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  1. AFTERMATH A Worthy Opponent Quick Fix 48 I am Fourth of the Dark, taken too soon. You have no obligations. Death comes for us all, in the end. -Gears "It's Fourth! He's the one." Rinala exclaimed. "I remember I saw him with a copy of a piece of diagram before we came here" "What, no. I don't even know what this diagram is." Fourth assured. "But I know Daziron has been the one killing people!" The Diagrammists smirked within themselves. The diagram never failed. This had all been foretold. Fourth Lunged at Rinala to kill her, but Kriti blocked his path. Kriti stood over Fourth. "We must kill this diagrammist." ------------- The Ghostblood looked on. A moment of doubt showed on his face. He quickly replaced it with a determined smile. "Finish the rest of them. They clearly aren't worthy of becoming ghostbloods." Without hesitation, Daziron turned and stabbed Windrunner Supreme through the chest. Shocked but recovering, some recruits moved to kill Daziron, but Kriti was there in a flash to defend him. "It's no use." Shard of Reading said from behind. "We have already determined all your abilities... and weaknesses." Turtle and Rinala grabbed the remaining hopefuls and shoved them to the ground in front of Daziron. "why?" the words died on their lips as they were summarily executed. -------------------- "How did you know?" Rinala asked the Ghostblood. "I'll hold on to my secrets." He said. "But you have proven your worth. Welcome to the Ghostbloods. You are free to go. We will contact you with your next assignment." Gears (4): Matrim's Dice, Ghanderflaffle, Quinn, Shard of Reading Quinn (3): Lotus, Gears, Kings Way Gears was Lynched! He was a Loyal Connected The Windrunner Supreme was killed! He was a Loyal Recommended Congratulations Diagrammists! Matrim's Dice, Ghanderflaffle, Quinn, Turtle, and Shard of Reading have won the game. Player list Master Spreadsheet Elim Doc Damnation Thoughts to come
  2. Ayyy, Way to go. Sorry for may absence. I'm going to do what I can to catch up.
  3. Hour 4 Lashing Out Quick Fix 48 Alvron (4): Matrim's Dice, Kings Way, Shard of Reading, Ventyl Ventyl (1): Alvron Quinn (1): Illwei Alvron was lynched! He was Loyal and Insightful Illwei was killed! She was Loyal and Tough Player List The cycle will end tomorrow at 10 MST
  4. Hour 3 Somebody from Sel (4): Matrim's Dice, Ghanderflaffle, JesterLavorre, Illwei Matrim (1): Kings Way Illwei (1): Somebody from Sel Somebody from Sel was Lynched. They were a Loyal Recommended JesterLavorre was killed They were a Loyal Recommended Player List I'm so sorry for the late posting. I am extending this cycle until Monday morning @10 AM MST
  5. The cycle is closed. I may be late setting up the next cycle. My apologies
  6. Somebody from Sel (4): Matrim's Dice, Ghanderflaffle, JesterLavorre, Illwei Matrim (1): Kings Way Illwei (1): Somebody from Sel
  7. Hour 2 Accusations Quick Fix 48 "A suicide pact? Really?" The ghostblood looked like he couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Get over here! What's your name kid?" Experience thought about it for a second and said "Well, I was hoping to come up with a newer better name once I got into the ghostbloods." "It was a clever idea to get yourself to be the sole survivor, but it seems you lacked the persuasiveness to make it happen. What do you all think? Ghostblood or Diagrammist?" The assembled group didn't reply at first. Finally a few said "diagrammist." The ghostblood nodded, swiftly chopping the back of Experience's neck. He collapsed to the ground lifeless. "The answer was neither." Faleast felt a twinge of pain in his back. Then it twisted quickly doing what usually would have been irreparable damage. "Ah right. I've been killed." he thought. He'd hoped to stick around for a bit and learn more from the ghostbloods, but he'd died before and he'd need to make this look good or they'd resort to methods that could actually hurt him. Faleast fell to the ground allowing blood to drain from the wound. Hoping it wouldn't take too long for the ghostbloods to finish up or cart him away. Experience (4): Matrim's Dice, Somebody from Sel, Gears, Ghanderflaffle Illwei (2): Kings Way, Shard of Reading Turtle (1): Illwei Gears (1): Alvron Alvron (1): Ventyl Experience was lynched! He was a Loyal Convincing Recruit Ashbringer was killed! He was a Loyal Recommended Recruit Player List The cycle will end at 10 AM MDT 10/31/2020 Please Bold your votes so they are easy for me to pick up as I scan the thread. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=220&iso=20201031T10&year=2020&month=10&day=31&hour=10&min=0&sec=0&msg=Hour Two
  8. The Cycle is ended. The new thread will be up soon. Please refrain from sending PMs until the new cycle is posted
  9. Thank you for that Updated Vote Count Experience (4): Matrim's Dice, Somebody from Sel, Gears, Ghanderflaffle Illwei (2): Kings Way, Shard of Reading Turtle (1): Illwei Gears (1): Alvron Alvron (1): Ventyl
  10. Sorry for the Delay Vote Count: Experience (2): Matrim's Dice, Somebody from Sel Illwei (1): Kings Way Turtle (1): Illwei Gears (1): Alvron Alvron (1): Ventyl Also, Don't forget to submit your actions in your GM PM. There is one hour left until the cycle ends.
  11. There is enough play in this that I think I allow it if you really want to try it
  12. You make a valid point, but if I say the village wins that incentivizes the village to try. (I would be very tempted ). Therefore, since the elim(s) are less likely to get away with pulling this off, they will win if they were to kill every person including themself(ves). (Now I regret that there is no order of actions for deaths, because that would prevent all of this.)
  13. The elims would win because they would have a number of diagramists alive equal to the number of ghostbloods alive