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  1. I'M A STICK!
  2. Salem
  3. game

    Users Press Very Often To Escape Shame DOWNVOTES
  4. game

    Choose highly erratic elephant skin. GALILEOFIGARO
  5. But he could give someone intangibility with other kinds of pseudoflight( e.g. Ironpull).
  6. I'm sorry, but what are you called? I recently added a lot of people so I can't tell which one are you.
  7. Maybe I just haven't been playing long enough, but I'm almost always progressing one story or another through cards.
  8. I was wondering if anyone around here plays this game. I was recently reminded of it and restarted with a new account. I would suggest that you try this game if you haven't. It's a free browser game that revolves around choices and developing your sorry. The feel, lore and humour are very nice. If anyone wants to add me as a contact I'm called Carthage Circumamictus.
  9. Currently playing Fallen London. It's a free browser game so give it a shot. Loving the feel, lore and humor. Will probably give it a topic in the Entertainment forum.
  10. I think Field could go in Astoria, since his forcefield keeps him pretty safe, and the qhole studying Epics thing.
  11. All epics fear their weakness. If he fears nothing else except the weakness I guess that works.Also the time speed change thing would make for some interesting RP moments.
  12. Mannila- An avarage vannila. (The offical archives of being totally serious(tOAoBTS))
  13. I really enjoy the "Extra history" series on youtube, produced by a channel named "Extra credits". It's basically a few different mini-series on a few different historical topics. They had a series(3 or so videos) about the "Battle of Kursk(or something like that)" which happened in WW2 and another series about the resources of WW2.(This is mostly not mis-information)
  14. *looks at own reputation/posts* What am I doing wrooooooong?
  15. game

    I knew there was a rule about this!