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  1. I had a dream last night that I ran into Jon Lovitz at a high school dance. He was picking up his kid (I don't even know if he has kids) and I was picking up my niece while we waited I chatted with him about what he was doing now. If he had any new acting gigs. That kind of stuff, and then I suggested he play Breeze in the upcoming Mistborn movie. I even loaned him a copy of Mistborn and called up Sanderson to make the recommendation. LOL. I woke up and now I realize I never read Breeze as anyone else. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind before that dream. But that's exactly who I see thinking back. XD
  2. This is a bit unorthodox of a choice but if he could pull off sagacious wisdom Danny Pudi might not make a bad Sazed.
  3. Would you mind if I kept this quote and put it on my classroom wall?
  4. Does this mean that what Shai did to the Emperor's soul was a form of Awakening, only more precise?
  5. I hadn't considered The Last Clap. Shoving the answer purely on Intent alone doesn't account for The Last Clap. Because a sword wielder aiming to kill doesn't ever intend for the target to catch the sword at the last moment. The only thing I can think of is perhaps someone tried to cleave through someone a little more powerfully invested, (Maybe Hoid or a Herald) someone who was strong enough to override the intent of the sword wielder. This event was witnessed and then it became a perceived possibility. Or perhaps the stronger intent wins out.
  6. I giggled harder than was necessary at this.
  7. Along this same vein If something were to happen to the wall surrounding Elantris the city's power would cease as well.
  8. I still think that Kaladin is going to die. Not sure when, where, or how. But the fact that his chapter headings are (in my mind) Bridge four raising their spears to his fallen one. He's got to kick it. I just hope he goes out a hero.
  9. Feruchemy. I'd be a walking encyclopedia who could eat as much as I wanted, go without sleeping for long periods of time, control when I got sick, decide when I became heavy as a whale or fast as a cheetah. There are so many possibilities with Feruchemy one just has to put in the time.
  10. I've always pictured Mancala beads. Only clear with a little gemstone inside.
  11. Harry Potter was the first fantasy series I ever got into. I also adore J.K. Rowling. And I get super excited when any of my students start reading it because then I can revisit the world through their eyes and I end up loving it all over again. XD
  12. I could not have said this better than this quote right here. I loved Ender's Game. It was my favorite novel when I was in High School. Right before I started reading the rest of the series I had other opinions of him being thrust on me by people who felt personally attacked by the some of Card's beliefs. I have mad respect for the man and his writing ability. After reading the Shadow series I realized how important family is to him. I think he takes a lot of pride in his family.
  13. I know I may get a lot of flack for this as apparently he is an atrocious person. Orson Scott Card is the only other author I can think of where I've actively sought out all of his work. My reasoning is his personal belief system does not make him a bad storyteller. Crafting a story is a skill and Card definitely has it. I was introduced by Ender's Game of course and I held it as a standalone novel for several years. I didn't care much about the future of the series. I eventually found out that Ender's Shadow was the same time frame as the first book so I gave it a shot. I loved it. I think I lean more towards the Shadow series and its theme of the beauty of a family. The Ender sequels were pretty awesome in the way they introduced me to the concept of alien life forms that are so bizarre we have to categorize them as a different type of sapience. I plowed through Card's works at a pace equal to that of Sanderson's. (It really helped that nearly all of the books are already obtainable.) Card, despite being a terrible human being is my number two behind Sanderson. So if you can get past that whole racist, sexist, whole mess of other -ists, thing he really is a fantastic author. If you don't feel like supporting someone reprehensible at the very least do yourself a service and borrow the books from a library instead of spending money on them. LOL.
  14. I would bet an emerald broam that it has to do with intent. So much of the magic can only be performed with the right intent. My bet is that you can stick a shardfork/shardblade/shardspear in to anything as far as you intend to. If you intend the shardblade to be left standing half stabbed into the ground to be left as an awesome symbol of your shoving off of an oppressive pact you made with a piece of god, it can totally do that for you. If you want it to cleave all the way through your intended target it can do that too.
  15. Sadly, as I understand it Apocalypse Guard is on hiatus. While working on it he realized it just wasn't working. He has another Reckoners Universe work floating around in his mind with Mizzy being the main character. So we may have that to look forward to in a few years. He may still go back to Apocalypse Guard too though if he can figure out what needs to be fixed. And if anyone can it's Sanderson.