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  1. I'm not sure about 100% outline, but I think we'll see a push once he gets close to writing the end climax. But since he's writing the three arcs all the way through, we might see a couple mini pushes instead of one big one. Really, I have no idea how the writing will go. I think 50% is a likely milestone for another update. The next arc he wanted to do was about 80k words, which is 20% of the book, and he did the last update at 29%. It also just seems like a fairly important milestone. So hopefully we'll learn more about how things are going soon.
  2. Well now it's 42%.
  3. Here you go! The book opens on our Typical Brandon Protagonist. They've lived an average privileged life until this point as the child of a noble or royal. The one tragedy they've faced is the death of their mom when they were a child. When they reach their late teens/early twenties, they're life gets turned upside down when they gain a magic no one fully understands the rules of. They must balance it with their arranged marriage and the feasts and balls expected of their station, all while avoiding assassination attempts. Can they manage to complete all this and save their people from certain destruction caused by war or apocalypse? Find out in the next Typical Brandon Sanderson Novel!
  4. Brandon got some outlining done during his revisions it seems. It's up to 88% now!
  5. So it looks like during his revision of part 1, Brandon found some time to do a bit more outlining on Stormlight 4 and 5. It's now up to 88%. I wonder if he plans to finish the entire thing before he finishes writing Stormlight 4.
  6. Redin! He's such an interesting character. He's the only heterochromatic person we've met so far, so we could get a unique perspective on the caste system from him. And the way he was left at the end of Taravangian's interlude leaves so many questions open. He was already kind of an outcast from society, only respected and powerful because his father was so high ranking and chose to give him that position. Since he killed his father, that's probably all gotten so much worse for him. I've been a huge fan of the Redin becomes a Dustbringer theory since before OB came out, and I'm still hoping he's the Dustbringer in book 4 that Brandon has talked about. But I'd be happy with just finding out what actually happened to him. Another one that'd I'd eventually like to see more of is Vai. She's the young singer girl that Kaladin meets in part ! of OB. She was separated from her father so her father could fight and be killed in Kholinar. Her mother was sold off when she was a baby before the Everstorm hit. We have a singer orphan that's now being raised by the enemy and can will likely grow up believing whatever they tell her. Depending on how the fifth book ends, she could be such an interesting character to come back to in the back five to really see what it's like growing up in a singer society filled with hatred and a desire for revenge. Her perspective and upbringing would be a good contrast for someone like Gavinor, whose parents were also killed but was raised in Urithiru among family and people who love him.
  7. 27! I'd like the Reddit post, but I certainly won't complain if he wants to write more SA instead.
  8. I definitely think that if he decided to do all the flashbacks first, he's done with them by now. The flashbacks are about 10% of the words in OB. It would just mean we'd need to wait longer for part 1 to get entirely finished, since the flashbacks plus part 1 could be up to a third of the book at most.
  9. Brandon's pace right now is insane. It was moved to 21% yesterday morning and is at 23% tonight. He's basically been doing 1% every day he works on it. I wonder how long part 1 is. Part 1 in OB is around 25% of the book, so he's probably either finished or finishing it soon. Unless he's not doing it chronologically and went through all the flashbacks first, which he did with OB. I wouldn't mind a reddit update when part 1 does get finished, but I'm not going to complain if he spends the time writing more of the book instead.
  10. 20! 1/5 of the first draft is done!
  11. Nightblood not finding Nale evil makes sense to me. I got the impression in Warbreaker that the test, whatever it actually evaluates, is heavily based on the emotions people feel when they pick him up. And Nale doesn't really have emotions anymore for Nightblood to find bad.
  12. So the issue is that this list is auto generated based on the templates on the pages. If you were to try and edit this page, you wouldn't actually see a list there. Categories aren't really meant to be informative in the way you want, and they can't be with how they are created.
  13. Can you please link to the page you're referring to? I'm not quite sure what page you're talking about.
  14. What this reminds me of a bit is the creation of the Shattered Plains. And because I'm me and I constantly have PUuli's interlude in the back of my mind, I would like to say that I think this could be refering to the same thing. They both talk about some kind of enemy approaching. And when is the night darkest? When all the lights fail...