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  1. Thanks for reporting this! In general, anyone is free to update the Coppermind (and encouraged to do so--we only have a small pool of regular editors and there's a lot to keep up with), but we totally understand it won't always be clear exactly how a thing needs to be updated (which very much turned out to be the case here) and are happy to take reports as well. Yes, the WoB itself looks like it was removed from Arcanum (which, for clarity, has separate staff from the Coppermind, though there is a lot of overlap) sometime between January 15 and February 9, likely because it was a paraphrased report and then we later got actual audio, like Chaos said. The event page was captured by the Internet Archive before the entry was removed though, so the paraphrased WoB can still be seen here. The audio for this WoB is snippet 10358 in the Mini-Con Spoiler Q&A recording on Arcanum, which is marked as optional to be transcribed; I think it's currently an open question whether it's something we want to have for the Coppermind.
  2. Happy birthday!

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  3. Hello and thanks for mentioning this! Unfortunately, at the moment the Coppermind staff have a bit of a backlog of recent edits that we haven't looked at yet, and this paragraph seems to come from one of those. Looking at it now, the part about the speed bubble definitely seems to be speculation that is inappropriate for the Coppermind and the parts about Hoid's use of emotional Allomancy on Roshar don't seem significant enough to his overall abilities to merit mentioning in the Attributes and Abilities section. I do think the cited WoB is enough to say in the History section that the metal Hoid ingested in the Middlefest Shallan flashback was for emotional Allomancy (though based on when he ingests it, I'm not sure we should say that it was Lin he was influencing) and while I think there's an argument to be made that it would be okay to say in History that he might have been Rioting Ruthar, given how big Hoid's page is and the fact that there's no confirmation, I'm not sure it's worth it. So, short answer, that paragraph is a mix of things that range from "true (but not really in the right place in the article)" to "possible but too speculative for the Coppermind."
  4. Hello! Page creation rights are something we switched to handing out manually (and the software doesn't distinguish between user pages and other pages on this front), in large part due to some issues with spam and also because what needs a page and what it should be named is something that's often better to discuss in advance (most discussion these days happens on our Discord); I can give your account the permission, I'll just need your Coppermind account name.
  5. Ah, yeah, I do see how some of that might not seem to fit perfectly into the Spiritual Realm page at a first glance. Digging deeper, though, since visions are generally based in the Spiritual, I feel like that's a good home for their shared properties, at least for now. Who knows, maybe some day we'll get a wealth of information that pushes past or obviates the structural factors here. All good! There definitely can be a bit of a learning curve with the Coppermind sometimes, especially since it's something that's built up over the years. In general, the Coppermind Editors Discord, #coppermind channel on the 17S Discord, or this subforum are the places to get in touch with other editors (and that's probably the rough order of preference--someone will see a post here, for example, and if it's anything that needs reactions it'll probably get mentioned in the Coppermind staff chat, but some editors are much more on Discord than the forums).
  6. My reading of the WoB referenced earlier is that (almost) all visions are in the Spiritual. Brandon even explicitly refers to Dalinar's visions there: So, yes, I do think the visions Tanavast left for potential Bondsmiths are from the Spiritual Realm. Maybe I'm missing something though; is there something that makes you think otherwise? Sorry, I wasn't trying to imply they all used the same specific mechanics. Just that all of the different visions the Stormfather has been seen to do should be covered somewhere in his Attributes and Abilities section; I did miss last night that some of the non-Bondsmith visions or appearances he does are currently mentioned in the Highstorm and Dreams sections, so, if we want to leave the Visions section there to just be about the Bondsmith ones and put the other stuff he has going on somewhere else under Attributes and Abilities, that's fine by me too. I'm confused as to why it matters that maybe Dalinar didn't get all the visions? Sure, it's maybe possible, but if there were some he didn't get, we'd know close to absolutely nothing about them and I don't see how that would change how we write about the visions we do know about.
  7. Yeah, I would agree that the consistent core of visions that we're after here is Spiritual, and that Spiritual Realm under Access would be the best place for that information; that will put things in context nicely. I'm also not a fan of the vague title of Visions, though it could be good to keep as a redirect to the section on Spiritual Realm for anyone who puts Vision(s) into the search bar. It has been bothering me a little that the page is named Dalinar's visions, since they aren't strictly his. I don't think that's a problem for what's covered on the page though; if we have a series of notable visions like this, it seems pretty natural to cover everything about them, including both their contents and the mechanics that underlie them, on their page. Unless I'm misunderstanding and you're talking about the visions involving the Stormfather that aren't part of the ones left by Honor? Details about those should probably be at Stormfather#Visions (which only seems to discuss the Bondsmith visions right now); Highstorm#Centerbeat should maybe also have a little bit more info. And yup, the Investiture page should definitely talk about its time distortion properties more; that page is in need of some love in general. Also, just to address the Cognitive anomaly comparison briefly, yes there probably is a bit more information on visions than Cognitive anomalies--I'd probably say maybe one sort of mental category of information quantity higher for me. But, especially with these more abstract topics, quantity of information isn't the only thing to consider in what gets a page. In general, more precise or formal terms are more likely to get their own page, which seems to be more the case here: Cognitive anomalies seem to be a fairly well defined thing, even though we don't know much about them yet, while visions feel more like a common theme on generic Spiritual Realm properties, and putting that information in context on the Spiritual Realm page feels like the best approach to me. And on that structural note, there are also some pragmatic considerations that have a little bit of weight, like the fact that the Spiritual Realm page is in good shape to include this information, whereas the Cognitive Realm page doesn't really have the structure for that and looks like it needs some devoted attention from an experienced editor (I went to take a look and, uh, it's changed very little since it was first written in 2016). Or at least, that's some of what's going through my head; unfortunately, I think some of these structural things are more instincts that develop over time and even when Keepers agree, we may be approaching things from different angles.
