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  1. Yeah, it takes a while. But, currently it's terrible weather here, so it's the perfect thing to do at home while listening to an Audiobook
  2. Yeah, it's not perfect (and kinda hard to take a good picture of, because of the light). But I just made a second one, with the last Harry Potter book and the Deathly Hallows-symbol (birthday gift for a big HP-Fan, which I think came out better. Not sure if I'm allowed to put it here, because it's not Cosmere, but I just try
  3. From the album Book Foldings

    Hi all, just tried my first book folding. I used some random, old book for it, which I found at the "free to take" spot at the company I work at, and chose the Atium-Symbol to fold in. Surely can be improved, but I learned some important things as I did it for the first time (the book I used only has 300 pages, and more would be better. Not take the picture all the way to the edge of the book, so it's easier to fold properly. And get a good metal ruler (no pun intended with the name) to fold it all properly and accurate). So, surely wanna try another one, maybe with the Harmonium-Symbol this time. If someone wants to try it for him-/herself, it's not difficult to do, and I'm happy to share how to easily generate all you need for any picture you want, if you dont know that already ;)
  4. Hi all, I’m currently rereading the first era (or rather rerererere….reading). Everytime some more tiny details come to my attention, that confuse me or don’t seem to make sense.. Maybe they came up another time already and I forgot about them, who knows. If they were discusses already, I’m sorry. I did not seem to find anything after a (real quick) search. Do you guys have an explanation for this points that I’m just missing? Strength of Inquisitors: In book one, it’s many times stated, that they are stronger than a normal Mistborn. But when you know how they were created, that does not really make sense. When Hemalurgy is used, always a little bit of power is lost. Because of the brutal method of the Steel Ministry this loss is minimized, but you can’t get more than 100%. So why should they be stronger? It’s stated that their pushes / pulls are unnaturally strong, but as (most) Inquisitors are made from Seekers, they don’t have a “double power”. Of course, if you think all Inquisitors that were fought in a direct viewpoint from one of the characters were made from Mistborn it makes sense, but I think that’s highly unlikely. Unconsciously burning metals: After Vin and Kelsier entered Kredik Shaw for the first time and Vin almost died, they gave her Pewter to survive. Sazed said, that he’s not sure if her body will unconsciously burn the metal, as she is kinda new to Allomancy, and this requires a lot of training, so not everyone could do that. But then, in book 2, at the Well of Ascension, Elend unconsciously burns Lerasium and afterwards Pewter. With Lerasium, you can maybe make an exception as it’s a Godmetal, who knows if a body seems to recognize it. But Pewter? How it was described in the first book, it sounded more like this is a matter of skill, not strength. So just because he’s a Lerasium-Mistborn does not really make sense.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Hi all, I’m currently going through all Cosmere-books as audio-books for the first time (however, read all of them multiple times). Currently, I’m at Elantris, and I just had a thought (maybe it was discussed already, but I didn’t find it by myself). So, AonDor, the Elantrian magic, is heavily location-depandant. The further away they get from Elantris, the weaker they get. We don’t know, if Galadon as seen on Roshar, had any acces to the door, and I think I’ve read that the Ire in Scadrials Cognitive Realm somehow “pumped” the Dor there. But what about the “passive” effects of being an Elantrian, so their abilities where they don’t have to draw an Aon? They are ageless, heal quick, survive wounds, are super strong and fast. However, they are constantly fueled and renewed by the door (as described on Coppermind). So, if they move away from Elantris, do they lose this aspects as well, which makes them almost normal humans again? And during the Reod, would an Elantrian be able to travel away from Elantris, and his Elantrian “abilities” (rather disabilities during the Reod) would be lost, meaning he would start to heal his wounds, need food again and all? If yes, of course the question would be how far away he’d had to get, maybe any place on Sel isn’t far enough and he’d have to get of planet.
  7. Question something of topic: Who is that Scythe you guys are talking about? I didn't read the White Sand Comics yet, but I did read the unpublished book, and I really can't recall that name, and neither did I find anything on the coppermind when searching for that name... Somebody care to explain?
