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  1. Hmm... Devils and dragons, well if those were your kind then you would probaly want to go with a more offensive strategy
  2. It probaly does have something to do with cave paintings
  3. What if Joel's dad was a rithmatist and he was really good, so the forgotten had him killed, and Joel actually was a rithmatist from the beginning, but his mom didn't want him to be one, so she talked to the priest and had it set up where he would live a normal live
  4. So if you were a rithmatist, what would you be like, what would be your name, what kind of powers would you have(when I say powers I mean the kind melody has), what would you look like, what would be your back story, what kind of chalkings would you draw, what would be your beliefs, basically if you were a rithmatist who would you be, also ps when you are answering humor is always accepted, but please try to be a little realistic, because I doubt they would have Pokemon chalkings
  5. I probaly would draw mainly knights (fitchs kind) but I would first draw less detailed chalkings first to hold off my enemy while I draw my main force