  8. Hi there! Not sure what might be going on with the email confirmation; I just reset the email address on my account to test it, and got the confirmation email right way. It came as an email from [email protected] with the subject line "The Coppermind email address confirmation"--is there a chance it ended up in your spam folder or something like that? Email confirmation I believe only effects your ability to receive email notifications for things on the Coppermind. Page creation rights are something we switched to handing out manually, in large part due to some issues with spam and also because what needs a page and what it should be named is something that's sometimes better to discuss in advance (most discussion these days happens on our Discord); I've given your account the permission. Totally understand being busy IRL, but welcome to the Coppermind, we're always happy to have new editors around when they have time! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about things!
  9. Hmm... given how tightly the table on that page is already packed, I think the best way to add this is going to put a footnote on the E/I line for tin. There being no C is a little odd; we're currently citing Shire Post Mint's Mistborn coin Kickstarter where they used one of the symbols as the c in "clip" (I vaguely thought Dragonsteel was involved in that, but maybe not). Before that came out, the page was listing that symbol as "ch" but I think the best solution is probably going to be to just change that line to unknown and explain the different sources in a footnote. I do kind of want to look and see if I can find where that "ch" interpretation came from though and, about a minute later, I looked and it goes back to valkynphre's original translation of the alphabet.
  10. In addition to what Occo flagged here, there are also five entries tagged with #wandersail and two entries tagged with #aimia novella (one overlap between those two tags, so six total) that look like they should be updated to #dawnshard novella as well. There's also a #skyward 3 tag, if you're looking to rename those sort of tags Also found some duplicates: #wan shailu and #shai (5 and 19 entries respectively) #the sibling, #sibling, and #third bondsmith spren (for me at least, #the sibling returns 4 entries with that tag plus 2 with just #sibling; #sibling returns 5 entries with that tag plus 3 of the ones with #the sibling; #third bondsmith spren returns one entry that also has #sibling and one that has neither of the first two tags) #ash and #shalash (10 and 9 entries respectively; in both cases the search result is returning one entry about her that doesn't actually have the tag searched for)
  11. I'm not sure, I'm not really active in the fandom outside of the Coppermind; I guess depending on how much of the cosmere you've read and how much you want to involve other books, the Mistborn, Cosmere, or RoW magic subforums, or the corresponding channels on the 17S Discord could all be appropriate (like I said, I'm not really active outside of Coppermind work though, so there may be something I'm not aware of here). Anyways, glancing through the rest of the metal articles on the Coppermind, it looks like we only really mention Compounding when there's a specific WoB on the subject, which doesn't appear to be the case here; especially given the handwaving that's already going on with Feruchemical iron and the tension between Sazed's comment about density compared to Brandon's comment in the AoL annotations, the precise nature of iron Compounding just seems too speculative for the Coppermind.
  12. At this point, I think the discussion is into the realm of being too speculative for the Coppermind and would probably be better suited for another forum.
  13. I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. It's a weird scenario, we have a book that says there is some density increase but also a WoB basically saying it's negligible. Overall, I don't read what we have as establishing that that an iron Twinborn could significantly increase their density. It seems possible to me that, whatever density change there is just sort of caps out at a certain point, after which you're in danger of killing yourself by tapping too much iron (kind of like you risk killing yourself by running too fast if you're a steel Twinborn). Ultimately, my general feeling right now is that, based on the information we currently have, this is the most we can say without being too speculative for the Coppermind.
  14. Yeah, I do agree that the "or more accurately, density" line that's currently in the article isn't, in fact, accurate; I'll try to at least clear that up some. ...and, done:
  15. Yeah, Feruchemical iron is... complicated. I can't find a mention of density in the AoL Ars Arcanum, but Sazed does mention density in HoA chapter 78: "Tapping weight increased the density of his body and of his bones, keeping him from damaging himself as he collapsed on top of the soldier." Since Sazed (WoA chapter 12) and Wax (BoM chapter 12) both make a point that just storing in their ironminds doesn't change how fast they fall, as well as Khriss' comments about conservation of momentum in that chapter of BoM (which there's also a WoB about), I think iron has to store mass, not weight, and that density increases some as you tap your ironmind (as part of the whole, "you also get some side effects so that you don't accidentally kill yourself"), but not as much as it should based on your increase in mass, probably because of Higgs field and other particle physics shenanigans (i.e. at the end of the day, at a certain point, Brandon's telling a story, not trying to find a scientific theory that perfectly describes his fictional world, and if you look too closely there's going to be some handwaving).