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  3. There’s been quite a bit of movement in Brandon’s upcoming works recently, so get ready for some new content. First, Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel, will be releasing this Thursday, July 22. The story was written with Steven Michael Bohls and will be an Audible Original on Amazon upon release. Brandon has stated that Lux will eventually be released in print and ebook, but not for at least a year after release. The first four sample chapters have all been released to listen to on Brandon’s YouTube channel. Brandon will be doing a livestream with co-author Steven Bohls tomorrow at 6:00 PM MST. Brandon’s main writing project, Wax & Wayne 4, tentatively titled The Lost Metal, has hit 75% completition on the first draft. Brandon is working his way through part 3 which he is writing by character. The part will have the characters split into three different groups. One character will be by themself, two characters will be together, and Steris will be by herself with a small number of viewpoints. At JordanCon, Brandon did a reading from the prologue of Wax & Wayne 4. The prologue is of a young Wayne whose mother tells him a story about Allomancer Jak. The recording can be found online here and the transcription can be read on Arcanum. JordanCon also had multiple signing lines and a Q&A session. The WoBs are currently being transcribed on Arcanum and can be read here for all that juicy new info. Lastly, we have official confirmation that Dark One Volume 2 is underway. So all you fans of Volume 1 have something to look forward to, though detail of when it will be released are yet to be announced.
  4. Here’s a couple I asked Isaac that I don’t think were on any recordings.
  5. With the most recent Syl interlude, we seemingly got confirmation that shardplate is made up of spren. Syl specifically refers to shardplate as being made up of lots of corpses. One of the major questions that arises from this is how the shardplate is able to regenerate from stormlight if it's made up of corpses. The following is my theory of how that happens. I believe the clue to understanding how shardplate regenerates lies in the existence of deadeyes. We know that each shardblade has a cognitive aspect whose sole purpose is to follow around the human carrying their blade. Why wouldn't shardplate have a similar cognitive aspect or aspects? I believe that shardplate has some group of cognitive beings that function similarly to the deadeyes and correspond to the various corpses in the plate. Each cognitive corpse follows around the piece of plate they correspond to. When plate is broken. the cognitive corpses continue to follow around the part of the plate they correspond to. The various spren that made up the plate, however, are Connected. Feeding stormlight to the plate essentially does two things. First, it uses the Connections between the spren to draw their cognitive aspects to the same location in the Cognitive Realm. Maybe by making the Connections between the spren temporarily stronger than the Connection with the physical piece of plate or just making them want to come get food. Once the spren are all in the same location in the Cognitive Realm, the stormlight allows the spren to use their Connection with the spren already in the Physical Realm at that location to reform there as plate. When multiple pieces get stormlight at the same time, the larger one contains more spren and therefore a stronger Connection to the group of spren as a whole. This explanation probably needs some tweaks but I think it uses what we know of how plate and blades work to create a relatively simple yet Realmatically viable answer. I'd love feedback on what others think of this theory and if they have any tweaks on how they think this could work.
  6. Ugh, I’m just going to blame Arcanum for not tagging things properly since that’s what I mainly relied on to find things that didn’t mention Rhythm off War in the WoB.
  7. Rhythm of War is fast approaching! If you’re like me, you’ve been obsessing over every tidbit of information that Brandon has released about the book. If you’re not as crazy as I am, you’re in luck because I’m going to share with you everything we currently know about Rhythm of War. The book is going to open with a Navani prologue. Brandon has shared the beginning of that prologue with us. It cuts off right when we start getting to the juicy stuff, but it looks like we will see more of Gavilar’s secrets from that night. It’s not shown in the chapter, but we can also assume that (spoiler alert) Gavilar will die at the end of the prologue. Before we get into the nitty gritty details, here’s a quick overview of the structure. This book will have three arcs that take place in three different locations. Arc one will contain five point of view characters, two of which will have fewer chapters. Arcs two and three will both have two point of view characters. Arc two’s characters will be in a narrowly focused but very involved plot while arc three just touches on what the two]characters are doing. The structure is going to be more similar to The Way of Kings than Words of Radiance or Oathbringer. Each arc will have it’s own climax that will be spread out throughout the book, so the ending won’t be quite as compact as Oathbringer’s was. The main plot of the book is going to begin one year after the end of Oathbringer. We’ll get to see the benefits of our heroes having a year of training in the time jump. The characters are going to all begin in the same location before splitting off to three different locations. With the implication that Kaladin and Jasnah will share a scene, this is a likely location for it to happen. Szeth is going to start the book in jail at Dalinar’s orders. Based on Brandon’s outline, arcs one and two will have point of views in this part. We have a part of a Lirin chapter and part of a Venli chapter released. The Lirin chapter takes place in Hearthstone and the Venli chapter takes place in Kholinar. With those locations both in Alethkar, could they be part of the same arc of the book? I think it’s very likely. The man Lirin is searching for in his chapter is the Herdazian General from the Sheler interlude in Oathbringer. Brandon has confirmed that he will have an important role in the book. Fans who got Brandon’s November 2019 newsletter will have received the full version of the chapter. The flashbacks in Rhythm of War are going to be a combination of Venli and Eshonai perspectives. Venli’s flashbacks will have more of the behind-the-scenes details and cosmere mysteries, while Eshonai will likely be the character more people enjoy reading. We have a prototype Eshonai flashback that you can read. The content is not necessarily canonical; Brandon wrote in to get Eshonai’s voice down. As the outline shows, the flashbacks will not begin until part three of the novel. Why is unclear but is certainly an interesting question to consider. Along with Venli and Eshonai, there is going to be another character that has a major role in the main narrative. This character is not one of the ones with flashbacks, which only narrows down the possibilities slightly. Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, and Szeth will all still feature prominently, though Dalinar will not have as large a role in this book as in Oathbringer or Stormlight 5. Brandon has given us a few details about what Hoid will be up to in this book. He and Jasnah will have some interaction. Brandon’s favorite scene in the book takes place in part 4, when Hoid tells a story to someone. The point of view character for this scene has only one chapter in the book. Hoid is going to have an extra special soliloquy in the epilogue, and it’s something Brandon has been planning for a long time. While we don’t yet have the in-world back cover for the book, we do have a description from the Amazon page. This description indicates that we will learn more about fabrial technology and the Sibling. Brandon himself has confirmed that we’ll be learning more about how fabrials work. Fans who received the newsletter exclusive chapter mentioned earlier will know that the part 1 epigraphs will be Navani’s notes on fabrials. We also know that Brandon plans to answer what spren look like in Shadesmar when trapped in a fabrial in this book. Of course we also have some odds and ends when it comes to what’s been said about Rhythm of War. We're going to see a new Dustbringer appear. We’ll also see Maya at some point, though whether that’s just her Shardblade form or something more is unknown. Rhythm of War is, of course, an in-world text. Lift is going to have an interlude, the beginning of which is available to read. And of course we can’t forget to mention the infamous shameful ribbon that appears somewhere. The text isn’t the only thing that makes a Stormlight book awesome. We’ve also got some incredible art to look forward to. We’re going to get more Herald art like the endpages in Oathbringer. We don’t know which Heralds yet, but a Taln image in that style has been revealed and it’s incredible. We’re going to get two more of the lovely fashion folio pages. We’re also going to get illustrations of every Order spren except the Bondsmiths'. Could this be the best batch of art in a Stormlight book so far? If you read all this and thought “Wow, that’s a lot”, then I have some exciting, or maybe terrifying, news for you. What we know only barely scratches the surface of what’s in store for us in November. THere are characters and arcs that we know nothing about yet. So hold onto your gemstones and get ready for another epic story. Special thanks to @Pagerunner, whose Stormlight 4 Readings and Info post made this a lot easier to research and write.
  8. This post was really good @Claincy. Since yo didn't mention it in your letter, I assume you haven't read Defending Elysium? It has a disabled main character, and I would love to know you opinions on how it was handled there. It's super short and free on Brandon's site.
  9. If you want some ideas, you can message me and I’ll be happy to help you find things that we don’t have any or much art of on the wiki.
  10. Lots of changes have occured since our last one of these posts, so let’s look at all the news Brandon has recently released. First, for those of you who missed it, Brandon released Stormlight Book Four Update #8 on Reddit about two weeks ago. In it, he mentions that the summer kickstarter is looking uncertain with world events currently going as they are. He also confirms that that Rysn is the novella he’s started to write for between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War, since Aimia has some importance coming up in the series and Rysn is the best character to set that up. While he’s talked about releasing that as part of the summer kickstarter, he’s only written the first two chapters--about 10 percent--so far, so the future is looking uncertain as he transitions back into Rhythm of War drafts. During an interview Brandon did recently with The Dusty Wheel, he says he’s started on the fourth draft of Rhythm of War. This draft is one of the longest ones, where he acts on beta reader feedback and takes two months to make all the tweaks needed when weaving together a narrative the size of a Stormlight book. He also gave us an exciting tidbit about what to expect about the character focus of Rhythm of War. Whether this character is Navani exploring Urithiru, Adolin reviving Maya, Rlain searching for the escaped listeners from the end of Words of Radiance, or something entirely different, the possibilities for speculation are exciting and endless. Fans who can’t wait for the book’s release will likely find out in the preview chapters who this character is, since Brandon has confirmed that he’s releasing them for Rhythm of War in the same way he did for Oathbringer. Other tidbits that Brandon has recently shared about his writing are that the Girl Who Looked Up book is slow going but still moving forward and that he’s slowly writing his own Mistborn screenplay. Brandon also believes that he’s finally figured out how to fix The Apocalypse Guard and he plans to do a revision this year. Lastly, a recent news post on Brandon’s website revealed a new version of the Stormlight Archive symbol. This symbol is designed to look better at small sizes. Simplified versions of all the world symbols are going to be needed once we get to the sci-fi era. Ultimately, it sounds like Brandon has lots of plans in the works that we as fans can look forward to seeing.
  11. After Brandon's marathon writing session at the end of 2019, where he wrote 19k words in a single day, Brandon has confirmed via a reddit update that the first draft of Stormlight 4 is complete. Although Brandon still has four other drafts to do between now and July 1st, this marks a major milestone in the writing of this book. While Venli is the focus character for this book and has many viewpoints, it will be more of an ensemble than the previous Stormlight books. Brandon is also hoping to write a novella over the next few months during the beta read and has said that it would be potentially focused on Rysn, Aimia, and the Sleepless. Because of this, he has yet to write the Rysn interlude for the fourth book, though we can expect to get one. The Rock story that Brandon has previously said needed to be done before Stormlight 4, has seemingly gotten pushed back, as thematically his story did not fit with the rest of the book. If it’s not a novella between books four and five, however, we are likely to see it fit into the final book of the series. While November 17th is still a ways off, the progress being made on Rhythms of War is both real and exciting to see.