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  1. One more question on this. If Experience and I target each other on the same cycle, whose max does the PM count against or is it both of us?
  2. Here come the next few questions Given the OOA, is it the case that I may purchase an item only to have it stolen before I have been told I am successful in purchasing it? With the actor, It says if the action is redirected away from the actor via the actor's ability, the income is not lost. What if the action is redirected to the actor by the same means? Or is it that any action targeting the actor loses the person their income unless the actor used their ability? Making sure I understand more than actually asking: All actions are night actions. Items are not actions and can be used whenever. Contracts are spicy. With nine different roles and only two that are unique, it is likely everyone will have some kind of role with the basic villagers being socialites. If I add any more, I'm headed for actual strategizing and I should figure out what team I'm on before I do any of that.
  3. Cool Game! so many rules. To be perfectly clear: Does the adjudicator death trigger only apply if she is night killed and not if she is lynched? Once PMs are opened, if I target say Matrim and he targets me on the same turn to create a PM, would we now be in two separate PMs and therefore capped? I would guess we are both charged our action, but as a benevolent god, would you combine the requests so we may still talk with other people? For a conference to happen, does the "majority vote" mean at least fifty percent of players lynch a target, at least fifty percent of voters agree on a target, or a number of voters vote for one player that is more than the number of voters voting for another player? Oor, does it mean the majority of players vote to open PMs? I'll have more, but while your here, here are three questions
  4. You know I'm in. Now to go read the rules and come up with an appropriate character
  5. Well played. I considered bluffing that I got the two-vote ability, but since we are being honest with one another I will confess to using survival on you. It was a last attempt to fix my mistake. I had Ashbringer greened out for fifteen minutes as I watched the timer tick down. Now it's in the hands of luck again
  6. Yeah I guess it figures. Was I too obvious what my action was or did you have some other reason for keeping me alive over Pyro? Illwei @Illwei Sorry for losing the game over my pride everyone.
  7. Or maybe I tie the two of you together. Except at that point this thread kind of works as your PM anyway. Same goes for me and the whichever of you lives as well, but at least then I get to be part of it.
  8. Help me out. Which of you is going to be still alive tomorrow? I've already made PMs with two dead people and I don't want to miss.
  9. I also could have gotten Narcotics > Coercion > Elkanah. That way at least I don't die. Plus then I can make Elkanah stop choosing stupid things. Don't say that. Okay elim you win. Go ahead and come out and troll us for the last night. That is fair. I watched the time tick to rollover hovering over my retraction. Sorry Ashbringer.
  10. ?? no. I believe Illwei is. The gods of luck did not kill the elim among the two, hence my luck didn't carry through. That would've been great! how would my luck have run out then? You kill me, I kill you and Village wins because Pyro is alive EDIT I see. I missed that you were saying I was targeting myself. That would be so funny! I wish I had narcotics again. There's a crazy chance I target myself now that we're down to three
  11. Dang it! GG Illwei. I guess my luck ran out
  12. Ok, but would you do that now? on the brink of victory? I might just leave it as a tie. The gods of luck and chance have blessed me abundantly this game with gifts of narcotics and coercion. Maybe I just leave it in their hands.
  13. My very best indicator that Pyro is not the last elim is that he had no reason to dispute our lynch of Ashbringer. He could have just said "yeah I agree that Ashbringer is bad" and voted and the game would have been over. He has a lot more urgency and has put in much more effort than an elim would have to. Sorry, I had an old friend stop by. Nope and that's really fine with me. My next unread topic says "round three: heating up" and That really fits right here
  14. Yeah you did, and Kynedath being willing to go after Ashbringer is a pretty solid point. So either Kynedath was bussing Ashbringer or Illwei was bussing Vapor and Experience. That's a pretty level playing field. As a side note, why did the elims kill Elandera? She was openly defending Kynedath. @Ashbringer, @Illwei, I'm mostly looking to the elim of the two to answer. huh. It won't let me tag Illwei.