demoralized the population and perhaps made them more likely to side with the Voidbringers out of hopelessness and desperation.
  15. I have an entire theory about how this is not true, but I don't have the book with me and can't check to see who said that. If Odium states that this is a new thing, then it's a new thing, but if he didn't, then Sja-anat could be lying and others either lying as well for various reasons or mistaken. Can someone please confirm one way or the other?