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  1. I was wearing some glasses earlier, and I wondered what - if anything - I could Awaken them to do. I'm not sure if anything cool would happen, but I'm curious to hear what other people think.
  2. Hey, no worries The fun is in the discovery, isn't it? This was fun to think about, thank you.
  3. I don't think it would create a Lifeless tree, at least not how you're thinking. I think what you're looking for is simply an Awakened log that's told - via it's command - to act as an Ent would. My understanding of Lifeless is that they're awakened with one breath and it acts similarly to how it acted when it was alive. A Lifeless tree would therefore - in my understanding - turn grey, continue to lie on the ground, and maybe grow a little bigger over time. I don't have all the answers of course, but I think you're confusing Lifeless with regular Awakening on one important point: making things Lifeless does not make them act human. We see that when Vasher (I think it's Vasher, it's been a while) creates a Lifeless squirrel. Hopefully this is helpful.
  4. I had a thought: speaking the words to an Ideal are probably meaningless, unless you have the right Intent. Bear with me here, but words that need Intent are also necessary for Awakening objects. We know that at Awakeners of the Sixth Heightening have "instinctive awakening," making them able to do basic commands instinctively. So my question is this: would a person of the Sixth Heightening instinctively know the words for Ideals, and spren bonds? Or maybe only the First Ideal?
  5. We know that spren have bonded with two Radiants in the past - an old Radiant and a new one - so is it out of the question that Glys himself has been bonded to someone before?
  6. I always recommend Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind if you haven't read it.
  7. Posting makes me feel like I have a chance at winning...
  8. We know from a WoB that allomantically burning aluminum would heal you from the withering caused by Shades. Could burning Aluminum also heal you from a shardblade wound? Obviously not a life-ending one, but if my arm was killed by a shardblade could I burn aluminum to restore it?
  9. Considering that Coppermind states era 2 is set about 300 years after era 1, I would guess immortality is more likely, but that seems like something that wouldn't happen. Perhaps they can compound like the Lord Ruler did? Edit: Perhaps Harmony gave them the ability to compound to help him run the civilization in the beginning
  10. What we know: So, what do they look like? Do they look like people, or something different? OB spoiler:
  11. I might be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that any magic system could do it, just some of them we've never seen it happen/don't know how it would work. Again, I could be totally wrong
  12. What would happen if you were Cosmere-aware and Commanded an object to move to a different realm? Would this be possible?
  13. Glad to have you. Stormlight is my favorite too, but I really enjoy each book for different reasons. What did you think of Stormlight, or Mistborn so far?
  14. Since we already have Aon Daa for use as an offensive weapon, what would Aon Sheo (death) do? We never see it used, would it function sort of like the killing curse in Harry Potter?
  15. Had an account for a while, decided to finally start posting things. Probably questions I still have after rereading books and Coppermind articles.