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  1. Well if larasium forms a connection to whichever shards god metal that it’s alloyed with then could it stand to reason that Hoid is saving it to form a connection to odium? Odium is very unlikely himself to allow Hoid to have access to his investiture willingly, and that probably rules out him gaining it through normal means (BAM?) That said there is a lot we don’t know about in how Odium grants access and under what parameters.
  2. I think that the unmade were human constructs originally. They were thoughts and concepts much how normal spren are. The main examples being yelig-Nar representing power and the quest for power being all consuming and, ashertman being how lust and debauchery is perceived as an external force taking over and moelach essentially being the aspect of death, the grim reaper taking your soul to the beyond. You could also apply this to the thrill, being an all consuming battle rage that gives people the will to carry on where they would normally fall but also do things in war that are so shocking they attribute it to something else, the “red mist” so to speak. I personally think that humans “made” the unmade by conceiously attributing these ideas to external forces. (Much like us when we talk about Mother Nature and such like) Odium then took these powerful spren and corrupted them “unmaking” them in the process. They would be more powerful than normal spren, I think, as they are perceived as large forces prior to their unmaking due to them being thought of as these large forces of nature driving people to act.
  3. Maybe it could be that a Cadmium and Duralumin-enhanced jump whilst tapping on Fortune and maybe Connection would speed up time in a massive jump, Quantum Leap style, using luck for it to stop at the right time and connection, to people or events, would give him the location he needs to be in. Just a thought, very likely wrong. The real likelihood is that Lerasium stores something that helps with the whole process. Though I would be interested to know if a slider and pulser age differently inside their respective bubbles.
  4. I'm assuming that the "gemstone" is Hoid himself. I felt he was talking about what he, personality or magic based, was and if the recipient of the letter had given up on him and his ideals. I could be wrong but wasn't Topaz one of Hoids assumed names?
  5. I think its to do with belief. WoB is that kaladins scars did not heal with storm light because that's how he viewed himself, and your own perception influences who you are. If you think of that on a larger scale, maybe the masses of people who believe in the shard as a God gives the shards power, with the belief in the cognitive realm giving power in the spiritual realm. Shards, I think, will be the only thing that can exist on all three realms at the same time. Sandersons books are heavily interwoven with religion and I think that, much like spren are the manifestation of thoughts, that the belief of people empower the shards. It wouldn't surprise me if shards are splintered by eroding the belief system thereby weakening them for a full frontal attack a la Vin vs Ruin. This would leave Odium weak but not destroyed as the shards would be unequally matched. I also agree with an earlier post that the state of Shademere is a direct result of splintering the two shards there. The untapped power causing it to behave wrong in the cognitive realm and Sions and Skaze the effects on the physical realm. It also occurs to me that Hoid appeared from what is likely to be Cultivations Shardpool, I wonder if Shademere is only accessible through this way. Since Honour is splintered his pool would be unaccessable perhaps?
  6. Shallan - Emma Stone Kaladin - Richard Madden Jasnah - Alexa Davalos Sadeas - Javier Bardem just because he's amazing Adolin - Alex Pettyfer Syl - Ellen Page or Ellie Fanning Rock - Jason Momoa Nightblood - James Spader or a bit leftfield Christoph Waltz EditI'd also have Eddie redmayne as pattern And Ray winstone as Gaz Oh and Shia lebeuf as wit as he talks to much and a bit mad. He can also shout encouraging 'just do its' at everyone
  7. I don't think we need to take the shards as direct;y opposites of each other but I do think that deprivation and loss both work within your theft point. Didn't know that, fair point then. Autonomy is the most likely it just feels to obvious if you know what I mean. I also agree that it's a thin theory, that's the point of these forums. Air an opinion or theory and people see things you've overlooked or tenuously linked together, building the theory into something a bit more likely.
  8. Whilst thinking on a post I put on another thread I have come up with a theory for the, likely, new god metal on Scadrial piecing Bleeder. Forgive the cut and paste but I can't be arsed to right it all again. The metal was described as having rust on it, one of the opposites of Endowment is Loss. After reading SoS the new god metal has come to the fore, I personally think Rust is formed when Electrons are Lost by the metal to oxygen molecules creating an oxide surface. Our mystery metal may be the shardic manifestation of the opposite of Endowment. Not sure if Loss is the correct name but another opposite word is Deprivation and I much prefer the sound of that. Could be that Bleeder was Deprived of her sanity? Thinking on this some more BS has hinted that we should look into Trellagism some more, and I have found this on the Coppermind: Trelagism was a duelist religion named after the god Trell. Trell's opposite was Nalt, and the two were believed to be brothers. Trelagists believed that night was sacred and daylight was profane. During the night, Trelagists were able to see the Thousand Eyes of Trell (the stars) watching over them, but during the day, Nalt - jealous of the worship given to his brother - would shine his single eye (the sun) on the land, blocking Trelagists from seeing Trell's eyes. One can speculate that their religious observances, if they had any, were at their height during the winter months, and summer months may have contained many petitions to Trell or attempts to ward off Nalt's jealousy. Now the planet that Endowment is on is called Nalthis, so it could be the planet is actually named after its shard holder, I think this mixed with the beliefs of Trellagism point towards Deprivation (tentative name) and Endowment being the closest opposites of each other, maybe even brothers. Probably all a load of straws being clutched but I think it's worth a think about. Whats your thoughts?