  8. I suppose you can look at the "Warrior of Fire" like that, but still, just calling it Tje Well of Ascension (so "Die Quelle der Erhebung" for example) would be way better. I still dont like the current title, but whatever. In the book itself, hes called "Held aller Zeiten", so Hero of all Time, which is totally fine (the new publisher actually calls the book just like that). Why the other title, i really dont know. I forgot about the titel of Warbreaker, good catch. Surprised you already checked that. Its called "Sturmklänge" which translates to Stormsounds, or Sounds of the Storm. But why? No idea. A breath, for example, is "Hauch", which translates to... when you gently breath on something, for example. But its related, so thats really fine. The only thing you could relate to a storm, is the uprising in the palace... but then again, why the sound? I really cannot explain why they did that. Interestingly, this namechanges were all of the same publisher. The only other books they released was Elantris (here the title is the same) and alloy of law. Word to word translated, it would be "Legierung des Gesetzes", but its called "Jäger der Macht" which means hunter of the power. So again, not really good. But I dont think this publisher is releasing any new Sanderson books. Other interesting fact: The stormlight books are each splitted in 2 books in German, so theres already 6 (the second part of Oathbringer to be released), but the titles are fine here
  9. I read multiple books of Sanderson in German (Mistborn Era 1, Way of Kings, Warbreaker, Elantris, Steelheart), before I switched to English. I switched because I didn’t want to wait for the book to release, as the translation take a long time (or at least it feels like it, when I know the book is already released in English). Overall, the books seemed translated really well, the conversations felt like an actual conversation, and also the “special terminology”, like Allomancy, BioChroma and just the cosmere-magic in general made sense / didn’t sound weird. I have only 2 issues with the translations, both regarding Mistborn: -End of book 1, Vin didn’t inhale mist. She just really flaired her metal. But in book 3, at the very end fighting all the Inquisitors, she did. So I was really confused when it said “she inhaled the mists, like when she killed TLR”. -Names of the books For some the translation seems okay, for some it’s really weird. Some of the names are overworked, as the book is now sold by a new publisher. First the original name, then the german name, and then the german name translated back to English (so you see why it’s nonsense): The final empire Kinder des Nebels Children of the Mist (seems okay, regarding it’s the first book of Mistborn) The well of ascension Krieger des Feuers Warrior of fire (I don’t understand to this day how they came up with that, and that one is not gonna change with the new publisher. Any idea why that name?) Hero of ages Herrscher des Lichts Ruler of the Light (with A LOT of creativity, a little related to the original name)
  10. I didn't think about it that way yet, but I have to admit, that it should be like you say, and they always draw from the Dor. However, it's said that Nightblood keeps consuming more and more (the "Investiture consumed per minute" increases over time). So, probably the natural "Elantrian-Investiture" without Aons would hold for a short time, but Nightblood would quickly draw to much Investiture
  11. A Vessel is the person who is actually holding a shard (for example, Ati, Leras, Vin at the end of HoA) A Sliver is somebody who held a large part of a shard (hard to say how much exactly is required), and let go of it. The Lord Ruler was a Sliver, as he held the power at the Well and used it. Vin didn't become a Sliver at the Well because she didn't really hold it, and just realesed it. If she would have used it, she would have become a Sliver as well. Also, if you're a Vessel (current Shardholder) and you let go of the power you become a Sliver as well. Secret History Spoiler:
  12. I'm not sure about that Stormlight would not be able to heal damage caused on the Cognitive / Spiritual Realm. A normal Shardblade is said to cut a living persons soul (or Spiritweb). We know little about the spiritual Realm, but it might be that the shardblade "cuts on the spiritual Realm" (as it obviously doesn't on the physicial, on a living object). As Kaladin could heal a shardblade-wound, it seems like spiritual damage can be healed. But anyways, the only way how I see Hoid surviving bein struck by Nightblood, is when he himself is invested enough so he can't be cut by it (like a full metalmind couldn't be cut by a shardblade). But if he really is hit, I don't think he's able to heal it. It's like, you get instantly eliminated from all 3 realms, so no time to heal. So either you can avoid damage when being hit (by being invested) or you're done. But of course, just what I think would happen
  13. Some mentioned before, that it the Nicrosil Feruchemy (specially with compounding) might be a "problem", as it to easily grants access to being a Fullborn. Especially considering, what Fullborn said before, when using Hemalurgy, only 2 spikes are required if you have nothing when you start, and you're there. But don't forget: You need a Medailon / Metalmind with all the abilities stored. We don't even know exactly how Medailons are made, and neither do the Northern Scadrians. And even the Southerns can't do it, as they said the best they've achieved is one that grants 3 or 4 powers at once, which is far away from 32. How the Bands are made, so there are no interactions, is still unclear. So I wouldn't be worried that the Fullborn Status is now to easy achieved. In theory it is maybe easy. But remember, in theory, it's also easily achievable to collect Breaths to get on God King level, you only gotta convince some thousand people to give you their breath. It's accessable for averyone. But in reality? Still a big challenge.
  14. I don't think that's that big of a deal. My head is partially shaven (something like Ragnar, or Björn, from Vikings). I can do that by myself without a double mirror. So, i don't see anything at the back of the head, I just feel with my hand where I have to go over again. And I guess you could do your whole head like that, if you practice a little. And true, we have better shaving tools then back then (or, easier to use without cutting yourself), but even if Marsh uses a knife and cuts himself, he can just heal it with gold compounding. So, here I really think you don't have to search really far, as the answer is nothing special, or magic related
  15. Even if Adamantium can be manipulated, that does not mean Wolverine has a problem. The metals are inside of him, so most Coinshots / Mistborn wouldn't be able to push on any of that. Even if an Inquisitor might see it (so like Weltall said, stealth is impossible), I don't think a normal Inquisitor would be able to push on that. I don't think we've seen one doing that. As I recall, only TLR and Wax with the Bands could push on traces this small and inside somebody. Or am I missing somebody?