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  1. I had thought that too, but upon review...
  2. In the Epilogue to The Way of Kings I noticed that Wit refers to "Talenel's" (ugh. Brandon you cagey weasel) Blade as a Shardblade instead of an Honorblade. "And then a bright, silvery blade rammed between the massive doors, slicing upward, cutting the bar that held them closed. A Shardblade." Wouldn't Wit know that this was no mere Shardblade? Wouldn't he know it was an Honorblade?
  3. There were a lot of Sander-hints these chapters about the swirling patterns being significant somehow
  4. A ton of human civil pattern is based on regulation of sexual relationships. Society is one big mating dance. If you were asexual, slowly becoming more aware, would you not find this fascinating? I give Brandon props for keeping it PG-13, but still lightly exploring an idea that naturally crops up due to his worldbuilding
  5. Wild unsubstantiated theory: Dalinar "The Blackthorn" is Odium's champion. Think about chapter 3. Think of the poetry of having new Dalinar shudder at the figure in chapter 1. Think about the Sleepless foreshadowing on the back of WoK. "One of them will destroy us."
  6. I have never been so glad to live in the Pacific Time Zone. New chapters at 9:01pm every Monday baby!
  7. I nearly lost my mind last night when Tor *only* released the Prologue. (I was expecting 3 chapters). I was so geared up, and I had already read most of the prologue with a teaser release a while back. I'll just read it again several times. Ain't NO heralds slipping past me this time.
  8. I'm not up on the grand library of theories, but I just thought of this one, so forgive me if it's old and tired. BRAIZE = YOLEN. Mankind (native to Yolen) were kicked out of the Tranquiline Halls where Damnation now is. Yolen was (presumably) the residence of Adonalsium, or at least proximate enough for the 16 to get at it, and they were definitely from Yolen. And the classic WOB regarding "Has Hoid ever been to Braize?" "(Mad giggling) RAFO! The biggest RAFO!"
  9. I'm actually glad about this. I've occasionally wished for the discipline to not binge-read. Make it last longer, not lose sleep, catch more fine details, etc. Parts 2-5 will still be binge-read because I can't help it.
  10. You wish your emoji keyboard had spren. "I scored the most awesome goal at soccer today <gloryspren>"
  11. Just throwing it out there. A talented developer-type Sharder really ought to make some emoticons representing the spren classified thus far. I never use emojis, but I would use the h*ck out of Spren-mojis.
  12. I can't ever say enough good things about Emperor's Soul. It's a tight, award-winning story, and the best primer on the fundamentals of magic in the Cosmere.
  13. That has to be the best feeling in the world.
  14. Just when I thought I couldn't love Brandon any more...
  15. Ha, I was just reading TWOK last night and Jasnah was raising all kind of eyebrows at Shallan