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  1. ugg i have 15 min for analysis i hate myself. @Orlok Tsubodai I don't really think Alv is an elim, His ramblings have to have some interpretation I'm just not sure yet what that is. Besides "tasting" meaning yes. Most of the votes on him last cycle seemed to be just thrown there merely because of the fact they didn't like his ramblings. I don't really know what that would have to do with Nobles? How do they fit into that situation? I'm kinda confused by what you're asking me. As for lynching Alv this cycle I don't think it's a good idea because I'm getting a village read on him. Also, I am inclined to agree with Rand about the possibility of Orlok being a WGG, but I really haven't analyzed enough to have firm enough suspicions of my own. I do feel that he was quick to vote on Lemonelon and started a bandwagon and basically forcing out a claim when it was already seemed pretty obvious that they were a politician and most likely village. Jondesu not being very active but then voting on Alv last cycle also makes me suspicious. I'm going to go ahead and vote Jondesu. I don't think I really have time to analyze Steeldancer's posts, Can someone sum up why everyone is voting on him?? I got mixed signals from reading through this cycle it was confusing. Also, I don't really understand what Manukos was trying to do, buuut it doesn't really feel evil to me. Sorry for not being very active this cycle either. I'll try to be better. Edit: Ninja'd by like 5 people
  2. Ug I got home and caught up on the thread JUST 3 MINUTES AFTER IT WAS CLOSED. I was mad and may have spouted off hatred for Elenion in the heat of the moment. (sorry Len I don't actually hate you) OR DO I?? I was suspicious that Lemon was a village politician in their replies to being questioned so I wasn't surprised when they claimed. I figured the misunderstandings were just from the lack of inexperience (since I'm the queen of misunderstandings), and felt inclined to trust them. I didn't have any major suspicions yet as to who the elims might be, but I felt Drake may have just been going along with Alvron's madness charade in order to still look active by contributing to the thread. I still sort of feel this way but then he did add in his opinions and they were my exacts thoughts on the reasoning behind DA's murder (i.e. being that he was probably active in the Noble doc and an Elim!Noble figured out who he was). That doesn't confirm or deny anything, just personally it made me less suspicious of him since our thoughts on the matter lined up. That's all of what I wanted to say before the last cycle ended but I didn't get the chance since I thought it was ending at 4:30 when it ended at like 4:16 or something. I'll be active more now since I'm home.
  3. Hey sorry!! I forgot to get on yesterday I was busy all day. I'll still be relatively busy until tomorrow night. I don't really think anything has happened much yet (besides a Noble being killed ??? what's that about) that I need to say anything about. If you need my input on anything before tomorrow night just tag me. I'll do my best to contribute a lot more starting tomorrow!
  4. @Cluny the Scourge what Burnt said Also do we have any plans for this turn?? or is everyone just doing their own thing and hope their team gets lucky
  5. Me and Cluny are the only ones there and we are both Masters so votes do nothing. I wasn't at the H&F. and @Cluny the Scourge yes would it show up if it was blocked by Fae Lore Edit bc ninjad by cluny:: wait who else is at the Uni?? Straw?
  6. @Paranoid King ur post made me feel scared. idk how I'm alive actually?? I had 0 protection. I was at the University though so only an Attack by Cluny could've gotten to me. I used Fae Lore on Cluny so that could've blocked it.....but would the sabatoge even show up if it was blocked?? it would right??
  7. two cycles? or do you mean two turns? either way yeah I don't have one and didn't purchase it for anyone either.
  8. I put in the request the same turn that you bought it, and at the beginning of the next turn it said that I failed to purchase the gram. Which I don't understand because I had enough money for it and none of my other actions were blocked. So someone would've had to specifically had to block that with Nahlrout. The only one who I told that I was purchasing the Gram was Burnt, but I don't think she would do that. but maybe? @Burnt Spaghetti Did you block me from buying it? Also @Cluny the Scourge Either way if you are evil it still would've said that you didn't steal anything because you were BLOCKED BY MY FAE LORE.
  9. Sorry for double post. But if anyone is interested, I used Fae Lore on Cluny last cycle and wasn't pickpocketed. So either he decided not to pickpocket me this turn or it was blocked from my Fae Lore. Was anyone pickpocketed by Cluny this turn? It'd be useful to know. If anyone was then he is village. (just a thief ) Edit: Sorry I meant two turns ago. I didn't put in actions this last turn lol.
  10. He was actually most likely in Imre since he literally said he was sending an assassin on me? Honestly I somehow believe BR is village even though the Fae Lore came back as positive. I wasn't at the Uni both turns last cycle so anyone could've sent the assassin on me idk who it was but I'm assuming Aman since he said he was going to. I was going to buy a gram since things were looking bad for me but BR got to it first. *totes not because I wasn't sent the Imre info in the beginning* The only person I ever have sent an assassin on was Stick because I believed she or BR were evil. With Cluny pulling to kill me I really think he's an elim since with me gone it will be hard to get to him. If you're going to use all of your resources to kill someone at the Uni please use them on Cluny. If he's not bad then it's either Straw or BR. or someone who is insane ? is it possible that there are no sane skindancers left?
  11. I also forgot the cycle was ending and was busy with the same things as BR I didn't put in orders either. @BrightnessRadiant what about Cluny as far as suspicions? I think he evil. Aman was still at the Uni so I'm guessing Cluny killed him since me and him are the only ones there still right? And it wasn't me so. Actually wait I think Aman was in Imre bc he said he was sending an Assassin on me so nvm idk. I'll try to post more tomorrow i am dead.
  12. I used Fae Lore on BR and Straw. And I also used Omen Recognition on Sticks attack last time so that double clears Burnt if anyone wanted it lol I just had an extra action period so I was like why not. (It also clears me too since I attacked Stick but you'll just have to believe me or not on that ). Would anyone mind coming forward as to who attacked people? I didn't attack anyone this past turn.
  13. T6M2 : El said Clarifications: Brightness Radiant was attacked by the eliminators last turn. I should’ve shown that more clearly as a sabotage, and didn’t. Also I really feel like Cluny is evil and we should kill him (revenge for my 4 talents? ) If you guys do kill me then please go after Cluny once I'm gone.
  14. well i know the elim is either brightness, cluny, or straw (since fae lore was used on all of them and there was no sabotage) and my bets on BR or Cluny. Obviously I don't think you should kill me but hey at least I'd be confirmed good, but i'd rather have that happen at the end of the game with me still alive. I won't be mad if you kill me though because I can see how I look suspicious but I'll still be a lil annoyed.