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  1. Hmm... given how tightly the table on that page is already packed, I think the best way to add this is going to put a footnote on the E/I line for tin. There being no C is a little odd; we're currently citing Shire Post Mint's Mistborn coin Kickstarter where they used one of the symbols as the c in "clip" (I vaguely thought Dragonsteel was involved in that, but maybe not). Before that came out, the page was listing that symbol as "ch" but I think the best solution is probably going to be to just change that line to unknown and explain the different sources in a footnote. I do kind of want to look and see if I can find where that "ch" interpretation came from though and, about a minute later, I looked and it goes back to valkynphre's original translation of the alphabet.
  2. In addition to what Occo flagged here, there are also five entries tagged with #wandersail and two entries tagged with #aimia novella (one overlap between those two tags, so six total) that look like they should be updated to #dawnshard novella as well. There's also a #skyward 3 tag, if you're looking to rename those sort of tags Also found some duplicates: #wan shailu and #shai (5 and 19 entries respectively) #the sibling, #sibling, and #third bondsmith spren (for me at least, #the sibling returns 4 entries with that tag plus 2 with just #sibling; #sibling returns 5 entries with that tag plus 3 of the ones with #the sibling; #third bondsmith spren returns one entry that also has #sibling and one that has neither of the first two tags) #ash and #shalash (10 and 9 entries respectively; in both cases the search result is returning one entry about her that doesn't actually have the tag searched for)
  3. I'm not sure, I'm not really active in the fandom outside of the Coppermind; I guess depending on how much of the cosmere you've read and how much you want to involve other books, the Mistborn, Cosmere, or RoW magic subforums, or the corresponding channels on the 17S Discord could all be appropriate (like I said, I'm not really active outside of Coppermind work though, so there may be something I'm not aware of here). Anyways, glancing through the rest of the metal articles on the Coppermind, it looks like we only really mention Compounding when there's a specific WoB on the subject, which doesn't appear to be the case here; especially given the handwaving that's already going on with Feruchemical iron and the tension between Sazed's comment about density compared to Brandon's comment in the AoL annotations, the precise nature of iron Compounding just seems too speculative for the Coppermind.
  4. At this point, I think the discussion is into the realm of being too speculative for the Coppermind and would probably be better suited for another forum.
  5. I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. It's a weird scenario, we have a book that says there is some density increase but also a WoB basically saying it's negligible. Overall, I don't read what we have as establishing that that an iron Twinborn could significantly increase their density. It seems possible to me that, whatever density change there is just sort of caps out at a certain point, after which you're in danger of killing yourself by tapping too much iron (kind of like you risk killing yourself by running too fast if you're a steel Twinborn). Ultimately, my general feeling right now is that, based on the information we currently have, this is the most we can say without being too speculative for the Coppermind.
  6. Yeah, I do agree that the "or more accurately, density" line that's currently in the article isn't, in fact, accurate; I'll try to at least clear that up some. ...and, done:
  7. Yeah, Feruchemical iron is... complicated. I can't find a mention of density in the AoL Ars Arcanum, but Sazed does mention density in HoA chapter 78: "Tapping weight increased the density of his body and of his bones, keeping him from damaging himself as he collapsed on top of the soldier." Since Sazed (WoA chapter 12) and Wax (BoM chapter 12) both make a point that just storing in their ironminds doesn't change how fast they fall, as well as Khriss' comments about conservation of momentum in that chapter of BoM (which there's also a WoB about), I think iron has to store mass, not weight, and that density increases some as you tap your ironmind (as part of the whole, "you also get some side effects so that you don't accidentally kill yourself"), but not as much as it should based on your increase in mass, probably because of Higgs field and other particle physics shenanigans (i.e. at the end of the day, at a certain point, Brandon's telling a story, not trying to find a scientific theory that perfectly describes his fictional world, and if you look too closely there's going to be some handwaving).
