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  1. Above the deliberations of the elves, above the lost human messenger, above the dwarf stuffing himself with refreshments, above the mad hobbit brandishing a knife, a small drone hovered behind a pillar, watching the proceedings. It was the size of a fist, shaped like two triangular pyramids intersecting each other. From its center, a small screen blinked with blue light. SCAN PROGRESS 100% It whirred appreciatively as it processed the results. This continent, called Middle-Earth by the locals, held many bodies: dead, decaying things, some barely more than dust. Most were buried, a strong signifier for the quality of people here, that they would care to do such a thing. Some of these bodies jumped out to the drone, flagged by the scan. Light poured from them, overwhelming in its amount, the way that a previously dark room was blinding after the LED grid overhead was turned on. It flooded the little drone's sensors, reading as everything from gamma rays to visible color to AM. And the music! Oh, the music. Its blue eye closed in an emoted sigh of joy. Each of those flagged bodies whispered something to the little drone, each giving off a fragment of a sound that it felt it could coalesce into a great harmony -- that would coalesce into a great harmony, if not for a dim, discordant sound that could be most directly compared to the braying of an out-of-tune trumpet. It sounded like the choirs of heaven. It sounded like the ocean. The little drone pulled up files of all 304 flagged bodies. It could raise one of these people. It could take one of them, great hero or kindly peasant, and bring them back to life, strengthening their ember into a flare. It could share its Light with them. For the first time in centuries, it wouldn't have to be alone. But it could not bring back their Music, and that would be as much of a tragedy as leaving these bodies here. The people of this world had something special humming within their soul, and the little drone would not take it from them. It made its decision. Its camera and audio sensors, put on low-power mode, flared to life. TYPE: INTELLIGENCE GATHERING PARTIES: Sixteen [16]. ASSOCIATIONS: Arda; Middle-Earth [Arda]; Humans; Elves; Dwarves; Hobbits The little drone listened in. In other words, sign me up for the spec doc. Wish I could play but with the number of big projects I have due this month, that would be a terrible idea.
  2. For me, what helps in creating an RP character here is finding some quirk or other noticeable thing that I can stick to for most of the game. This type of thing helps your character stand out across the dozens of posts per cycle. It's harder to plan for character arcs when you can die at any moment, though sometimes it's still worth a shot. Good examples of this were Asterion's PTSD and Zhier's glitter thing. Then to make them feel more like a person, throw in a few other traits. Making your character interaction-friendly can also help a lot. If your character will react to things in fun ways, then others will want to interact with things. I played a lot off of dramatic irony with Joon's interest in Ellira, and a layer of irony on top of that with Joon being the EO despite acting so clueless and out of place. If you can pull something like that, it tends to increase reader enjoyment a lot.
  3. Good to see that I had everyone convinced I was village even after I flipped. I'll be honest, part of the reason why I did it was also because I'd spent so long setting Joon up as the most incompetent buffoon ever. It was just too tempting. Y'all can blame El for that, with all the comments she made about Joon. I let my playstyle change so drastically on the last cycle because Elandera's name was bandied around so much, and I didn't know she had an extra life, so I didn't want the lynch to hit her and thought that I might be able to draw aggro by acting different. Not that anybody seemed to notice...
  4. I don't think Itiah is the spy. Mostly because of wrong things in their post here: At this time, I was undeclared as the EO. Also, El was village. The spy would also know that Elandera is an elim, and it just seems off for the spy to use an elim's gut read to vote on a villager? Could be misdirection, but it implies trust in Elandera that a spy wouldn't have. Stink is still a maybe? He's 2/3 for votes on elims, which is pretty good. I also kind of felt like Stink was lying low this game more than usual -- maybe he was making a conscious effort to survive? Warning: I haven't played with Stink in a long time so take that with a grain of salt.
  5. Good question. The more a Forgery deviates from the original, the less likely it is to stick...
  6. You're all having far too much fun as outed villagers. Imagine if Aman had been an elim this game, we could get back at him for years of misery...
  7. @Alvron @Burnt Spaghetti @Elandera so this doesn't get lost in all the other useless stuff Off the top of my head: 1. I think I am here (Itiah) -- he did get Alv2. DeTess (DeTess) -- last minute lynched Striker instead of Alv. While the spy may have mislynched people, I think it's less likely tbey would mislynch a villager when they could've gotten an elim3. xinoehp512 (Ecnelis) -- inactive, dunno4. StrikerEZ (Roashina) -- died D1, not much to read7. Young Bard (Kavela) -- absent at lylo, also voted on Devotary near end8. Rathmaskal (Yesterday ""Yes"" Jones) -- voted on Elandera10. Elbereth (Ellira) -- wrong at lylo11. STINK (STINK) -- voted on Alv and Burnt12. Butt Ad Venture (Lawrence Scholdei) -- died early, can't tell13. Devotary of Spontaneity (Faitren) -- defended Alv C2 15. Little Wilson (Wai ZhierSen) -- right about Alv and Elandera, but also good at reads
  8. Two days ago, in a timeline that may or may not exist. Joon stepped into the bathroom, and locked the door behind him. He changed into the clean pair of pants, tossing his old pair into a corner. Joon found a body length mirror behind the door and looked himself over in it. These new pants were unfortunately cut in a wide MaiPon style that was a decade out of fashion, and was so loose that it flared slightly when he spun. Joon frowned. How was he to impress anyone with his physique when no one could see it? At least he could enhance his other aspects. Joon brought out a comb and some hair gel. He gently brushed the front of his hair upwards, curling it in the way that he knew all the girls on the street liked it. It ought to work on Ellira too. Finally, Joon brought out his cosmetics kit. His trump card. Inside, a Soul Stamp waited. He threw a furtive glance over his shoulder, but of course, the door was locked. Then, and only then, did he take it out. He went through the motions with a practiced air, inking it and putting it on the bottom of his foot. It sank in just a quarter inch more than it should, like always. The memories came in a rush. Five years ago, instead of letting his father discourage his first forays into politics, he had doubled down. From there, he had found the Discovery faction. In this life, he had learned disguise along with fashion, covert action along with socializing, blackmail along with flirting. He was now Banyung. Joon Banyung. And he still had a girl to seduce.