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  1. Is there any discussion on where exactly the sibling is slumbering? This may affect who even has the opportunity to bond it.
  2. Are we sure that "The Trill" as it is currently known was not formally two individual Unmade from long ago now bonded into one?
  3. Hypothetically, the more silver that was plating the earring at the time it went through Vin's baby sister would have meant the less chance the bronze would've had to accept a Hemalurgic charge... or perhaps it might've even been, at most, a super weak charge (which I doubt Ruin would've been aiming for). Also, if the earring started out with very little silver plating... enough to still accept a "good enough" Hemalurgic charge, then it's reasonable to assume that the earring would've been almost entirely bronze by the time we see it onscreen. Since Vin noticed the silver had "worn away in most places" over her lifetime, it's likely that Vin herself noticed more silver on it in her youth than what she sees on it by the time she meets Kelsier. At least that's my takeaway. It's more reasonable to assume that there was no silver on the earring when it was used Hemalurgically, and it was put there at a later date. For me, this fits better canonically... considering how silver functions on Scadrial.
  4. Yeah... that definitely breaks some of the fantasy for me when I dream of Brandon Sanderson's pre-planning genius... but I can't help but feel that Brandon's behind-the-scenes writing process and the finalized canon we are presented are two completely different conversations. Silver definitely has a future role to play, I believe. Even though I'm shooting in the dark as to what that role might be. But regardless of what we are allowed to know about his writing process, it doesn't change the fact that the finalized pieces need to fit. And currently, we still don't have an answer to a lot of these questions. @Calderis makes a compelling point about how silver's value on Scadrial would be equal to/greater than aluminum if I were correct about it being a nullifying metal. So I'll have to buff that out as I polish my silver/aluminum/ralkalest theories. If feel like silver is special... I'm just enjoying the ride trying to find out how.
  5. Nope, not yet. I do have more questions for Brandon about Ralkalest/Aluminum/Silver... and whatever the metal is that spren become when they become living shardblades/tools. The 'keyhole' to the Oathgate in WoR is said by Shallan to be "...made of the same stuff..." I believe there is more to be uncovered about silver and the people within the cosmere who already know its secrets. I really believe Silver to be the more perfect version of aluminum (so to speak). Whereas aluminum is "investiture-dampening" as described above, I think silver is more like perfect "investiture-nullification" if you will. Just like aluminum can be burned by a mistborn or misting... but silver cannot... regardless of how invested the user. I doubt Ralkalest is aluminum, because it's referred to as "The unForgeable Metal"... which even in its name insists that it can't be manipulated at all with investiture. Sounds like silver is a better candidate because on other worlds like Scadrial, aluminum can be manipulated with investiture when it is burned by a mistborn or aluminum misting. (Hey, Brandon... Can a Mistborn burn Ralkalest?) I know that there are some instances when modern scadrians use aluminum as shielding, but again... I have a hunch that in these cases, aluminum is just a poor man's silver. Vin had a hemalurgic seeker spike adding to her own mistborn seeker abilities, thus she gained the ability to pierce copperclouds when she shouldn't have been able to. It stands to reason, in my mind, that the same hemalurgic boost given to a Coinshot, for one example, would allow that coinshot to just barely steelpush an aluminum object. (Hey, Brandon... Can a Coinshot steelpush pure silver?) With each new book available for signing, I'll focus on more silver questions until Brandon shoots down all of my silver theories himself. So I'll be... silver surfing... for quite a while yet.
  6. At the time Vin was an infant, the earring must have been plain bronze with no silver plating. Vin (in the quote posted) remembers that there used to be plating before it wore away in most places. She wouldn't remember plating that wore away in most places unless the plating was there (or mostly there) during her memorable lifetime. There is almost no chance that the silver-plating was there and wearing away at the time the earring was used to pierce Vin's sister and obtain a hemalurgic charge... or else Vin wouldn't remember that there used to be silver-plating on her earring.
  7. Hmm. Interesting. I've always thought of Aluminum as a poor man's Silver, much like to a mistborn Electrum would be a poor man's Atium. I have a hunch about the role silver is playing in the cosmere, but obviously I could be wrong. Is there a WoB that the Ralkalest of Sel is truly aluminum? ...or is that just the wiki or a popular belief?
