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  1. And she's done with the book! handing the computer over...
  2. Met my quota of likes today. thanks!
  3. Assuming HonorSpren won't mind... Every few minutes I hear... "Hoid!!! It's Hoid!!!" "It's Nazh!! And Khriss!!" "Did you get who the glowing people are?!?" <Bouncing up and down> This is too exciting
  4. Obviously you're a man... lol. He doesn't remember anything but being a eunuch, so he doesn't miss it.
  5. I haven't spent enough time on the forums yet. What's FTL?
  6. But an eye socket is where there isn't any bone. It's the flesh and blood there that gets spiked. This is why my vote is that he got a mistwraith/Kandra to create his body from his bones.
  7. That's what I was thinking too. Then he could re-create his own body, scars and all. Would he need his original bones to do that?
  8. I just finished the Secret History. And my partner in crime (aka HonorSpen) didn't know we had it already and hasn't read it, so I have to come here and glean all your observations myself. (She usually keeps me up to date on all Cosmere theories, so I can spend my time researching other Very Important Things). I haven't read any threads yet (including this one) yet. I want to know what Kelsier is going to spend the next 300 years doing!! And how did he come across the people on the south pole? Although I suppose he didn't hang around for 300 years... And was that Hoid? It had to be Hoid...right? I was just giddy watching all the little tidbits of what we know about the cosmere come together in one story. Oh dang...she knows I'm here and is too distracted to finish her Spanish homework. Does Brandon have any idea how much his books distract young students from their homework? And can y'all maybe continue this conversation in Spanish?? ETA: Oh...and I also really want to know if the people with spaceships in 6th of Dusk are from Scadrial...
  9. Done. And you've got 20! Biology homework complete! Sort of...
  10. We'd have to put it over Brandon, and make sure he doesn't leave the bubble though...
  11. Speaking of Nunchaku...for your viewing pleasure...
  12. How about nunchaku?? And bo staff..but I can never remember my bo kata.
  13. Should I change my title to Lurker mom? Cause that'll probably be what I do. Until the next Stormlight book comes out...
  14. Aww look, we don't even have to duel. You can still be THE forum mom. I'm just the mom of a wayward spren who never listens to her parents.