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  1. See, for me she didn't seem so scatter-brained. I got her mindset in the interludes. I haven't touched the newsletter as I am saving myself for the full thing, but I expect to continue enjoying the ride. This probably says a lot more about me and my mindset than anything else.
  2. Sorry, hadn't realized the actual viability of this idea before I made it in jest. I guess there are situations where this could and is more than a joke. Not an actual theory I am promoting in this case.
  3. I still support the "Aluminum foil hats" theory on this.
  4. We've been told that Hoid will be making an appearance (that being a change from the manuscript). As for the overall Cosmere knowledge expansion, every new magic system is an added dimension, an added data set for understanding the overall cosmeric insights. Given that this is coming out with the short stories coming out next (and those all having forwards from Khriss) coming to understand Khriss may be the most important insight. She is the most aware individual in the Cosmere at later points, so seeing her beginning is important too.
  5. I am almost positive this was flat out RAFO'd, no implication given in either direction.
  6. Lurking is where it is at.
  7. I took it to mean that gold fueled by ruin in that it was an alloy of gold and atium.
  8. Nightblood makes a lot more sense, now. I can't blame him.
  9. I don't think the cognitive realm is solely a function of the individual perceptions, but I think a component is the collective unconscious as filtered through aspects of each realm specific to each realm. Places without conscious thought simply don't exist in the cognitive realm, bringing everything much closer together, afterall.
  10. Maybe we can look at it as a convergence of the KR's individual perception as well as the perception of the Spren in the Bond. Syl certainly had opinions about these various things.
  11. Isn't all of this dependent upon how the individual perceives their actions as well? Jasnah felt justified and that she was fulfilling her oath, so it stood.
  12. We've got a WoB that we will see another Windrunner (not a squire) speaking oaths in the next book, I believe.
  13. I had written out a similar. Without the concision. Then Syl's insistence that Kaladin speak the oath caused me to second guess myself. Upvote for you and your courage, good sir. I really think this is the heart/thrust of the "focus" or connection to the shards for this world. This being said, what would Odium's oaths/cognitions look like? I imagine hatred, anger, or fear might be parts of the appropriate emotional cocktail. "I will destroy those who oppose me" or something along those lines.
  14. Differing perspectives are what make forums fun as long as no one gets hurt. I personally took that WoB to suggest that they wouldn't bond in the midst of a highstorm the way the Parshendi do, which I think actually supports the idea of ideals or oaths being potentially connected with the bond. We've seen a WoB that suggests that the Oaths can be worded slightly differently depending on the person. Maybe the truest form of an oath is a mindset. I know Kaladin needing to speak the oath is a solid flaw in this concept, but I think there is fun to be mined by exploring the idea.
  15. It seems quite sandersonian to have a constant magic system but two very different approaches to integrate/apply/use it. Like Scadrial.