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  1. You have to think, which is faster, drawing a large c or drawing an o. I think drawing a large c is faster, but that maybe just me. Edit: True but he did work for years at Dexterity, but his IQ may be helping him eyeball the stuff that the professor was giving him
  2. Twins would be so nice as a team, they would practically be a hive mind Edit: well twins that would get along of course. Edit2: True but what is his IQ, you see he doesn't have many friends, and is quite strange in many conversations. Maybe it is in the 200's. There was once (In real life) a guy with over 300 in IQ and got into Harvard at the age of 12. So ya, maybeJoel just has a much higher IQ that everyone else.
  3. Anything related to sc2 or sc!
  4. I dunno, maybe Joel became a new type of rithmatist? Maybe he hasn't found out about his powers yet. I had spoken to Sanderson about the use of cards, I haven't gotten a reply back yet though. $^( anyway I am also wondering what is in the tower, is it one god rithmatist or maybe a chalking spawner??? I am so tired of waiting!!!! SANDERSON!!!!!!!!!!
  5. IDK, I would love to be a great dullest, but also a scholar. starting off as someone like Nalizar then going to someone like fish. I don't have much time so I can't say about my backstory. (Srry) I also draw mythological chalklings such as Dragons and devils as well as demons. (LOL)
  6. IDK