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  1. As the person who proposed the "vote before it's almost rollover" thing, I'm doing a terrible job, aren't I... I think Bugsy got the Coolest Ledger? It showed up in Gaea's black market after he was lynched, and no one died that cycle. I feel a little better about Fifth after rereading his response, so I won't vote for him.
  2. I picked you as a lynch target last cycle because my policy is that if I don't have actual suspects, then I'll start going after those who've been flying under the radar/have been in the golden zone of posting enough not to be inactive, but not enough to show real stances.
  3. If we do it, the voting needs to all be done before the last two hours of the cycle
  4. Sorry for the lack of posts today, I forgot my phone at home so I was offline the entire time at work. Quick reads list: Village: Arraenae - Village, obviously Devotary of Spontaneity - Occasional posts. Voted on Alv and Kidpen. Neutral-village. DrakeMarshmallow - Active, cleared village through chain ledger use. Elandera - Active, probably village. Accurate so far. Furamirionind - Very active, cleared village through chain ledger use. StrikerEZ - Cleared village through chain ledger use, but not generating much discussion. I'd like to see him post more. Young Bard - Probably village, because of the counter-wagon that started on Kidpen, who is a guarenteed elim. Neutral: Bugsy - Needs to post more. Haelbarde - I wasn't sure he was still alive until I looked at the player list. Needs to post more. Hemalurgic Headshot - Needs to post more. Rathmaskal - Needs to post more. Shqueeves - Needs to post more. Elim: Araris Valerian - Has posted but I don't remember stances. That's a default neutral-elim read. Butt Ad Venture - Lots of puns, much less content. Neutral-elim. Fifth Scholar - Has some posts but not many. Voted on Bard. Elim. Snipexe - Posted some in the beginning but not much now. Default neutral-elim. And once again, Elandera. She's probably village and isn't part of the chain-ledger clear group. This second part is a benefit because while I believe they're village, they've all been acting in very bandwagony ways, and handing one of them the governor role feels like it might only increase the bandwagoning. With Elandera as governor, I feel that will elevate a different viewpoint in the thread.
  5. What's the name of this warrant? Apology accepted. I know you weren't intending to feel controlling, you just wanted to get something done. Honestly, if PMs had been open at the time, I would've PMed it to you instead of putting it in the thread. That being said, at somepoint tomorrow I will put up a reads list of everyone in the game. Hopefully that'll spark more discussion. I'd do it tonight but it's late and I'm sleep deprived.
  6. Unfortunately, the way that you like to play the game may not be the way others like to play the game. There comes a point where one might be told that opposition to doing x is un-villagery, and therefore they must do x or else. At that point, people start to feel like they have no agency, and are just glorified extra votes and actions. Some people will go along with it, others won't. People in SE have historically decided before that they would rather be lynched than have their actions dictated to them, and once that happens, the whole system breaks down. A better way to achieve village cooperation would be to explain why it would be beneficial if people acted in a certain way, and do not force it as a way to prove villageriness. Personally, I missed the first post where you explained why you wanted people to claim items, and am too tired to look for it. I'd appreciate it if you reiterated why you think it will be helpful.
  7. If Kidpen really was an elim, then the votes on Bard come across as much more suspicious. Kidpen is obviously dead and I'm willing to extend Elandera the benefit of the doubt on this, because her tunnel seems like a village one, so I'm voting on Fifth. I wasn't attempting a hammer, I was just writing up an analysis post and lost track of the time trying to make it sound more coherent...
  8. I laid out a post describing why I believe lynching Alv was good for the village here.
  9. Could someone summarize the reasons for lynching Snip and Bard? I don't have the time to look at them both tonight.
  10. My long-promised analysis of Elandera: In general, Elandera is very aware of the possibility of elim vote manips. She puts up a lot of vote tallies and also mentions how vote manips can be used as a way to trace back to the elims. In her third post, Elandera defends Ark, who we now know is village. However, next cycle, she attacks him here: So far, Elandera has a pretty good record. She attacked/voted on Lum and Gaea, and mostly defended Ark and me. Eventually she also voted on Alv, too. Elandera clearly didn't like her options during C3, and tried to move her vote off of Alv, but then moved it back on. I think if she was an elim, she would've pushed harder to move the lynch on Alv, and definitely wouldn't have gone with it in the beginning. See here: Then here: This was early enough that without Elandera's support, the Alv lynch might not have took off. Overall, this looks very villagery. I'm not sure what to think of Elandera's attacks on Striker. It looks a lot like tunneling to me, but she has been pretty accurate so far. I'd take a look at him, but I have a feeling that my time is better spent looking at the supposed other links in the Bard-Striker-Drake-Fura circle. I'd be happy to support Elandera for governor.
  11. Back from work now, so I can finally type something now. Alv. Even if Alv's story is true, that still proves that he's not working for village interests here. Look at how he's presenting himself here: According to his story, Alv found an elim and left them alive. He planned to exchange all of his whiskeys, search warrants, and ledgers with them in exchange for daggers. He did not plan to kill this elim, or tell anybody else about them. Even if Alv is village and this is true, this is sketchy as crem. At best, he's acting more like a neutral player at this point, and at worst, he's an elim, and it says something when someone's best defense is "I am not an elim but I made a deal with them." I think we should just lynch him and be done with this mess.
  12. Annie's pen jerked sideways. Senator Ninoirm had acknowledged Annie's existence! This was the first time in the past six years that she could remember a Senator addressing her by her name! (Besides Onde, he didn't count.) But...something didn't feel quite right. Annie chewed on her lip. Should she say this? So soon after Senator Ninoirm had vouched for her, too? Yes. This was what she had attended university for. Annie stood up and cleared her throat. "E-excuse me, Senators," Annie said. Harmony, there were so many of them here. "Senator Ninoirm, I thank you for your support. However before we can vote for you, I have one question to ask. What makes you so certain that Senators Bard, Striker, Drake, and Fifth are not corrupt?"
  13. I was going to get that in faster but it's hard typing up a post while keeping up with the thread >.>