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  1. The heritage / child spirit web section brings to mind the RL-debate over nature v nurture. What would you expect from the following scenarios?: Difference in a child's spirit web / identity if raised by biological parents or adopted soon after birth Difference in identical twins (raised by birth parents) spirit web / identity at adolescence Difference in identical twins spirit web / identity at adolescence if born on Roshar, but one twin is taken by a worldhopper immediately after birth and raised on Nalthis
  2. To be fair, this isn't a high threshold to cross. There's actually a Michael Kramer version of Warbreaker, but as far as I know it's only available through the National Library Service for the Blind. I'd certainly like to know if his rendition of the three Warbreaker characters in OB is consistent with this recording. That being said, I feel like I'm the only person who liked the James Yaegashi version. As for the Oathbringer recording, I was presently surprised that Kramer/Reading actually provided additional context when reading the illustrations and maps. In previous Cosmere volumes they just read out the words as they appear on the page without adding any descriptive context.
  3. I expect that a collapse or schism of the Vorin church is inevitable. Once it becomes common knowledge that Ishar is Tezim, I expect that many of the hard-liners / anti-Dalinar ardents may choose to follow Ishar. The moderate ardents will probably choose to either go to Urithiru or stick with their chosen Devotary. Most of the devotaries have a chance to survive and thrive through any schism and may eventually evolve into their own splinter or reformation religions.
  4. Do we know anything about the two maps with ley lines from the WoR artwork collection? Could one them be related to the moving perpendicularity in some way? This entire Roshar map has ley lines running through both the Horneater Peaks and Pure Lake. This frostlands map by Nahz has numerous ley lines and 5 seemingly randomly placed compass roses where several of the lines converge. They don't seem to correspond to any known cities or towns on other maps (one is over the ocean), and given the artist I don't think it's a stretch that they could be of significance to a worldhopper.
  5. One thing I haven't seen considered yet is that perhaps Dalinar's request to the Nighwatcher had conditional statements or certain nuances that are now met. For example, King T asked for "... capacity. The capacity to stop what is coming. The capacity to save humankind." If humankind was saved, would King T's boon/curse go away?
  6. Nice theory @Calderis Perhaps it's possible that another person wouldn't even be required if all that is needed is a physical realm connection since we have a WoB stating hemalurgy works on animals. But if another person's PR-Connection was stolen via a spike in the CR, would that person die (start being pulled to the Beyond) or would they just be a Cognitive Shadow or other CR-entity without being pulled to the Beyond?
  7. > the eastern face of the tower was straight and sheer, facing the Origin. No balconies along that side.
  8. > This creature in Tukar, however, is different. I’m not convinced he is human. If he is, he’s certainly not of the local species.…” When I wear my aluminum bowler cap I like to hold the unlikely hope that Tezim is [Mistborn-All spoilers]
  9. There's a few out of context death rattles that address this dilemma: >I...know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw. > So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life... When is it acceptable to kill innocents, in this case people you've enslaved, if you think doing so will give your allies 'further breath to draw'? If you kill them preemptively, chances are you would violate the first oath, "Life before Death"; but if you don't then they may go on to side with Odium and bring death, destruction, and desolation.
  10. I agree with @Yata at least partially in so much as I think there's something else going on with the Void. We know that Adonalsium held "the powers of creation" and that he was shattered by some sort of opposing force. We already know that death/decay/destruction are derivatives of these powers of creation (Ruin, 'killing the weeds / pruning the garden' aspects of Cultivation) which leaves us with few other options for something that would be an opposite to 'the power of creation'. The concepts of negation, nothingness, or the void could fit as an opposing force to creation. Perhaps Odium's use of Voidbinding is just a continuation, mimicry, or hijacking of the same force the shardholders used to shatter Adonalsium.
  11. There once was a prince whose brother was a hero, but all he could do was write lots of zeros. "We're dead, we're dead", he screamed from his head. zero zero zero zero zero zero
  12. Nearly every time I bore the Storm I caught a glimpse of Honor's form. The sacred oath- those words I've quoth. The Knights Radiant have been reborn! I move the armies onto the plains against assassin and unexpected rains a hateful song death won't be long Shallan succeeds, and above Kaladin reigns!
  13. You're looking at it from a Hushlander perspective. In the Free Kingdoms the works that make up the Cosmere are known to be dramatizations of actual historical events in our universe, however in Libraria the Cosmere books are published under Brandon's name in order to bypass Librarian censors just like the Alcatraz autobiographical series. Accept this fact and the deepest of Cosmere secrets will be clear as glass: How was Adonalsium shattered? A:
  14. Admittedly, I don't put much stock in it, but the similarities between Mrall and Mraize go beyond just the "M". Out of Ashlv, Barmest, Beznk, Mraize, Mrall, Rysn, Tozbek, Tvlakv, Vstim and Yalb there are only two names that contain same opening letter sequence "Mra", which is half or more of their entire name, and those same two Thaylens just happen to have positions of authority in two of the shadowy organizations we've encountered.
  15. Additionally, or alternatively, I wonder if there's any connection between Mrall & Mraize. Both are described as Thaylen and their names are the only ones with that unique letter combination at the beginning; while it could certainly be coincidental and of no importance, it could also imply a familial relationship or organizational relationship if the names are aliases.