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  1. Ah, right. Forgot about what
  2. Name: Freeze Tag ( Definition of Freeze: If Freeze Tag freezes you, you and any objects you "carry" are frozen in time, completely unable to move in any way. You are able to think, perceive the world, or use mind-activated Epic abilities, and are completely unmovable, unaging, and invincible. ) Primary Power: If he knows the name of his target (true name, Death Note style), he can begin a Hunt by consciously thinking of the name of that target. Once he knows someone's name, he never forgets the name. Every second during the game, he will teleport, closing half the straight distance between him and his target. For one second after he teleports, he is frozen. Freeze Tag can only hunt frozen or living people. Secondary Power: If he touches you or your clothes, he can choose to freeze you even if he himself is frozen. He can undo this at any time. Tertiary Power: He can also call a time-out on everything within a 10 meter distance of him, all of which is completely frozen. He is also completely frozen until he chooses to break the bubble. The bubble auto-activates when he is in danger. Weaknesses: Power-Specific Weakness: His hunting mode is extremely ineffective at close range if you run around. Power-Specific Weakness: If he does not know your name, he cannot hunt you. Power-Specific Weakness: He is the only person that ages when frozen. (WoB) General Weakness: If he is aware that you have significantly deceived him in any way, he cannot call a timeout or hunt you because you are a "cheater" to him. For example, triggering his power specific weakness of same-location overlap would trigger this weakness too. Or convincing him that something ridiculously false is true, then laughing at him. Dressed: Carries a sharp and long rapier and is dressed in the finest suit he can find. When he hunts to kill, he points the rapier in front of him so that his body being a meter away means the blade has already teleported into your chest. Brand of Evil: He travels the world, freezing people in a distributed way so as to be able to "Hunt" to a specific location at any time. Generally, he tries to make year-long deals with people who want to avoid aging - people could change their personal identity if they were immobilized for decades. He also tries to assassinate or have others assassinate high speed or teleportation Epics as much as possible, as they have the biggest chance of mucking up his teleportation. His lack of destructive powers make him less feared than most Epics, though he still likes to hunt people who displease him and shove a frozen, unbreakable sword through their chest.
  3. What if, from the beginning of the series,
  4. Abyssal: Primary Power: Telekinesis Abyssal can use telekinesis with the minute precision needed to crush a blood vessel or with the strength to levitate a city off the bedrock. She can only grasp and manipulate objects which she can visualize the location of (so she can't levitate a stone inside a locked safe, but she can levitate a stone inside a glass case. She can levitate herself and fly at tremendous speeds. Secondary Power: Prime Invincibility (nearly) Anything that harms her or causes physical irritation will disappear instantly upon contact. Bullets, poisons, gases, swords, fires, explosions - they all vanish into nothingness upon touching her. She cannot disintegrate things at will, and objects/energy will only disappear if they are in the act of harm. (So she can hold a sword.) She can die in a vacuum of suffocation. Tertiary Power: Concealment Abyssal can conceal herself completely - soundless, invisible, smelless, and undetectable by any means (x-ray, thermal scan, etc.) However, she still has a physical presence, so dust or touching her can expose her. Appearance: Abyssal only wears modest shirts and jeans, as she feels that the opinions of others are far below her. Vice: She kills anyone who challenges her, and enjoys extensively torturing perpetrators of even small crimes. She is especially psychopathic and malicious towards sexual assaulters. Weakness: Falling romantically in love with someone. She is not immune to them, though can still use her powers.
  5. Primary Powers: The ability to spontaneously generate fires of any intensity, strength, shape, and color from her body or from existing flames. They have a maximum temperature of 10000 degrees Kelvin, and a minimum temperature of 400 degrees Kelvin. She also has telekinesis to a limited degree - enough to pull people towards her. She uses this to fly by levitating herself, though this requires intense focus and is generally fairly unsteady. She prefers to incinerate things instead, so very few people know of this power. Secondary Power: Anything that will harm her is incinerated upon causing even the slightest bit of damage in a heat field. Disease is purged and bullets vaporize. Poisonous gases dissociate in such intense heat. She can expand this field to a couple centimeters off of her body, though normally it is skin-level to avoid incinerating things she touches. This heat field does not spread outwards naturally - the area just outside her field is normal temperature. It warps the air around her to ridiculously high temperatures, so she incinerates objects that are near her when she expands the field. Tertiary Power: She can choose to use infrared vision. She can gift all of her powers. Weakness: In her teenage years, she fell in love with who she thought would be her true love. However, he was a psychopath who also drank heavily, and after nearly being killed by him, she has a defining fear of people she loves. She can only be hurt by someone she loves, though her weakness doesn't nullify her pyrokinetic or telekinetic powers. Cheesy name: Inferno Brand of Evil: She rules a city of poor and hard-working people that have suffered from other Epics. Her worshippers treat her as the manifestation of the sun itself, and she kills any Epic or challenger she can find to assert her dominance. Her gifted followers sustains a massive fire in the center of the city, which is prone to massive flares in accordance with her mood. Obliteration has an obsession with her because her pyrokinesis is practically an infinite power source for him, though he teleports from her lethal heat unless she voluntarily grants him some fire. Being immune to each other's powers, they have a strange agreement in which they he spares her city and she provides him a residence (and spare glasses). Occasionally she leaves the city to go on massive swathes of destruction that scorch the earth into desert and other epics+Vanillas into dust.
  6. Thank you! He is truly the greatest epic in disguise.
  7. Name: Unending Primary Power: If I look at someone in the eye (even for a split second) directly (looking through glasses or contacts counts, but not through tinted lenses or masks or mirrors), I gain all of their memories, mental skills (non-Epic, I can't take Metronome's powers), and knowledge instantly. So I can look at a person with photographic memory and get that skill. I can look at a person with amazing mental math powers and gain that skill. I have all your memories, even the ones you've forgotten. I can't gain their personalities, and they still retain their skills. Looking myself in the eye has no effect. I experience all of their memories upon looking them in the eye, so time pauses at the instant I see someone's eyes until I have finished experiencing their memories. I can't stop time at will, but I can look someone in the eye and think up a solution to my own problems while their lifespan flies by. Once I look someone in the eye, I CANNOT gain any new knowledge from them by looking at them again. This power works on Epics and Vanillas. Secondary Power: I cannot feel pain unless in a memory, though I can feel emotions. Every time I absorb someone's memories and mental skills, I also gain one extra life. Having looked thousands of people in the eye, I have thousands of lives. After being killed, my corpse disintegrates and I resurrect instantly on the spot I was killed at. I cannot be killed by the same thing twice. So if I die by falling, I just pick myself up the next time I fall off a building. Once I run out of lives, I die permanently. I have a personal innate knowledge of how many lives I have left. Weaknesses: •Age. I resurrect every time at the age I became an epic. I will not resurrect from death by old age, though all epics have this limitation (WoB). This is a natural consequence of my powers. •Trauma. I cannot feel pain, but if I see a memory that is truly disgusting/mind-boggling/terrifying, I lose all memories and skills from that person and cannot try again to reabsorb it. I also cannot gain a life from them. So if someone was tortured painfully for a year straight, they are immune to me. This is a natural consequence of my powers. •Actual weakness: All my immunities are nullified on a person I care for. I can't absorb knowledge from them (they don't have to reciprocate my love), can't gain a life from them, and can't resurrect when killed by them. Evilness: My ridiculously large amount of knowledge lets me launch devastating psychological attacks, outwit most opponents, and discover Epic weaknesses. I rule a city of intellectuals, who invent and dominate.