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  1. This was exactly what I was wondering when I realized that I didn't even know if we would ever get a glimpse of "shadesmar" in other worlds or whether or not there was anything actually living there. So I opted for those questions first. I didn't follow up with what I was wondering about seons/skaze because I was worried I would be holding up the line. Wasn't sure of etiquette, it being my first signing and all.
  2. Hi everyone! First time poster here. I also attended the Houston signing (my first signing for any author ever!) and am pretty new to all things Cosmere... I only discovered this vast universe about a year ago and only been lurking here for a few months. I decided to go ahead and create this account and post my questions/answers simply because Brandon said that they hadn't been asked before, which I found hard to believe. He obviously wouldn't say more than that. I'm paraphrasing my questions, but (un)fortunately his answers were simple enough to remember verbatim. So not much to dissect, but maybe something to look forward to!