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  1. That was my second post
  2. I just thought I should post the questions I asked since i just made my profile. Q: "What world does Iyatil hail from originally?" A: "Oh, that is an easy dodge because you have not read about her world yet" Q: "Does Iyatil exclusivly use the shard pools to worldhop" A: "That is the most common way that people worldhop" and the third was a long shot but I wanted at least one RAFO Q: "During the original shattering when the 16 picked up their shards, did the manner or the surroundings of the individual effect the way the magic system came about on their worlds later?" A: "Oh, well you will read about that in a book that will come out later, so RAFO" And like many people he wrote Hands all Red in my book although it sure looks like hoods with his handwriting toward the end of a signing...
  3. I was reading this Thread and though, hey i asked a question that is useful to this, i should make an account! Anyways first post and it is regarding Iyatil. I asked Brandon recently "What world is Iyatil originally from" and his response was "that's an easy one to dodge, not one you have read about yet" which proves she cannot be the Kandra. I also asked about shard pools and something about when the 16 initially picked up their shards that got RAFOed. Anyways, sad that my first post destroys hopes and dreams and all... nice to meet you!