  8. Hey! Sorry, we were slow about responding to this; I suspect everyone's probably a little busy in their offline lives right now and we needed some time to make sure we didn't make mistakes in responding. @Chaos left a reply on the category talk page; the short of it is that we agree the steel alphabet page is more accurate and are thinking of just removing the table on the category page since it doesn't have sources, isn't as accurate, and it's also just kind of a weird thing for a category page to have. And yeah, the table on the category page is being brought in from a template elsewhere, which we should probably just delete when we get rid of the table. Anyways, thanks for pointing this out (you did exactly right!) and feel free to respond here or on that category talk page if you have any other comments. Edit: Since King of Herdaz responded while I was typing, yeah, our Discord (or the #coppermind channel on the 17th Shard Discord) is also a great place for checking in on things and asking questions
  9. Yeah, I would agree that WoB doesn't establish that color is involved in the Metallic Arts and have removed that section. Thanks for pointing this out!
  10. Did some digging on Arcanum and found this WoB, saying that Preservation's original intent was that someone would take up the power every time the Well filled, and this one, which says there weren't a lot of Heroes (but implying at least a few) other than the ones we saw in the books; I've added those two WoBs to the page. I feel like there's something that states it more explicitly than that, but I'm not coming up with a good Arcanum search that will get WoBs about the in-world Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages but not include a bunch of information about the books. My general sense of the timeline was also that Ruin was imprisoned for more than two cycles and I thought there was a WoB saying that the Well generated a bead of lerasium ever time it refilled, but I'm not finding anything that actually pins those down
  11. Yeah, there's definitely plenty to do! We don't have a list quite like we did with Dawnshard mostly because there's a lot more this time around and there's more variability in how long it takes to finish, but if you want a long list, anything from the Demoted section on down on this page needs to be worked on. There's also a list of pages that probably need to be made (there are some on that list that may just be redirects to other pages). If you want, you can hop on our Coppermind Editors Discord and there will be plenty of people who can answer further questions or point you to something specific if the lists are overwhelming.
  12. MediaWiki does allow a plug-ins known as extensions; if that's something you're interested in looking into. There is already a spoilers one, but it looks like it just chucks things into a collapsible element, which I don't think would work for us structurally and also sounds like a lot of upkeep If you're interested in writing Javascript for this, you can make a user subpage (User:YourUserName/common.js) that will run that Javascript for you. Not sure what the other Keepers would think but, if it's something that they're comfortable making available sitewide, it could maybe be converted to a gadget, which is basically CSS and/or JS that users can enable in their preferences. Not sure if these are the "annotations" you were thinking of using, but, in case it helps with your process any, Argent suggested earlier that, if someone were to look at doing this dynamically, doing the spoilers by paragraph and using the books referenced in each paragraph to tell whether information from a book is in that paragraph might be a workable method
  13. My thoughts are pretty similar to Argent's; something like this would be nice for readers, but MediaWiki if often... difficult to deal with and I don't think we're in a position on the technical side to implement something like this. On top of that, we already have a small group of editors and lots of content work to do, so any theoretical solution that would require lots of upkeep (plus the work to apply to all the current articles!) is basically a nonstarter. If you are aware of a wiki that has something like this, I'd certainly be interesting in hearing about how they make it work. The one other thing I would note is that there is, in fact, a way to see what the Voidbringer page (or any page) looked like before Oathbringer (or any other book). If you click the "History" tab at the top right of a Coppermind page, it will show you every edit ever made to that page. From there, you can click on the timestamp of any given edit to see what it looked like immediately after that edit. So, if, for example, you pick the last edit to the Voidbringer page before Oathbringer was released on November 14, 2017, you would get this: Of course, I know that's probably not practical all the time, especially if there are a lot of books you haven't read or if you want to read an article primarily about something from Secret History that touches on content from earlier books like Elantris, but it is an option that exists.
  14. Thanks for letting us know about this! I'm pretty sure I have this page open in a tab somewhere and just haven't gotten around to actually updating it. I'll try to get to it soon, but if you or someone else wants to do this, you're more than welcome!
  15. Thanks for noticing and mentioning this! I see you tweaked a few other things in the Coppermind translation; I assume those are all the other errors you noticed? I think the original image is here; it doesn't look like the person who made it is still around. We never made translated copies of the images from Oathbringer either, and at this point we're thinking about redoing all of them to make the fonts consistent and easy to read; we would certainly fix any translation errors then. So, if anyone notices anymore, please let us know!