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  1. @Chaos!!!! Thought I'd drop a comment just in case no one else has: About Moash saving Kaladin's life. Happens in Chapter 33 of the Way of the Kings. Dunny gets shot in a bridge run, and Kaladin goes to save him, but Moash holds him back so he doesn't get trampled by the cavalry.
  2. Guys, imma on Struggle Street. I’ve read Warbreaker and all the Stormlight up till Part 3, but I don’t understand how you know Azure is Vivenna! What have I missed?!
  3. Found it! Great. Thanks. Is the story in Arcanum Unbounded more complete than the one in Shadows Beneath?
  4. Just finished reading Sixth of the Dusk, and I can't find where the not dead ambassador is mentioned. He/she seems important.
  5. This comment is so dry that environmental scientists have it listed as a desert.
  6. Ah, nice job. That sounds right. I wouldn't have guessed that, so props to you.
  7. Hmmm...tricky...Is the squiggle Pattern?
  8. Ha! I thought it was Hoid/Wit sitting on his chair insulting people.
  9. I don't know the specific quote, but I think Shallan and Pattern discuss in WoR that spren don't really die, they just fade back into normal spren. So when someone who has bonded with a spren picks up a Shardblade, they are hearing the screams of the semi-sentient spren, lamenting that the human they had bonded with broke their oaths, just like Kaladin did.
  10. I also believe Vasher's ability to transform his appearance was due to him being a Returned.
  11. Is his name Josh Hartnett?. Just a hunch. Which I developed after looking at the poster. With a male name at the bottom.
  12. Cool, thanks!
  13. I'm looking to begin a game in Era 2, and have read the Alloy of Law supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game. However, I've missed something important. What stat is used for firing guns? Not in duels, just in regular combat. I feel as if I've read it, but I can't seem to find it where it is. I remember something about the Narrator setting the Difficulty of the shot, or if the target is trying to avoid the shot, then they roll their Physique. But what do you use to shoot a gun?
  14. I mean, they both sound possible, and they both seem to fit what we now of Shard Pools and World Hopping, but that's about it. I'm curious. Where did you come up with these ideas?
  15. Sounds cool, but what's behind this theory, or is this just pure, unadulterated speculation?