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  1. I do plan on eventually making writeups for Parts 2 and 3 so hopefully i'll be able to answer some questions there. That said, I'll spoil a few things - The sand hopper is in the Graphic audio version, a certain magic system from Brandon's draft is confirmed to still exist, and last but not least - Our Aarik looking Musician shares the same voice actor as Hoid from the Other Cosmere Graphic Audio chances are very high on that being him.
  2. Hey guys, I've been gone for a bit but with Graphic Audio releasing version 1.5 of White Sand (I'll explain that in a moment :wink:) and me getting my tax return, I decided to grab them. So first off: Version 1.5. This may confuse some people but this is just the number I've decided to use between Brandon's Draft of White Sand and what we got in the Graphic Novel. On the page for the first Volume of the GA version of White Sand it confirms that a lot was cut in order to make the GN, whether this stuff is still canon or not someone should definitely ask Brandon one day. The Script used in the Graphic Audio version IS the original edited script for the Graphic Novel before things started having to be chopped. I decided to record some of the difference just to see how different they are. Now for the Differences, I'll try and be thorough but I probably will end up missing some things here and there. Volume 1: Kenton is shown running the whole gauntlet from beginning to end instead of picking up around the forth sphere. Unlike the Graphic Novel which makes it very hard to tell there are indeed both men and women in the Diem and they comment about Kenton throughout his trial. Khriss's story begin with her on the ship from Darkside and seeing the sun and port for the first time. We get to see some of the hostility between Baon and the soldiers due to Boan being in charge. Most of the Ceremony is the same for Kenton's sash, with the exception that after he blacks out, we cut to Khriss and company attempting to buy supplies in port as well as a guide. They discover that the language they'd been taught as Daysider is the Holy Language of the Priests. The Story matches up quite well from here up to the ambush after the marketplace. The assassin's attack and Baon's acquires one of their casters. Kenton then explains how it works to him. Before they reach the city, We see that the area around it is very lush with life surprising Khriss. Then the story switches to our favorite, Ais, who is planning to raid to capture Sherizane or their conspirators. It switches to Lokmlen who is trying to persuade his cohorts into a job. He's wanting to sneak into the Diem and steal what's there since the Sand Masters are no more. After get the others to agree, Ais and her team, with expert timing, enter and their operation. Lokmlen escapes much to Ais annoyance. The back wall then opens up and a kill squad begins to pick off the tracts. Ais rushes the wall and grabbing the arm of the of men, then proceeds to use him as a battering ram to bring down the wall. She then picks off the shocked men and takes off after Lokmlen. The GN picks up with their chase and is completely the same except for one small detail: Aarik has sheath not a sword, as he had thrown the sword away years ago. Speaking of Airik, his introduction is actually a bit different in the GA version. We meet him on a boat heading towards Kezare to mourn his friend Kenton, whom he believes was killed. He talks to himself and the Gondolier driver questions whether he should have ferried him. From here the graphic novel and Graphic audio play continue the same, right up til Kenton reaches the diem, which is confirmed to be on it's own little island seperated from the rest of Kezare. Kenton enters the Diem and spends a good while searching. Every room that he could reached, screaming at the top of his lungs before he collapses at the entrances and Dirin Finds him. Things continue the same until we reach the Judgement hall. Where we see our musician friend for the first time, singing about the current situation to no one in particular. It is noted that he has long hair similiar to Aarik and that he reminds Kenton of him. The only other remarkable difference is that Ais has a bad habit of Digging her nails into her skin as a skin of frustration which is shown in the GN version, but is very hard to pick out. The rest of the volume is the same with Kenton fighting it out with Drile, Aarik Arriving at the Diem, and Khriss paying N'teese, going to meet people and eventually learning that Kenton is a Sand Master which she is none too happy about
  3. Kaza soulcast the stone of the island into smoke. The island is Aimia home of both types of Aimians. As for the person protecting it, assuming you've read Edgedancer, they are an Aimian the same type as Arclo and in this instance was the ship's cook that Kaza was on.
  4. I have a crazy fridge theory about our Stalker Musician and Guitar. Now it's generally thought that the Musician is Hoid, and we know that Hoid has a love for musical instruments (at least in the Stormlight Archives). first he uses a flute that he is very fond of which he gives to Kaladin. Then next we see him he has a Guitar that seems to have more than one player. I subject that Hoid either got or has the guitar in White Sand, the very one we see in fact, took it with him on his Cosmere Grand Tour before eventually managing to awake it on Nalthis. I also believe that by the end of Part 3, that Guitar and Musician will have a role to play. But we shall see.