  8. Era 1 is technically over. Yes. I know it seems a small thing to have noticed. But Brandon still has plenty to explain from Era 1 and plenty of ways he could go about doing so... as we've seen with Secret History and the clues uncovered about Era 1 during Era 2 and specifically at the end of Bands of Mourning. We still have another book from Era 2 and, moreover, Era 3 from the Scadrians. So far, the more obscure events of Era 1 have continued to be relevant whenever BS write from Scadrial. To me, this is less about the just earring itself... but moreso, this is about the mysteries of Silver, its properties within the Cosmere, and (most importantly) who would be knowledgeable of such things. Firstly, from just Scadrial... and secondly, possibly throughout the cosmere. This is part of my larger investigation into Silver in the Cosmere. Figuring out whoever did this could be a major clue. I asked Brandon more specifics about Silver during the AU release and I got a very curious answer in response. I asked "Nightblood's sheath and Silence's dagger are silver... Does silver have more secrets to reveal to us? Does it have some Cosmere-sized significance?" He said "Nightblood's sheath is indeed of cosmere-sized significance... but it may not be actual silver." Interesting wording, don't you think? I am wanting to know everything I can about so-called "silver," so-called "aluminum," and especially the people in the Cosmere who seem to know more than others about their/its properties. What metal is Nightblood's sheath made of?
  9. We need to talk about the silver plating on Vin's earring! Somewhere between the moment Vin's mother drove this little bronze spike through Vin's sister into Vin's ear, and the moment we first see Vin in Book 1, this bronze earring became plated in "silver" (which must negate its Hemalurgic effects for reasons I'll explain) and then locked away inside of a box. Even ignoring the larger implications of Silver throughout the Cosmere, and isolating our attention only at Scadrial's magic system... We know that silver on Scadrial has no known Allomantic, Feruchemical, or (most importantly) Hemalurgic properties at all. If the earring were silver-plated before spiking through Vin's sister, then that silver would have nullified the spike's ability to behave as a hemalurgic spike and accept a hemalurgic charge. In contrast, if the earring was silver-plated after receiving a hemalurgic charge, then the silver would have blocked the earring's effects on the wearer (much like Nightblood's sheath blocks his power). If this bronze earring was plated in silver, then it's logical to infer that even if Vin wore it like that (fully silver-plated), then Ruin wouldn't have been able to reach her, nor would she have been able to tap into the extra seeker properties with which the spike was charged. Interestingly enough, that silver plating was notably wearing away throughout Vin's story. From Well of Ascension - Chapter 33: "Vin stood quietly. Absently, she pulled out her bronze earring—her mother’s earring—and worked it between her fingers, watching it reflect light. It had once been gilded with silver, but that had worn off in most places." From Hero of Ages – Chapter 54: "Silver. Useless, unburnable silver. Like lead, it was one of the metals that provided no Allomantic powers at all. “An unpopular metal indeed . . .” Yomen said, nodding to the side. A servant approached Vin, bearing something on a small platter. Her mother’s earring. It was a dull thing, Allomantically, made of bronze with some silver plating. Much of the silver had worn off years ago, and the brownish bronze showed through, making the earring look to be the cheap bauble it was. “Which is why,” Yomen continued, “I am so curious as to why you would bother with an ornament such as this. I have had it tested. Silver on the outside, bronze on the inside. Why those metals?" I figure that neither Reen nor Vin could've done this silver-plating to the bronze earring. They wouldn't have been concerned in the least with having it silver-plated while they were poor and had a hard enough time staying [relatively] safe and fed. I think someone who was cosmere-aware or, at the very least, was "Ruin-aware" was responsible for having the earring silver plated. I doubt Hoid would have done this, as well. My imagination says that he would have sooner destroyed or stolen the earring if he really wanted to interfere with Ruin's plans. Hoid wouldn't have preserved the earring so carefully. The fact that the earring was neutralized/silver-plated rather than destroyed... and the fact that it was placed in a box and that box was kept rather than disposed of... well, I would guess Preservation was behind this silver-plating. I think he did what he could to influence people and events around Vin to protect her while keeping in line with his own will to 