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  1. Quick Fix 43 Aftermath: Sole Survivor While there had been no one sacrificed last night, the remaining trappers couldn't say whether there were any followers left among them. Shard realized there was only one way he could be sure that he survived. He would have to convince one to help throw the other in the snow, bolt the door, and quickly stab the other in the back. That was the only way he could be sure he was safe. "So Zillah," he began "I think we can be sure that Ezira is the cultist, since we both have proven ourselves rulos. I can't get rid of him without your help and I'm sure he is the last follower!" Zillah seemed unsure. Ezira laughed from the doorway to the kitchen. "I see what is going on here. Zillah, you can't trust him. He is clearly just trying to get you to kill me so he can kill you." Zillah began to hear doubts welling in her mind. "He is lying." Shard sent. "He cannot be trusted. We must send him out." "Get out of my head!" Zillah wailed. Ezira wasn't sure what was going on, but he knew better than to waste this opportunity. Zillah rushed at Shard tackling him to the floor. Ezira ran to the door. "We have to get rid of him! Quick!" Shard freed his arms and pushed Zillah off. Ezira dove onto the pile and Zillah grabbed a nearby pillow. Shaking off the pillowcase they tied Shard's hands behind his back. Shard began to laugh hysterically. "haahhahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaa! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA! Well played you fools! I don't know which of you is the last cultist. Maybe it's both! Either way, you have won! May the gods have mercy on my soul for the murders I have committed! May you suffer for all you have put me through! You and all your fellows!" His shouting cut off as they through him into the snow, hands still bound. The door slammed shut behind him. Finally they were safe. Zillah let out a sigh of relief. She turned to see Ezira smiling... Except it wasn't Ezira anymore. His features distorted and he glowed slightly. "Finally," he gloated "I have been found worthy of the mysteries!" He stabbed her. The shocked look froze on her face as she died. --- A week later Ezira emerged into spring sunlight. Fully enlightened and ready to teach others the ways of Jesker. Of course there would have to be more sacrifice. The only way to learn was to experience. He left hopefully. Near the entrance, still frozen in the snow were Shard's last message Money helps us Rulo's do anything we want, We can buy with it, bribe with it, We can bet on fights and dice, And win a lot more coins from it, But most of all we can use it, for banding all together, And beating all those Foll'wers of Mysteries 6th stanza of The Rulo's Ways EXPERIENCE was lynched. He was a Rulo Zillah was sacrificed. She was a Rulo The Followers of Mysteries have won a narrow victory Votes EXPERIENCE (2): Kynedath, Zillah Kynedath (1): EXPERIENCE Player List I will add my thoughts tomorrow.
  2. That's the game. Aftermath up soon Edit: ninja'd by EXPERIENCE
  3. I don't know the flavor so anyone who knows I'd appreciate help naming the roles. Role 1: You may target a player with whom you have a PM. For all intents and purposes you have changed positions. Any action that would target you is used on them. Any that would target them would target you. GM discretion as to whether this applies to PMs Role 2: You may target a player. That player's actions are assigned randomly among legal targets this cycle (including those in jail. PMs excluded. Feel free to adjust these to manageable parameters.
  4. Cycle 7: The Rarest Resource - Trust Down to only four people alive in the outpost, no one returned to their rooms anymore. The twisting hallways and misplaced rooms were no match for anyone who simply didn't leave the common area. When Ezira left for the bathroom, everyone assumed he was up to something nefarious. Shard was hard to keep track of. He was always in an out, but this was attributed more to bravery than evil. Elandera fell under deep suspicion when she spent more than four minutes in the kitchen grabbing food. Zillah, never left. This was perhaps most suspicious of all, but there was nothing to accuse her of. The hour grew late and somehow all knew the sacrifice would be soon. No one dared to get close to one another for fear of being ostracized, but they did fall into cautious conversation. After all, it was possible the last cultist had already frozen to death. As they conversed they mused at the possibility of any of them might still be a follower of mysteries. During the course of the evening, Elandera let slip that she had communicated with EheShao. Zillah remembered that Eheshao had even mentioned that he trusted Elandera. This would not do. They could not tolerate anyone who espoused the Jeskeri Mysteries. One of the trappers suggested they pay her in the way she certainly had their compatriots. Elandera defended herself in vain. They killed her and made "mock" symbols on the floor and walls in her blood. All the while guided by the true follower in their midst to be sure he would appease the Dor. Exhausted, one of the three murderers fell asleep on one of the benches. The other two created a message to mark the grisly scene, too full of adrenaline for sleep. --- Rulo Message: Luck is used for everything, From playing cards to making songs, To having the perfect dinner, We also use it for convincing others, That we are the crazy ones, When really they are crazier! 5th stanza of The Rulo's Ways --- Rulo Message: Luck is used for everything, From playing cards to making songs, To having the perfect dinner, We also use it for convincing others, That we are the crazy ones, When really they are crazier! 5th stanza of The Rulo's Ways ----- Elandera was lynched. She was a Trader Elandera was sacrificed. She was a Trader Votes: EXPERIENCE (2): Kynedath, Elandera Elandera (2): EXPERIENCE, Zillah Player List
  5. That is time. Will there be more? Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z
  6. Cycle 6: A Jeskersicle Rulo Message: STINK is evil! (Probably?) --- Rulo Message: Skill in many things is needed, Skill in fighting, skill in spying, Skill in drinking, skill in hiding, Skill in writing, skill in begging, All these help with what we want, Always, always be the best 3rd stanza of The Rulo's Ways Uniqueness makes one different, From all those other crazy folks, Who don't want anything, Except a drink or two, Here's to us and here's to you, And here's to a different life! 4th stanza of The Rulo's Ways ----- Stink froze to death. He was a Jeskeri Priest Straw was lynched. He was a Trader Ironfire was sacrificed. He was a Trader Votes: Zillah (1): Ironfire Straw (4): Elandera, Zillah, EXPERIENCE, Kynedath Player List
