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  1. Whoever dies, we will have so much information from this set of interactions
  2. No I can be talked into Tani over you ilwei Edit: dumb phone did weird stuff Actually please yes vote tani
  3. Oof you ninjaed me I saw the opportunity for a fiveway
  4. Oh hold on elandera illwei
  5. Oh good. We're back Xinoelandera
  6. Hmm. That's interesting. So maybe let's don't Lynch Araris? There are two reasons I can think why elim Araris would claim this. Either he is converted and is trying to get the real BAM to claim and reveal himself, or he is BAM and converted and wants to bring Kas with him. I don't think the first and the second doesn't seem like Araris. For clarity, I really would have voted for myself if I wasn't me. I find myself falling into bad habits I have add an elim. I'm trying to rectify these habits. For an alternate Lynch candidate May I point us to Xino?
  7. I agree. That and Elk's playstyle this game is very similar to other games I've played with him and he flipped elim. I'm a little surprised this is the first vote on him and I would also vote for him if I hadn't read his GM PM. I wouldn't think Elk is Sja, but he fits the profile to get converted. However as I am still village, I was hoping the gods would give me some insight. I don't care about lynching Illwei. I was more interested in the tie, which is over. Illwei
  8. Mat's in a tough spot here. He was on Tani and can't add the third vote, and doesn't want to vote for himself. I'm committed to a tie, unless I get something better which is tough for Mat to provide, so a vote for Illwei means I swap onto Mat. The last option is voting Araris, who retaliates and Mat's odd go from 1/4 to 1/2 Edit: somehow I just wasn't notified of the last four posts
  9. By my count Illwei (2): Elandera, Elkanah Tani (2): Matrim's Dice, Araris Valerian Matrim's Dice (1): Kasimir Araris Valerian (2): Illwei, Tani Subject to being miscounted Edit: ninjaed by Drought's definitely wrong vote count
  10. ... and there's my comfortable four person tie Illwei
  11. Wow, there is a lot of thread in this thread. sorry for my low engagement, it's been a busy week. I don't think Kas is Sja (as much as I think he deserves a quiet rest on his porch). Mat and Drought read good to me... or at least not Sja. Either one is a decent conversion and drought is suddenly more active... I want to village read Drought for this cycle. I have liked his posts. Next cycle, who knows. I want to go through and quote Illwei's posts line by line. They have many inconsistencies and assumptions, and I want to point each out individually. However, Kas has done a decent job of that and I really just don't have time. Their activity and content are completely NAI to me. I honestly can't remember playing a single game with Illwei where they weren't an elim. These posts all sound normal to me for Illwei, so I naturally suspect them. Who knows though. Oh wait! I should amend that. I don't think I can remember a game where Illwei wasn't an elim, but survived the first day. We've killed them day one before, and they were always village. All that to say I'm not willing to seal the casket on Illwei just yet. Outside those reads, I'm not sure. It looks like it's a three-way tie between Araris, Illwei, and Tani. That's just the way I like it and I think the way I'll leave it. If there was a vote for Chan, Xino, Mint, or myself, I'd probably add on to one of those to make it four ways.
  12. Hi, I'm here. On the Kasimir kill, I wish I had put more time into accusing people to get their responses. At this point in the cycle, I'm afraid four hours means we should be firming up our lynch options rather than bringing more into the fray so I'll get on the Kasimir is a stormspren wagon. My tinfoil hat is yelling at me saying this is Sja Anat trying to gain village credit, but I don't think that would be Kasimirs way to play this. Reasons for voting Kasimir 1 He asked us to 2 Prevent a powerful conversion (both in role and player) that would only take one charge. 3 Everyone continues to play a fun conversion game. Tinfoil thoughts 1 Kasimir wants to gain our trust as Sja Anat, will survive the first kill and pretend that makes him a bad choice for Sja, but still gets two conversions for a three elim team in a relatively small game. 2 Kasimir regrets signing up and is telling us he is a storm spren so we attack and kill him and he can relax in the spec doc. As long as we don't trust him based on his surviving, lynching Kas this cycle may not be the worst way to go. Meta thoughts