'preserve' above all else. From Hero of Ages – Sazed's final Epigraph (just before the epilogue): "Vin was special. Preservation chose her from a very young age, as I have mentioned. I believe that he was grooming her to take his power... I believe that she must have drawn some of the mist into her when she was still a child, in those brief times when she wasn’t wearing the earring. Preservation had mostly gotten her to stop wearing it by the time Kelsier recruited her, though she put it back in for a moment before joining the crew. Then, she’d left it there at his suggestion." If the earring had been placed while Vin was an infant and left in her ear, then it's a safe assumption that Ruin would have had her entire lifetime to work his influence... if, of course, it hadn't been for the presumed efforts of Preservation to buy her as much time as he could. I asked Brandon Sanderson "Who was responsible for getting Vin's bronze earring plated in 'silver'?" and apparently that question was good enough to award me an RAFO card. :-) I will be framing it. Don't judge me. Who plated Vin's bronze earring in "silver"? When did they do it? Why? Is the plating on Vin's earring really silver (or just perceived to be Silver by the Scadrians)? it the same metal as Nightblood's sheath? It seems to me that the silver plating on Vin's earring and Nightblood's famous "silver sheath" were essentially there to perform the same job. What do you think?
  10. Ym

    We may have not seen the last of Ym's spren.
  11. I too have a pet theory that Kaladin's mother is lighteyed and using those drops for her eyes. The flaw in the theory is, of course, even though children of a lighteyed/darkeyed union can be either lighteyed or darkeyed, what are the odds that both of her only children would be born darkeyed? It seems unlikely that one of her children wouldn't have turned out lighteyed or one-eyed... I will say though, while I enjoy playing witht the idea that Hesina is secretly a lighteyes, I don't like the idea that Kaladin is Dalinar's son. Seems to bit too much of a stretch.
  12. Renarin will be a brilliant tactician. I think this will be his role as a Knight Radiant. I think that using his surges, he will be able to "see" many different battlefield variables that others can't see or consider. I think his progression surge will then allow him to calculate the most likely path all of those variable will take throughout the course of battle and war. I believe Renarin will eventually grow as a Radiant who becomes an absolute master strategist and tactician. While maybe Truthwatchers were likely never the fighter-types primarily, I feel that Renarin has an eagerness to learn fighting as best as he can. His history of being denied the chance to fight and grow as a warrior will probably drive him more than usual to become physically proficient as a fighter. Maybe not on the level of the Kaladins of the world... but I'm betting still more so than any Truthwatcher in history. His eagerness to join battle, fight, and grow in skill has been one of the main focuses of his character. As he progresses in skill and understanding of fighting... i believe this will only increase his abilities as a master tactician (increasing the number of variables he understands). I think that the more variables a Truthwatcher can take in and calculate, the more accurate the truths they will see. ...and therefore the more accurate their strategies and counter-strategies can be in war. I believe this is Renarin's power. I think he will eventually develop into a Truthwatcher so strong that no one on Roshar can outthink him. Gangster indeed.
  13. This assumes that the shardbearer Kaladin killed was the borrower and Heleran held the primary bond to the blade. For all we know, Heleran was the borrower. We've seen shardblades shared and borrowed on a regular basis... such as the King's blades and the late Gavilar's blade. With Heleran being part of a secret society, who knows what exchanges take place with their blades and plates. Heck, the "red-haired veden" could have been anybody. On Roshar, we know red hair isn't exclusive to Shallan's family. Occam's Razor does incline me to believe that it was Heleran that Kaladin killed, but I have to admit the door is still open for Brandon to say Heleran is alive.
  14. My personal favorite Graphic Audio is Warbreaker. It was absolutely amazing! Also, Argent.... I was feeling the same way about the strange absence of Graphic Audio conversation on these forums (not that I've been a sharder for that long)... but I just about lost it when I heard that The Way of Kings was "coming soon!" from GA. I am both fearful and excited all at the same time! My one small gripe is that the GA cover art is a bit of a spoiler for people new to WoK... :-( hopefully folks who haven't read the books don't notice that wonderful glowing he's doing.