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  1. Also, I promise it's not what you think, @The Young Pyromancer. I am not Bleeder.
  2. The other outed elim is Fura... But maybe not? We have a confirmation that they targeted Araris who was night killed, which probably means Yeah that pretty much sums that up At least it's a memorable one My phone quoted you again. I guess it liked this post.
  3. Points for trying. XD I am really interested to hear what Fura claimed, but I guess it's not fair to ask. It was something that could prove he was not an eliminator. Clearly not a bodyguard or Araris would still be with us. Maybe a stalker (in this case it's probably better you don't tell us.) Could still be an elim stalker though, so that doesn't actually clear you. I'll have to give this some more thought. Well, the good news is Karnage is absolutely a bigger threat to the elims than you are. With him not telling us whether he is scanning Brightness Radiant or Furamirionind, they don't have much choice but to kill him tonight... And for the foreseeable future until bleeder helps double tap. So you will be able to help us longer than he can. I recommend following Striker, Brightness, or Furamirionind. I'm not at all concerned about which you pick, so don't tell us. I knew it and I called it No worries. I've been playing a long time and I'm still quite bad. You'll get the hang of it. And if it takes you a while, I'll be struggling with you. Some ninjas, but I'm afraid my phone will delete my post if I look so I'll post with possibly outdated or redundant info.
  4. Yeah, you've pretty much got it. When the game starts next Wednesday, you'll get a message from Striker and Bard telling you what team you're on and which powers you have. If you're on the eliminator team, you will have a Google doc to talk to the other eliminators to figure out who you will kill. Just a tip, if you are an eliminator, still ask for clarification on rules in the main game thread (which will look like this one) because it is typically kind of obvious when people are getting help from other eliminators. Young Bard linked a super helpful thread above that I recommend having open in another tab for your first few games. Have you played any other kinds of mafia before? Edit: shoot, I didn't see there was a page 2. This is probably all redundant, please ignore me.
  5. I found it! I like to be able to see it. I wish I had the time to make these myself. It's like a baby version of your posts. While it lacks all of the extra analysis, it still helps to point out who is hiding and who is overcompensating... and who is being extra attacky or defendy. Wow! that was the ultimate multiquote. All it was missing was the happy little notification sound going off thirty times as you hit send. I'm disappointed I haven't been a bigger part of unmasking the elims this game, but it is pretty clear who the eliminator team is. Part of me really wants Orlock to be a constable. Giving up three teammates is straight savage, but is there a better way to get the village to disperse early? I don't think he is though. I also don't think Wilson is a constable as that interaction with Pyro PMing her information would be really weird. Further, if that were information from the doc, why would she post it here? I can see the thread tying Brightness Radiant to the Constables, but that's the one that caught me by surprise. If you are bad, Brightness, you had me fooled. I need to sleep, for now I'll vote on Furamirionind. Straw is very lynched so it doesn't especially matter for whom I vote.
  6. I just caught up except for Orlock's post. I wasn't going to read it... but since you asked, here I go.
  7. Gold and electrum You store steel for four turns then take out nine players in one turn I love the aluminum gnat! Hands down best role I've ever seen!!!XD
  8. When scanning, do you see all people who target/ are targeted? Or just one?
  9. I really do. Thank you so much!
  10. I more or less agreed, but I wasn't trying to lynch him anyway. So I'm not the one you need to convince. I'll spend some time tonight drawing all the lines I can find. It'll be interesting to see where they cross over. I'm also interested to see how many kills there will be tonight. It wouldn't be unreasonable to see four kills on even cycles so that should be interesting.
  11. I'm willing to go back and check when I get off work, but I thought there might have been at least one person who never checked in, and would be asleep. That said I'm not sure there escorts in a game with thirty people wouldn't be unreasonable.
  12. You can claim anything you like. I frequently claim several things in the course of a game. For that reason, even if you said you were what you are ( it's early and I can't remember the name. )P People might have lynched you anyway just to check. Edit. It looks like I actually did vote to disperse. Huh. Does that mean we cannot retract those either? Or would it be retracted if I had voted on someone else?
  13. Well played everyone! *They can't contribute if they can't keep up* *laughs evilly*. But seriously though. There is sooo much here. Props to anyone keeping up enough to draw lines from one person to another. I suspect that at least one of the four on the block is a constable, but I don't know which it would be. Straw doesn't seem bad to me. TGK sounds like TGK. Karnage's last post sounded pretty sincere to me. And I don't remember who else is up for the Lynch. Gaaahh I have to be up for work in sixish hours. Sorry, probably no vote from me this cycle. I'll do better on the next one. Edit: sorry, Sart, for leaving you off before. Of the four you'd probably be my vote. As it is I'm not sure you've done anything that suspicious, though, so I'll leave off for now.