  7. Cycle has ended. Next cycle incoming.... or is it?
  8. I love this so much! Does this include creating PMs? Thank you so much for the answers! Cool I'm still just as concerned about the win conditions, but I'll trust you to work that out Thank you, I had forgotten that clarification. Is there a reason for the crystal knights to convert captured players, yet? I might have to come up with a role that interacts with that. Cool Cool Thank you I'll probably choose some roles as soon as I can think of interesting ones.
  9. It looks likely that the latest my game could go is halfway through Day 1 of this game so I'll go ahead and sign up. I apologize right now that I don'e know the setting and so RP will suffer. I have a few questions about the rules as they are right now. Are we adding Crystal Knights to one eliminator doc as we go? Is that a rule one of us need to add? While that doesn't fall under the purview of either suggestions for the rules for rules it seems like an important rule. I had three questions right here all typed up. Refreshed the page to see if you had answered them and you did. Well done, Wilson! Is the game currently winnable for the liebrarians? Even without Kynedath's more interesting (if complicated) lynch mechanic, the liebrarians would lose at parity. Even a normal lynch becomes insurmountable when the teams are even. The crystal knights must know who their teammates are because they are converting them. You can't hide information from the person providing it. Given that, maybe we want to consider having liebrarian only kill roles that they lose upon conversion. That makes the Liebrarians the eliminators with the village as the secret faction. Sorry if that kills the flavor, but I'm hoping help keep it balanced. I appreciate the clarification that locked up players do not count toward or against win conditions, but can they still be converted for their vote. If they can, is that revealed after the rest of their role has already been revealed? I understand the gossiper isn't restricted by the one on one PM rule, but is he restricted by the 'you can only target those you have PMs with' rule? It's implied that it's not restricted, but I'd like it explicit. Does each Crystal Knight have a convert power, or is it a faction action? Will you take the first or last submission for conversion if there is only one convert per cycle? Sorry for the million questions. I'll come up with a rule or two once I'm sure I understand the world we're building. My character is Karen, a child too precocious to be lovable Edit: Ninja'd by Wilson and Experience It is helpful to have the changes spelled out. Thank you! Good questions, Experience!
  10. I recommend sending a link of the rules to the rules committee. This. Also, it might be good to get a co-gm who has run several games.
  11. Cycle 5: A Follower Revealed Eheshao stood in his room. The storm had lessened for just a moment, but the sky wasn’t clear. He knew it was a full moon. He could feel the spirits around him. He thought Jesker needed to be taught to all mankind. The Mysteries must spread, and they needed the blessings of Jesker. The two other sacrifices had greatly increased his potency. His goods could wait for now. They only mattered for his body, but his soul needed feeding.He could see the spirits drifting above the doorway they would know what to do. He thought he heard a voice. "Blood…" it echoed across the room. “Jesker?” Eheshao said aloud to no reply. He hadn’t committed the needed sacrifices. There was no time to sleep. It wasn’t like he slept anyway. Jesker kept him awake at night. The voices echoed around him again. He couldn't make them out. Not yet... he needed to sacrifice more to fully understand Jesker's will.He knew the spirits weren’t wrong. He always followed their direction. They seemed to flit along at the edge of his vision, but he knew they would guide him. He grabbed his knife and finally stepped out of the door.There was Lesa, she had made him hide and made the others hate him. They were going to kill him tonight. Make him walk that final walk in that cold bitter night. Maybe the moon would save him but he had to act now. There it was, the sacrificial knife that had been cleverly hidden under a loose plank in the floor. How had that ended up in his hand? He had no memory of grabbing it. Had he ever hidden it after last night? It didn’t matter though the sacrifice had to be made.The shadow around Lesa kept fading in and out of view. That shadow... it had whispered such monstrous things about him to her. She knew too much for it to be her own knowledge. Something from Doloken had to be feeding her what she knew. That was what it was. They had to be stopped. The other followers were in danger. They had to be warned, but they were in the common room discussing what was to be done with him. Lesa had walked away for some reason. Providence had shined on Eheshao one last time. She had to be silenced.Eheshao walked out into the snow himself. The others watched as he walked past them in the common room. They didn't stop him as he opened the front door and walked out. Lesa was dead and Jesker was satisfied. He felt warm even as the cold began to freeze his skin. Maybe he would be spared… A big thank you to The God King for doing the write-up! Please go up-vote one of his posts. ------ The God King was Lynched. He was a Follower of Mysteries DeTess was sacrificed. She was a Jeskeri Priest Votes Elandera (1): The God King The God King (6): DeTess, Straw, Kynedath, Ironfire, EXPERIENCE, Elandera PMs are still open Player List
  12. The cycle is over. Next cycle up soon