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  1. In Warbreaker, we see Nightblood used mostly while sheathed. It can take control of people it deems "evil" and make them kill those around them and themselves. Why doesn't it do this when we see it in Oathbringer? If it has something to do with no one on Roshar having Breath, then wouldn't Vasher have noticed that the blade doesn't work perfectly on Drabs. At the same time in Edgedancer, Lift feels ill when she looks at the blade. So what is up with Nightblood?
  2. So in Bands of Mourning Allik says that universal metalminds don't let the user have more than three powers. My question is, would one of thsoe three always have to be allomantic? It seems like the limit is three because people can't have more than three hemalurgic spikes. Two of those spikes would need to be more feruchemical aluminum and feruchemical nicrosil in order to create a universal metalmind. That leaves one slot for unique powers, and whatever abilities the storer naturally has. Of course the storer could at most have one allomantic and one feruchemical ability if they were a twinborn. So if a metalmind grants three powers, does one of the three have to be allomantic?
  3. I think the fact that the mists are still around has something to do with Snapping. After all, the mists Snapped people earlier; Sazed could have reduced their intensity to go along with the reduced requirements for Snapping (and get rid of that nasty side effect of killing some people.) Also Feruchemical powers are available from birth, no Snapping required.
  4. I own a copy of the MAG, though I don't know if I bought it through the crafty games website
  5. Is there any way to acquire a copy, or the text of, A House of Ashes? I'd really like to read it, but I think it was only released back when the MAG first came out?
  6. Rashek could have, and in fact, probably did, transformed himself to look like Alendi. He wouldn't have needed to change how the Terris looked.
  7. But allomancy uses the metal as a message, not a power source. Burning metal is basically a memo to Preservation, asking to use some power. Allomantic power comes from Preservation, not the metal itself.
  8. Imagine out of nowhere the temperature becomes -70 degrees Fahrenheit (the average temperature in Antarctica) in an instant. No amount of turning up the heating is going to save you.
  9. My personal favorite Bands of Mourning theory is that prior to the Catacendre, the Southern Scadrialians had at least more advanced technology than present-day Earth's. After the Catacendre, they kept as much of this technology as possible, though also adopted the metal magics of the Sovereign. Since there is no evidence Rashek did anything to limit the technological growth of the Southerners, and since Scadrial was at a 1700s technology level prior the his interference in the North, that would put Southern Scadrial at a 2700s technology level at the time of the Final Empire. Even knocking off a hundred years or so for adapting to being dumped in a new environment, the Southerners should be extremely advanced.
  10. How would that have happened? Skin color is generally determined based on where on the planet your ancestors lived. One would expect all the Terris to be dark-skinned, or none of them. I like the sunny latitude, cold elevation theory though.
  11. The whole time. The whole dang time. The entire time he was writing the series, Brandon knew that there would be a sixth book about how Alcatraz wasn't awful for doing the Terrible Thing. I was in middle school when I read book four. I'm in college now. I dreamed for years about reading book 5, about knowing how it all ended. Brandon waited four years, not knowing if he'd ever get the chance to pull the greatest literary gotcha I've ever had done to me. My view of the series, held the same for so long, changed instantly. Wowza.
  12. So Ruin's whole plan is book 1 is to have the crew kill Rashek, preventing him from using the well's power again and keeping Ruin trapped. The way Ruin goes about this is pretty poor though, especially considering his abilities. Ruin decides to make the crew figure out Rashek is a Fullborn, and therefore removing his bracers will kill him. To have the crew figure this out, Ruin influences the creation of the eleventh metal, which is then found by Kelsier. Why doesn't Ruin just write down how to kill Rashek? Kelsier mentions "old legends" about the eleventh metal, which are later revealed to be fabricated by Ruin. Why not just fabricate some legends about a way to kill Rashek?
  13. Remember when I said I was going to write a Mistborn fanfiction? I did. It's been sitting in my google drive since September. I didn't upload it anywhere because I was extremely lazy. But I've uploaded it now! I present to you Spooky Sounds, or the saga of why Spook didn't become a savant sooner.
  14. That seems wrong to me. The time to refill the well shouldn't change just because people think a year is shorter. My assumption is that Rashek kept the old length of the year during the final empire.
  15. I'm sure everyone knows about Akinator, but in case you don't it's a website that can guess any character you think pf based on yes or no questions. Any character. The only mistborn character I could stump it with was Allik.