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  1. Kan'tdra - a term used on Scadrial for a person who lazily claims they aren't able to do something.
  2. This is my first post on here in a long time, but I just wanted to let you all know that this thread is literally why I love the 17th Shard so much =) The deepness of this conversation has been a refreshing splash of fantasy philosophy in the middle of a crazy work day!
  3. This appears to be your first post, and as a long-time sharder/lurker of the shard, I love this theory! =) I hope you bring more posts as insightful as this to the forums!
  4. I could be wrong, but don't they reuse the spikes from generation to generation of Inquisitor? That'd be my answer (without doing a review of any of the books :-P)
  5. I'd like to point out, that while I don't have time to respond to much of this right now, I love how analytical you are and how intensely you've read these texts! =)
  6. Would we say that the focus on Roshar is a spren (specifically a splinter-spren of one of the three Shards)?
  7. I'd venture a guess it's somewhere over 9000 :-P Dalinar's "super saiyan" moment was by far the best moment of the book in my opinion, but it does raise some important questions. On Sel, it seems that Odium tried to splinter the shards there in such a way that they couldn't be put back together, and Dominion and Devotion are now broken into various sentient beings like spren, and in one massive interwoven force called the Dor. That doesn't seem to be the case on Roshar, where there was intentional self-splintering by Honor (and Cultivation and Odium), and his death/splintering by Odium doesn't seem to have caused any Investiture-blending with another Shard. This leads me to believe that Dalinar is becoming the new vessel for the Shard that was Honor, and this is what "unite them" (the splinters of Honor) has been referring to - Theory One is my vote for now! =) Awesome synthesis of information @rdog2213!
  8. I've been wondering if it's really a charge to unite the 10 Heralds again. It seems they've all been separated for thousands of years, and their united strength/knowledge may be the only way to defeat Odium.
  9. I feel you on this, but I'm giving Brandon some time to make this right in the story. There wasn't a lot of time for anyone to mourn; they were all thrown into Shadesmar pretty fast after Moash killed him. There's still two parts of this monster book to get through! =)
  10. My thoughts on this glorious book so far: Aona and Skai clearly broke the rules - shards were supposed to stay apart (plug for my old theory - but the undying love they had before becoming Vessels just wouldn't let them separate, no matter how risky it was). I don't know why, but something seems off about Lopen and his many similar cousins. That he was oddly off looking under rocks for things hit me with a weird thought - can the Sleepless ONLY be cremlings? Any possibility that Lopen is more than JUST a Herdazian? My theory on the wicked thing of eminence - the Heralds, who were supposed to "die and reincarnate in damnation" to end a desolation, didn't do that. Only Taln went back. Do we really believe that ONE Herald all by himself somehow held off the voidbringers for longer than ever before (4,500 years)? My thought is this: The Heralds sold the Knights Radiant out. Instead of the Heralds going to Damnation, now the KR/Surgebinders go to Damnation where they're tormented in eternal conflict/war with the voidbringers. This was so wicked because the Heralds didn't act honorably in making this arraignment - they were selfish and didn't want to go back to suffer any more. KR must suffer in their place, and once they learn this secret, they give them shards the dueces. I swear, if the Midnight Mother transforms into John Locke at some point, I don't know if I'll be angry that it happens, or angry that it doesn't! That's it for tonight! Time for sleep!
  11. Maybe I missed this in reading through everyone else's comments here, but what about an opponent of the Sunmaker during the War of Loss as a possible author? Perhaps this is one of the ardents who had visions that no one believed, afterwhich the Sunmaker proclaimed that the Vorin church had been lying and he essentially destroyed it. I've long thought that something strange happened with the Sunmaker, based on what we know. The church reported having visions of the Almighty (which we know can happen based on Dalinar's visions), the Sunmaker steps in and questions the ardents about these visions (which the Stormfather just revealed can be shared with other people and not just a Bondsmith), but then randomly he decides that "they're lying?" I smell some void up in this. My bet is that in-world Oathbringer was written by someone connected to this story arc (Sunmaker vs Hierocracy) - "The War of Loss"). (Random thought - it's tnteresting that the Vorin church, formerly in power, was reduced to slave property. Perhaps a parallel to what happened with the parshmen?)
  12. NOPE! =) This is one of my favorites, though like @The Invested Beard, it's hard to pick a favorite in Brandon's canon of awesome. I think it's one of the most cosmere-relevant stories that we just don't fully understand yet. A lot happened on Sel, I think a lot continues to happen on Sel, and I think that the more we learn about these stories, the more we'll be able to look at Elantris in a completely different light (i.e. Jaddeth, Wyrn, Shu-Keseg/Shu-Dereth/Shu-Korath, skaze, and so on). That's why I love this book so much. I bursts at the seams with "this will all make sense and be relevant once we know more," so Brandon's first book will only become more interesting as his cosmere unfolds!
  13. I want to say that within the Spiritual Realm, space/location/time aren't limits in the way we see them in the Cognitive and Physical Realms. So, I imagine Vessels are able somehow to see and understand other places beyond their actual Invested Physical/Cognitive space. I don't know if somehow they are able to communicate through the Spiritual Realm (i.e. quantum entanglement from the Mass Effect series or something), but that might be one way they could project to other places.
  14. By far my favorite chapters yet released! My thoughts on the copy cat killer: Perhaps Renarin with his light weaving powers is sneaking around doing them because if whatever dark influence that seems to be tainting him? A Connection of interest (see how I capitalized that?): Connection. Identity. The parshmen had these things ripped away, and now they're suddenly back. This sounds a lot like what happens to the Heralds between desolations too! (and yay for crossover cosmere terms!)