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  1. I was doing some digging around on the Coppermind and I had an idea. We know already that metals used to make fabrials often have similar effects as the same metal's use in Allomancy. For example, iron in a fabrial housing makes an attractor, while steel makes a repellent. We see the Fused making use of a fabrial that blocks Radiant powers, and Urithiru has defenses that block Fused powers. What if these fabrials are using chromium housings? Chromium is used in Allomancy to wipe out someone else's metal reserves, but there's also this little tidbit: These effects can be seen: All this being said, I can't actually remember if the metal in the fabrial used by the Fused was identified or not. So I might be entirely wrong. Not sure if I need to spoiler tag things, but I did just in case...
  2. I interpreted this as seeing each other again in the Spiritual Realm, i.e. after they both die. I don't think there's any Worldhopping implications to it, but I might be wrong.
  3. I had this thought too; after all, I think it's significant that Mr. Sanderson ends the section emphasizing that it "had gone exactly as he had imagined," and saying it twice in total. But I also think it's significant that it's going as he imagined, not as he planned. I think this distinction might be vitally important: he could have imagined all kinds of terrible things, and knowing Wit he probably planned for them. But not necessarily. Yeah, this is really really terrifying to me. The Cosmere implications of a lot of this book are staggering.
  4. That's a good point actually, I hadn't considered that there would be an audiobook version. Do people consider those voices "canon?"
  5. I'm curious to hear how others of you guys would describe Nightblood's voice. What qualities does it have? Does it sound like someone else in your mind?
  6. I'll mark this as spoilers just in case.
  7. It is, but that's part of what makes it so fascinating to go back and look through!
  8. For reference, this is The Way of Kings chapter 25
  9. I'm doing my reread of the Stormlight Archive to prepare for Rhythm of War, and I came across the chapter where Lirin references the various throws in the game breakneck. I was wondering what other people thought the game was like. In my head, it's throwing six dice over and over, kind of like Yahtzee. What do you think?
  10. I just happened to glance at the back flap of the book jacket of The Way of Kings and I noticed something interesting. Under Mr. Sanderson's bio, the jacket art is credited to Michael Whelan (pretty normal) but his author photograph is credited to Nazrilof. Just a fun little easter egg, most likely. But what if it meant something...
  11. I was wearing some glasses earlier, and I wondered what - if anything - I could Awaken them to do. I'm not sure if anything cool would happen, but I'm curious to hear what other people think.
  12. Hey, no worries The fun is in the discovery, isn't it? This was fun to think about, thank you.
  13. I don't think it would create a Lifeless tree, at least not how you're thinking. I think what you're looking for is simply an Awakened log that's told - via it's command - to act as an Ent would. My understanding of Lifeless is that they're awakened with one breath and it acts similarly to how it acted when it was alive. A Lifeless tree would therefore - in my understanding - turn grey, continue to lie on the ground, and maybe grow a little bigger over time. I don't have all the answers of course, but I think you're confusing Lifeless with regular Awakening on one important point: making things Lifeless does not make them act human. We see that when Vasher (I think it's Vasher, it's been a while) creates a Lifeless squirrel. Hopefully this is helpful.
  14. I had a thought: speaking the words to an Ideal are probably meaningless, unless you have the right Intent. Bear with me here, but words that need Intent are also necessary for Awakening objects. We know that at Awakeners of the Sixth Heightening have "instinctive awakening," making them able to do basic commands instinctively. So my question is this: would a person of the Sixth Heightening instinctively know the words for Ideals, and spren bonds? Or maybe only the First Ideal?
  15. We know that spren have bonded with two Radiants in the past - an old Radiant and a new one - so is it out of the question that Glys himself has been bonded to someone before?