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  1. Heal Kelsier, Hurt Elend 1. Kelsier 15 HP2. Kaladin 15 HP3. Vin 11 HP4. Elend 11 HP5. Shallan 14 HP16. Syphrena 20 HP17. Lightsong 13 HP20. Marsh 18 HP25. Jasnah 10 HP
  2. I'm kinda curious as to what extra effects there are when a herald wields their respective honourblade? (if there is any) What if they wield another?
  3. I thought that the general population knew about all 16, and at least atium (not sure about lerasium), wasn't there? or am i remembering wrong?
  4. What would happen with an Aluminium bullet? - like the ones used in the Wax and Wayne era Would it penetrate easier due to it able to affect the stormlight powering the Plate, or would it just crumple to the hardness of the Plate?
  5. Could Marsh store Steelsight in a Tinmind, unkeyed?
  6. According to the coppermind, Aluminium acts as an investiture sink, so any investiture which is put into it will just be "soaked up" by the aluminium, but Aluminium can also be used as a hemalurgic spike, which works on the premise of ripping off a chunk of one's spiritweb, and in a sense 'stapling' into onto the recipient, and to my understanding, your spiritweb and investiture are basically the same thing, so wouldn't the aluminium just absorb it? Have I missed something, if so someone point it out please, and also please correct any wrong facts i've stated
  7. rusts, sorry for that wait, i'll pass, whoever wants to do it, can
  8. shin grass- normal grass
  9. Lord Harms? Bands of Mourning spoilers
  10. Bands of Mourning spoiler
  11. The army Sadeas ditches in tWoK? I'm pulling at straws here
  12. Ok, that makes more sense, thank you Was it mentioned how many he stopped at that time?
  13. When the group are getting shot at by the constant barrage and most of them are in the cover, but Wayne is getting repeatedly shot- then wax feels that primal rage and goes to take them out I'm not sure if I had read this properly and i don't have my copy with me now, but does wax stop some of the bullets shot at him at that point? I know hes a steel savant at that point, but he has stated that he cant completely stop bullets: is this because of the primal emotion he feels, or is there something more at play Could someone please clarify if I read what I remember, or if i Just misread that part (it was quite a hectic scene)?
  14. Those bloodsealer stamps?
  15. Llarimar? Bluefingers? Lightsong before he Returned?