  9. Thanks mate. Though I have had a further thought on our mystery rusted god metal and shard. If it's a shard of course, I admit I am clutching at straws here. One of the opposites of Endowment is Loss. Rust is formed when Electrons are Lost by the metal to oxygen molecules creating an oxide surface. Our mystery metal may be the shardic manifestation of the opposite of Endowment. Not sure if Loss is the correct name but another opposite word is Deprivation and I much prefer the sound of that. Could be that Bleeder was Deprived of her sanity? Though this is just brainstorming really
  10. Everywhere else we see gateways to access the power of creation, Allomantic metals give access to one power each for example, they represent the investiture of each shard, or multiple shards. My question would be are Elantarians invested in directly? We see fuels and gateways used, metals and spren, but Elantarians can just use aons to direct the power.
  11. I'm not sure if Wayne is Cosmere-savy but I think it does pose a question, given that we see the God beyond mentioned on multiple worlds: The God Beyond or the Unknown God was a god that was worshipped on multiple Shardworlds.[1][2][3] On Scadrial, Wayne mentions the God Beyond in passing.[1] On Sel, it was referred to as the Unknown God by the MaiPon, although this is indeed the same as the God Beyond.[2] Wan ShaiLu prays to the unknown god[4], and her people related it to the rocks that fell from the sky.[5] On Threnody, Silence Montane and her daughter William Ann, swore to the God Beyond.[3] I wonder if it could means some of the Yoelen race, who would have been more Cosmere aware, have integrated themselves into multiple societies or that Hoid has set up groups of 'Wordsingers' on various world passing knowledge of Religions and beliefs.
  12. Here's the link to the thread that made me thing rust and ruin was more than just a phrase http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/1196-trell-religion-spoilers/ I agree that rust sounds like the decay of metals, like ruins intent but I'm assuming he wouldn't give a hint unless it was prevalent. also I'm starting to question my own autonomy theory as I also agree it goes against its intent. Unless he's looking at the whole cosmere being shardicly autonomous?
  13. That's really interesting to know, it did cross my mind that Decay and Ruin were too similar to be different Shards. I'm at a blank to what the new metal could be other than Shardic investiture if Harmony can't sense it. I'll stick to my original idea of Autonium then. Thanks
  14. First ever thread!! Hopefully I can construct these thoughts properly. Though I warn you I will probably end up all over the place. SoS - I've just finished SoS and have seen some bits around about Bavadin's shards intent, Autonomy. It strikes me as pertinent that the identity of a shard has been released so close after finding out there is another likely god metal on Scadrial. I would guess that Autonomy/Bavadin is working with Oduim to splinter the shards to remove the interference of the shardholders from the Cosmere, including himself. As we've seen with Preservation Shards are not frightened to destroy themselves to ensure there intent is met. This fits with the Autonomy. Bleeder also had a fanatical belief she was freeing people from Harmony's interference. The god metal spike seen at the end of SoS had, I believe, bits of red rust on, I wonder if Autonomy and Odium are working together and this has corrupted his investiture, the rust the physical realms representation of this. I like the name Autonium Rust and ruin - WoB has said to look closer at the rust and ruin phrase closer. Ruin is obviously just ruin, but rust could represent a completely different shard. It could be everything I've written so far is wrong. Rust could represent a shard, pluck from the air, Decay maybe? Someone also mentioned on a post a while ago that BS had put a clue in his book regarding Trelagism and Trell was mentioned in SoS, Trell had a brother and his name was Nalt. Nalthis is the planet Endowment is. More overlapping Cosmere theology. Belief - My thoughts on the way Odium splinters Shards and the way shards are powered in a sense would be rooted in belief. One of BS best qualities as a writer is how he incorporates religion into the magic system, and how normal people can become figures or religious belief. Now what if the shards themselves are powered by belief, Bleeder tried to break free Elendel from Harmony's control, for the lack of a better word, but this also would have broken down the belief system and government as part of the plan. This would weaken Harmony and give Autonomy or Odium an opening to attack maybe? Not a great theory but could be plausible. Gateways and Stormlight - This is just a thought I've been having regarding the way magic interacts with different worlds. WoB is that when an allomancer burns a metal it is giving access to the power of the shards/creation, a gateway to access magic, each metal is a gateway to a certain power much in the same way that drawing an Aon accesses the Dor with a specific outcome, channeling the power for a specific purpose. On Nalthis each person has a breath to begin with, they are Endowed with a small part of the shard, much like the way life on Scadrial has both preservation and ruin in them. In Mistborn people are picked for there actions to become more, but as the powers come from both preservation and ruin it's not about good or bad actions but almost random, balanced. This is opposed by the investiture on Nalthis, where you have an innate breath at birth, a link to god, but you are Endowed with a divine breath if you are found deserving, dying to save someone. Each of these links or gateways can run out or be used up with The exception to the rule is Roshar, I think anyway. Spren are the gateway and stormlight is the power that is used. Does this mean that Roshar is the nexus for the power of creation as stormlight is freely available to all people, just most don't have the link to access it personally. Like I say these are mostly the ramblings of a madman, think I may have been spiked by BS to miss all points. Thoughts anyone?
  15. I'm not sure where I read it but I believe the opposite of Adonalsium is the Fain Life. WOB maybe?