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  1. I definitely think that if he decided to do all the flashbacks first, he's done with them by now. The flashbacks are about 10% of the words in OB. It would just mean we'd need to wait longer for part 1 to get entirely finished, since the flashbacks plus part 1 could be up to a third of the book at most.
  2. Brandon's pace right now is insane. It was moved to 21% yesterday morning and is at 23% tonight. He's basically been doing 1% every day he works on it. I wonder how long part 1 is. Part 1 in OB is around 25% of the book, so he's probably either finished or finishing it soon. Unless he's not doing it chronologically and went through all the flashbacks first, which he did with OB. I wouldn't mind a reddit update when part 1 does get finished, but I'm not going to complain if he spends the time writing more of the book instead.
  3. 20! 1/5 of the first draft is done!
  4. Nightblood not finding Nale evil makes sense to me. I got the impression in Warbreaker that the test, whatever it actually evaluates, is heavily based on the emotions people feel when they pick him up. And Nale doesn't really have emotions anymore for Nightblood to find bad.
  5. So the issue is that this list is auto generated based on the templates on the pages. If you were to try and edit this page, you wouldn't actually see a list there. Categories aren't really meant to be informative in the way you want, and they can't be with how they are created.
  6. Can you please link to the page you're referring to? I'm not quite sure what page you're talking about.
  7. What this reminds me of a bit is the creation of the Shattered Plains. And because I'm me and I constantly have PUuli's interlude in the back of my mind, I would like to say that I think this could be refering to the same thing. They both talk about some kind of enemy approaching. And when is the night darkest? When all the lights fail...
  8. Eric is actually saying Mennis. Mennis is a super minor character that appears in the TFE prologue.
  9. I was curious if this could refer to Jezrien's death and checked. He explicitly dies at night. This is more a crackpot theory, but I wonder if this will refer to Taravangian someday. Cliff-side city, reference to homeland. His entire goal now is saving his homeland Kharbranth. This would be a tragic ending to his story, as he did terrible things in the name of a goal that failed. I strongly dislike the idea that this one refers to the first Desolation. I would like to point out that Iri is ruled by a triumverate. We don't know much of Iriali politics The three rulers could be chosen from some sort of council of 16. And then at a future point, under Odium's influence, one of the three will break and rule all of Iri.
  10. I have fun during WTCC!
  11. Can perfect gems even be used in creating fabrials? My (admitedly very shallow) understanding of fabrials has anyways been that they relied on Stormlight from the gen for power. I wouldn't be surprised if perfect gems, by their very nature, couldn't be drained in the same way regular gems are drained by fabrials because they don't have the natural leak. @WhiteEmporer I don't think it's that simple. Fabrial type is determined at least partially by gemstone cut. Nergaoul can only be inside a perfect gem, so that's the only type of fabrial you could make with it. Which leads to the question what category of fabrial perfect gems would make, if they'd even work at all.
  12. During my OB reread, this scene struck me as incredibly charged, to the point where my reaction reading it was "Are they about to kiss?" Reading over Kadash's scenes, I think you can make an argument that he has romantic feelings for Dalinar. Kadash doesn't have many lines from when he was a member of Dalinar's elites, but the ones he does have show him to have been very admiring and in awe of Dalinar. Kadash's words, to me, could indicate someone who has a bit of a crush on their commander. Kadash, despite knowing what Dalinar did to Evi and the people of Rathalas, chose to remain with Dalinar and always speaks highly of him. The two men actually grew closer together since the events at the Rift. Later, Dalinar's words actually begin to cause Kadash to question his faith, despite Vorinism and the Ardentia being the only things that gives him peace with what he's done. Kadash, a deeply religious man, questions his faith because of Dalinar's beliefs. Now, obviously it's possible to read these interactions as two close friends. And from Dalinar's side of things, that's certainly all there is. But I think there could potentially be more on Kadash's side.
  13. I need to stop referencing things in my intro the Eric hasn't actually mentioned yet. This has happened multiple times now.
