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  1. Thanks for noticing and mentioning this! I see you tweaked a few other things in the Coppermind translation; I assume those are all the other errors you noticed? I think the original image is here; it doesn't look like the person who made it is still around. We never made translated copies of the images from Oathbringer either, and at this point we're thinking about redoing all of them to make the fonts consistent and easy to read; we would certainly fix any translation errors then. So, if anyone notices anymore, please let us know!
  2. To expand on that, the discussion in here is mostly about any sort of changes to the Coppermind itself, and it doesn't tend to get that much activity (there's a Coppermind editor's Discord where most stuff gets hashed out these days). You'll probably get more engagement in the Mistborn subforum that Karger suggested; there's a lot more people who pay attention to that forum compared to this one. But yes, you theoretically could spike physical strength into a chicken, though I don't think they would end up looking much like koloss made from humans. Anyway, welcome to the 17th Shard and the Coppermind, and thanks for fixing those typos on the Spook article yesterday!
  3. Happy Birthday!


  4. In the original edition of Elantris, the demonym and toponym for Teod was "Teoish." This was then later used in The Emperor's Soul (very beginning of Day 98, when Shai thinks her guards will likely be assigned somewhere far away, perhaps to the "Teoish Peninsula"). Then, in the tenth anniversary edition of Elantris, "Teoish" was changed to "Teo." In the copy of The Emperor's Soul in Arcanum Unbounded, however, the original "Teoish" is still used. Edit: Same case with "Jindoeese," which was used in the original edition of Elantris but changed to "JinDo" in the tenth anniversary edition. On Day 76 of The Emperor's Soul, Gaotona says "The artist was Jindoeese," and Shai replies with "The Jindoeese and my people are not the same."
  5. Oops, sorry @Karger, I didn't see that question. The "Keepers" member title refers to the group of editors who are basically the Coppermind staff. We mostly work together to iron out structural decisions and to stay on top of article quality. As Experience mentioned, the name is taken from the Keepers of Mistborn Era 1.
  6. Thanks for raising this! I believe the citation is pointing to this exchange in that chapter: Indicating that the Southern Scadrians are aware the Shards used to be part of a larger whole. I agree, however, that it isn't anywhere near as conclusive as the Coppermind currently makes it seem. It should probably say something like "Kelsier taught them about the Shards Ruin and Preservation, and may have given them some information about how the Shards are pieces of Adonalsium."
  7. So, it's been a long time since I was active (honestly, I'm not sure you could really say I was ever active) here, but I started editing the Coppermind nearly a year ago and Chaos recently helped me get my account back up and running (thanks again!). I don't anticipate being that active here, because what little free time I do have for Brandon-related activities usually goes to the Coppermind, but I was procrastinating on work bored a few weeks ago and wrote up that introduction, at which point I figured I had to post it at some point. I just posted to request Aether of Night, so now seemed as good a time as any. I named my Coppermind account Stargazer without checking the forums; when we reactivated my account, we discovered that someone else has that username here, which is why I'm Starwatcher instead here. And no, I would not like a cookie. As much as I'd love to be able to have Sazed explain things to me, that's not a citable source for the Coppermind. Also, all of you, stay safe and healthy!
  8. Thank you. And I picked Ati because it means hope, not for any connection to Ruin.
  9. I'm doing a clay project in art and I really want to carve an Aon Ati into it. Unfortunately, I don't actually have a copy of Elantris and an image of Aon Ati isn't on the Coppermind. So, could someone please post an image or at least a description of Aon Ati? Thanks.
  10. Oh for Harmony's sake, you guys never stop! Mistborn Hero of Ages Spoiler Just don't take the cookie.
  11. Welcome. And that is some very nice art you have.
  12. Twinborn is the name used for someone who has both an Allomantic and Feruchemical power from the Wax and Wayne series. Edit: Sorry, I misread that as you saying you didn't know what a Twinborn was. Nevermind.
  13. Congratulations to both of you. Syl, I'm assuming from what you've probably heard, you now that you probably don't want to take the cookie. I hope you both enjoy it here.
  14. Welcome. Don't worry, I used a very similar line in my introduction thread too. I hope you that you enjoy the community here. Elantris is cool. And AonDor is arguably one of the most flexible magic systems we've seen so far so that's cool too. The Dark Alley: Mixing Ruin and Preservation since... whenever they started doing that.
  15. It's close, by I think Vin would win.