  5. Red is anger if I remember correctly and while they never refer to blonde that I know of, they do refer to pale colored hair as a response to fear.
  6. They're being called the Shifting Colors now, or at least that is what has been implied.
  7. On page 56 when Acron is speaking with Khriss about the night the captain died and Baon ran into the camp. Baon claimed that Dynasty border guards killed the men. The problem is that the two panels that were supposed to show this were obviously on dayside, not darkside where Dynasty and it's borders would be.
  8. From what I remember of the prose (it's been a bit) and from what's implied in the Graphic novel + map Darkside is literally on the opposite side of the planet. And I'm starting to believe that the musician is Hoid. I've spotted him three times in volume 2, which makes him the character with the most appearances outside of the main cast. As far as the Darkside Border, they've talked about how there's multiple countries on Darkside, with Dynasty being the largest. Khriss, her fiance, and the professors are from another country trying to Stop Dynasty from taking over theirs.
  9. Hey all, just got through my second read through of Volume 2, and something caught my attention the second time through. Was this something they changed or am I simply mis-remembering something? Other than that has anyone caught sight of our favorite trickster? Last I heard the musician from the first volume was the best suspect and I didn't sense any new contenders this volume.
  10. Yeah, I saw that after post, though I thought the stormlight 3 was new, still my bad.
  11. Not sure if it's real or not, but Amazon has pre-orders for White Sand Volume 1, Arcanum Unbound, and the audiobook version of Stormlight 3. Figured I'd let you fine people know.
  12. Okay, so we can assume that it we have a general consensus that it may be flat or at least slightly curved. Now for another question: Say someone enters Shadesmar somewhere near the seat of storms in SA. They would be in the center of an ocean and therefore would 'spawn' on land. However would only one direction take them to the Roshar portion of Shadesmar? If they picked the wrong direction would they wander off into space? Onto another planet? I just have this image in my head of early worldhoppers (Hoid) getting lost simply because they walked the wrong direction.
  13. Hello seventeenth shard, longtime reader, first time poster. I have a peculiar idea floating through my head and if it's been addressed in another thread, I apologize. So here it goes: Number One: We know that Shadesmar seems to connect all the worlds in the cosmere, both major and minor. We know this in part due to the map in WoR as well as MtSH. But here is the confusing bit. Now we know that Kell walked from lake Luthadel to the ocean and then to the Fortress of Light. And we see a 'power' cord running from the fortress further to the left (east if he continued going straight from the lake over the ocean), and generally a straight line is the fastest way to anything. We can assume that the area that the fortress and the Elantrians are in is 'neutral ground'. Most likely this is the representation of literally space. The question is: Does the cognitive realm reflect the world perfectly or does it 'flatten' the world? The reason I ask is again we see Kelsier simply walk off of Scadrial into the neutral zone. There is no plane, no change that we can discern except from his discomfort at getting further away. Number Two: Reading BoM I came under the impression that the 'Red Mist' was a literal unknown. Wouldn't Sazed through his knowledge from two shards know of any other shards that were attempting to move in? He implies in SoS that he keeps an eye on the Cosmere at large. Upon Reading MtSH, we do learn that Elantrians do try and, for lack of a better word, shard-nap Perservation. Could they be coming back for another try? Number Three: Now going back to number one, kind of. If everything is on a plane, then could the map in WoR be an actual chart of their place in the galaxy? Another post on the boards was theorizing which areas matched to which planets, and there seemed to a consensus on a couple at ( eg: Expanse of Vibrance = Nalthis, Expanse of Vapors = Scadrial) If this is the case then it may give us an idea on Where specific planets may be. Now there are some issues with this idea. Do the planets without sentient life show up or is the cognitive realm smart enough to 'edit' them out? The last point i want to make is that Khriss mentions that Yolen is 'hidden'. Could hidden simply mean that the planet is on another plane of Shadesmar? Similar to how we have a horizontal orbit,moving on the x axis, to the Sun, but another planet may have a more vertical, on the y axis, orbit, and there fore may not notice this planet unless it was on our 'plane' so to speak. Or say the planets of the Cosmere except for Yolen are at 1 degree on the y axis, and Yolen is at say 0, or 2 degrees. I'm honestly probably forgetting a few things, but I wanted to get this out before I forgot what I had. Thanks for reading and feel free to rip it apart as you see fit.