  14. Hello This is a friendly reminder that if you have an issue with a user's post to please report it to the mods instead of engaging them in the thread. We are opening this thread back up to discuss the topic at hand: revived shardblades. If it devolves again we will shut this thread down permanently. The Mod Team
  15. When reading predictions for Stormlight 4, I decided as a bit of a mental exercise I would attempt to outline the plots I felt would be in Stormlight 4 the same way Brandon does. I ended up going quite a bit further with this than I originally intended, so here you go. A few disclaimers before I begin. This is very heavily biased towards plotlines I want to happen. Some of these things I don’t necessarily expect to happen, especially after seeing how much space I’d expect them to take. I did not do a reread before creating this. I haven’t done a full reread since OB’s release, so there are almost certainly plot threads I’m forgetting. This is based on my memory and other users’ comments on things they hope to see. You may notice that this outline is extremely similar to the structure of Oathbringer. That’s because I used OB’s structure as a template and inserted potential Stormlight 4 plots. I did this for a few reasons. First, I’m not creative enough to do this from scratch. Second, the purpose of this was originally to estimate how much plot could fit in an OB sized book. The easiest way to do that, I felt, was basing it on OB. That said… I am not an author. I am not an outliner. So if you are and it seems like I put way too much/way too little plot in this outline, that’s probably why. Prologue: To Mourn Navani Brandom has stated that Navani is likely to be the PoV character in the prologue.(Source) The main thing I think we’ll get out of her PoV is her immediate reaction to her husband’s death. We’ve heard a bit about their marriage, but this will be our opportunity to see her thoughts on Gavilar while they were together. Other than that, Navani, as queen, is likely to know who’s who at the feast. We might get some of her interactions with the important people there. Hopefully we’ll also get some good fabrial tidbits. Navani has seen the black spheres Gavilar was giving out, as seen by this quote. If we’re lucky we’ll learn from her what’s in those. Book 1 Part 1: History Venli, Rlain, Shallan, Adolin Venli - Venli’s story in this part is about beginning to build a group of singers loyal to her. In the time skip she’s told her story to singers, but she hasn’t really become a leader to them. Her story here is about accepting that. She failed her people once, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t try again. She’ll say an oath at the end of this part, partly so she can swear all the oaths in the first arc and partly so she can get her shardblade at the climax. Rlain - Rlain was absent from the end of OB for a reason.(Source) Stormlight 4 will open with him on a journey to rescue the surviving members of the listeners. He’ll succeed and bring them back to Urithiru, becoming their de facto leader. His plot will be the primary parallel for Venli for this part. Shallan - Shallan has a lot to deal with when Stormlight 4 begins. She’s going to be communicating with Sja-ana and the Ghostbloods, dealing with her brothers, and ironing out married life with Adolin. Veil and Radiant will also both be around. This part will end with resolution for Sja-anat and her family life. Adolin - Things won’t have progressed with Maya in the past year. We’ll see Adolin talk to her. We’ll also see the marriage from his perspective and what his relationship is like with Dalinar since the revelations about Sadeas and Evi. Book 2 Part 2: Creating destruction now Venli, Szeth, Navani, Bride Four Venli - Venli’s pretty much just traveling around building support to break away. While she doesn’t agree with the Fused and Odium, she also doesn’t trust the humans enough yet to join them. Szeth - Szeth is going to be dealing with living in a society that views him as a monster and murderer. He doesn’t quite understand why what he did is problematic, but he’s learning. Additionally, he’s going to be training. We’ll see him practice division for the first time since he was made Truthless and practice flying with Bridge Four. Navani - The man who murdered Navani’s first husband is now guarding her second husband. She’s going to have some problems with that. Her PoV on the situation is going to contrast very nicely with Szeth’s. Having her deal with this in the same book that we get to see her immediate reaction to Gavilar’s death will also give perspective. Additionally, Navani, as the queen of fabrials, is going to be working very hard on the problem of Urithiru. We’ll also see her experiment with some gravity fabrials to make that flying ship she designed, although the actual ships won’t be around for a while. Bridge Four - Bridge Four is going to be our main perspective on living with the listeners in Urithiru. We’re also going to see them prepare for a mission to fly out and evacuate parts of Kholinar. Part 3: Fighting pain, feel pain Venli, Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar Venli - Odium’s forces are going to find and free Ba-Ado-Mishram. Kaladin - Kaladin and a group of Windrunners will travel to Kholinar to bring refugees back to Urithiru. During this journey, one of the main members of Bridge Four will die. Bridge