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  1. Hello all, I am part of a newly formed/forming Writing group. We have only been doing this for six weeks, and are looking for fellow writers interested in joining. Right now we have four active members, and are looking for a couple few more. We keep in contact via Skype, and are more than critique partners for one another. We give support in writing, we are accountable to one another in writing every day, and also we critique and brainstorm together. We aren't looking for someone professional or established, just others interested in writing and maybe taking it a little bit more serious than they have in the past. Again, I feel it is important to say we aren't just a critique group, but a group of individuals staying in contact and encouraging one another to continue writing every day. We meet once a week on the weekends on Skype. All the meetings are through a voice call, and we try to keep in contact most days via the Skype group chat. We are Always talking about what we are working on, issues we are running into with our writing or life getting in the way of said writing. The only thing expected out of you will be to read and critique others pieces when they submit them to the group, and to write on a regular schedule . We are looking for active writers, not every so often writers. You'll have to be able to attend the voice calls, and be okay with it not being a black tie affair. We are a group of some writers interested in collectively getting better and supporting one another, but we also like to have fun and joke around in our group calls. I'll be honest, if you can't show up to the meetings on Skype then it won't work for you. So much more can be accomplished when we meet and talk in real time instead of through text on a screen. WE are not up tight folks, our meetings are full of off topic randomness too, but it always comes back to writing...eventually. I don't want to give the wrong impression though, we are serious about writing and per suing it, it's just that we enjoy having a good time. All genres are welcome, we aren't picky we just appreciate writers and those who want to keep writing and get better at it. Right now in the group there are three fantasy books people are writing, and one strong theme book based around bending not breaking when adversity strikes. A sense of humor will make it easier in the meetings, we tend to do a split of about 70/30 work to random topics, but I always make sure we don't get too far off course. If you are interested you can shoot me a email at [email protected], or you can hit me up on twitter @Blind_Jhon. I'm on twitter all the time and if you message me on there it's likely I'll reply back within just a min or two. If you shoot me an email it may take a couple hours. I understand that not all people are a fit for one another in a writing group, and that's neither good or bad. Sometimes folks just don't click together. Our group is still new, we don't have any established feel for it, so anyone is welcome. We want to find other serious authors and have a good time writing together. If you are interested we'll exchange Skype names, then talk some and you can find out if you want to commit to the group. Also, I feel I should add something else, as the more research I've done on writing groups the more I run into this. We are not a group which is going to do writing exercises, and assign homework to one another. We are looking for self disciplined folks who want to write, who want to have their stuff critiqued, and want to build relationships with fellow writers. Some groups have weekly assignments, that's not us, we are a group of writers who meet once a week and workshop with a healthy dose of joking around...and I may enjoy a glass of brandy during the process. The goal is to build a long term writing group, where we can build relationships with fellow writers and help one another get better as we all progress as writers. ?Of our four members, three are from the states and one is from the UK; so folks from anywhere are welcome. One other thing I should add, the four of us are adults, all in our twenties, and looking for other adults. I don't mean to come across the wrong way, but after talking about it as a group we wouldn't feel comfortable with minors in the group. This is mainly because we do have a social aspect to the group, and parts of it wouldn't be for a younger audience. We are adults so there is swearing and mature talk, We wouldn't be comfortable editing ourselves, or talking that way in front of someone who isn't also an adult. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested. I'll also be keeping an eye on these forums for replies, feel free to ask any questions.