Four still doesn’t know what happened with Moash, and he’ll make an appearance here, forcing the Windrunners to confront Kaladin about what happened. Kaladin is still struggling with the knowledge that he can’t save everyone, and these events will only make it worse. Shallan - After her previous assignment, the Ghostbloods will have tasked Shallan with getting Urithiru up and running. She’ll have been a bit involved with the group of scholars, run by Navani, responsible for discovering Urithiru’s secrets before, but only now will she truly devote effort to it. Dalinar - Dalinar will be dealing with the weight of leadership. The logistics of dealing with everyone in Urithiru are getting harder as the population of the city expands. The only way to handle it is by getting all of the cities functions up and running so they can start growing food. There will also be a bit of politics with other countries, particularly Jah Keve and Azir. This section will end with the Sibling being awakened, which will serve as the primary parallel for Venli’s arc in book 2, which also ends in an ancient, powerful spren being found. Book 3 Part 4: Fight! Now destroy! Venli, Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Jasnah, Dalinar, Taravangian, Rlain Venli - She sees what the Fused are like under Ba-Ado-Mishram and is not impressed. She’s still questioning if joining the humans is right though. Should she not just take her own people and run, rather than risking them for a group that’s only ever done her wrong? Kaladin - Kaladin is extremely low at this point. He doubts he’ll ever be able to swear the next ideal. Then he runs into Tarah in Urithiru, who says things to him that makes him reevaluate his attitude. Syl ships them when they meet. Shallan - Shallan finally decides she can fully confront her past. We get flashbacks to her childhood before she bonded Pattern and when she said her first ideal, similar to Kaladin in OB. She starts to accept all of herself, but she isn’t quite there yet. Adolin - We get a bit more development with Adolin and Maya. Jasnah - We finally get to see how Jasnah is doing as queen. We see her basically interview the Sibling for information. She still has Ash and Taln as prisoners, not that either is helpful to her in any way. Dalinar - Dalinar has another Bondsmith spren and he’s looking for another candidate. Not that he actually has any choice in the matter, but that doesn’t stop him. We get to see more politics, including his decision to take the Horneater Peaks. After all, Rock is their rightful king and the Radiants are in a stronger position than ever. What could possibly go wrong? He’ll also learn the rest of what caused the Recreance and the lobotomization of the singers. Taravangian - We need to check up on Odium’s human ally and here is where we’ll do it. Having been informed about Ba-Ado-Mishram’s return, Tarvangian encourages Dalinar in the campaign while passing along the intel to Odium. Rlain - Rlain has been leading the listeners in Urithiru. We’ll get a chapter or two of him wishing there was a better way for him to be a leader and bridge the gap between humans and singers. Part 5: Creating history The Radiants This is the Brandon avalanche, so I won’t go by character like for the other parts. The Radiants show up to the Horneater Peaks and Cultivation’s Perpendicularity. Far more of Odium’s forces are there than they expected, including both Ba-Ado-Mishrim and Venli’s faction of singers. The fight begins and the Radiants are losing, badly. Venli makes a decision and her group of singers joins forces with the Radiants. She swears another oath, summoning Timbre as a shardblade. Kaladin accepts the fourth oath and swears it, summoning shardplate. Adolin revives Maya and fully becomes an Edgedancer. The tide turns and the Radiants force Odium’s forces to retreat. Right after the battle, Shallan says her final truth, which fully integrates her personas. Back at Urithiru, Rlain and the listeners were left behind while everyone else fights. Rlain manages to bond the Sibling, becoming a Bondsmith. Flashbacks The story told in Eshonai’s flashbacks will be one of a young woman who is forced to give up what she loves to accept responsibility. The flashbacks will begin in her childhood, where we see how the stories her mother told influenced her to want to explore the world. We’ll see her ignore her responsibilities to follow those dreams, and Venli will pick up the slack. After the discovery of humans, she’ll take on responsibility as an interpreter, but not because she feels she needs to. She does it because it allows her to see the world as she always wanted. The climax of her arc will come after Gavilar’s assassination, when she finally accepts responsibility as a member of The Five and leader of the listener armies against humans. This will parallel Venli’s arc as the dutiful daughter who never quite did anything right and is trying to learn to do better. She knows she failed her people when trying to do the right thing, and now she has to navigate the fears of doing the same thing again. The climax of Eshonai’s story will be paralleled by the climax of hers. Rather than becoming a leader of her people by choosing to fight against the humans, Venli will become a leader by choosing to fight with them. Interludes The main interlude novella will be taken up by Moash/Vyre. We’ll see him traveling and attempting to hunt heralds. We’ll see him kill one, most likely Ishar. Rysn’s interlude will take place in the port of Steen. She’ll be preparing a voyage to sail to Aimia, where she hopes to see Chiri-Chiri’s homeland during a break in her trading. During the preparations she has some kind of interaction with the Sleepless. Other interludes primarily be random character we don’t know, but here are what I think are a couple interesting possibilities. Ethid - One of Jasnah’s penpals, she’s in the court of Azir and can give some perspective on the political climate of that country currently Redin - The illegitimate son of a highprince who became his father’s executioner. Brandon has stated we’ll see a new Dustbringer in the next book.(Source) There was a relatively popular theory before Oathbringer, that I was a huge fan of, stating that Redin would be a Dustbringer. Well, I’m bringing that back and proposing an interlude where he bonds a Dustbringerspren. There are lots of questions about what happened to him after the last time we saw him. One person I’m not including on this list is Axies. Brandon has said we might get an Axies interlude.(Source) I think instead of an interlude, we’ll just hear about an Aimian that recently arrived in Urithiru at some point. Artwork In Nvani’s notebook I think we’ll get some of the inner workings of Urithiru. With the focus on singers, I think we’ll also get art related to them. A sketch of each form seems like something Shallan would do. Where each character will end up Venli - Venli has proven herself to the humans and singers she leads. She has not, however, proven herself to the surviving listeners. That will be the source of her conflict in Stormlight 5, which will particularly put her in conflict with Rlain. Kaladin - Kaladin has his fifth and final oath to discover and swear. If he ends up with a love interest, that will be part of his journey in Stormlight 5. He’s also going to have one final confrontation with Moash, possibly in the duel of champions. Shallan - Shallan has finally accepted herself and said all her truths. She knows who she is, so Stormlight 5 will be about her finally learning fully who the Ghostbloods are. She learned some tidbits in Stormlight 4, but those only led to more questions. Dalinar - Unity. Time for Dalinar to learn exactly what being Unity means. There will also be quite a bit of politics involving him, particularly with both Shinovar and Azir. The Vorin church might also make one final push for power. Szeth - It’s finally time for Szeth to shine. He’ll be sent to Shinovar by Dalinar, not to kill all the leaders but rather as a diplomat to make peace and an alliance. There’s also going to be a final confrontation between him and Nale. Adolin - Time for Adolin to be Radiant. Reasoning Here’s an explanation for a few of the bigger choices I made while writing this outline. First, I chose to cut back on Kaladin PoVs and not begin them until part 3. First, I wanted to allow plots for other members of Bridge Four, particularly Rlain. Reducing the focus on Kaladin seemed like the natural place to get that space from. Second, Kaladin’s arc in this book, I decided, was going to focus entirely on his brooding “Why can’t I save everyone?” angst. Starting that in part 1 and not ending it until part 5 when he swears the fourth oath just felt like a lot. The next choice I made was to push back almost all of Szeth’s arc until Stormlight 5. Stormlight 5 is going to have Szeth flashbacks, so there will be a primary focus on him in the present day. The next big arc for Szeth is going to be his journey to Shinovar. Since Szeth swore to Dalinar, I felt Dalinar was going to be a large part of that arc, especially as it deals with political leaders of another country. We know Dalinar is going to have a larger focus in Stormlight 5 than Stormlight 4, so I felt a story arc heavily involving them both was a natural choice for next book. The last choice I made that I think is notable is to resolve Shallan’s personas in this book. I think dealing with them for longer than that will just be too long. So I chose to resolve that here and push back the resolution of the Ghostbloods. Of course, there needs to be some Ghostblood resolution in Stormlight 4, as they’ve been a mystery since The Way of Kings. So I think the Ghostbloods in Stormlight 4 will be one of those “the answers we get only raise more questions” scenarios. Final thoughts There’s a lot that I’m unhappy with in this outline. In particular, I don’t like how my Venli plot ended up. It’s really just a lot of her traveling around and trying to subvert singers from within Odium’s forces. It seems like far more of a Windrunner arc than a Willshaper arc. Not that we know what a Willshaper arc is yet, but “I will protect those who cannot protect themselves” and “I will protect those I hate, so long as it is right” would both fit remarkably well in the scenarios I have her saying oaths. I suspect her arc to be the most different from what I listed of the main characters. Ultimately, I’m expecting a very different Stormlight 4 from the one I outlined. I don’t think Kaladin will step back that much or Rlain will be that important. But it was interesting to try and make a cohesive story out of the plot threads left. I have a new appreciation for the outlining that goes into writing a Stormlight book, and I’m glad Brandon will spend as long as he needs to get it right.