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  1. This is a stretch, but what if the bands weren't drained? What if the admiral had a way to suppress the ability to use powers in an area? This would explain why the bands just seemed like a chunk of metal, without even granting the ability to store attributes. Granted we haven't seen technology like this from the southerners, but we don't fully understand how their tech works yet, so it might be possible. I like this idea because it makes the con even worse - not only do the southerners get the bands, but they get the fully charged bands. And all it required was one of them getting close to the bands, so they could convince the northerners they were "drained." Rhythm of War Spoiler
  2. If a tin grenade does make everyone in the radius a tineye for the duration, I could see that being coupled with a flashbang to great effect. I also really liked getting to see the grenades - Marasi's power in a grenade, and then combined with Wayne's bubbles, was very cool.
  3. Yeah, not using the stove really restricts what you can do. I agree with what the people above have said, and I'll also suggest salsa or guacamole. If you buy a bag of tortilla chips, then make some salsa or guac, that's pretty easy. I'll put some recipes in spoiler tags for length: Salsa Verde Pico de Gallo (some people would call this a red tomato salsa) Guacamole
  4. I also got the book a couple days early, so here were my thoughts: After being disappointed with some of Sanderson's other collaborations, I was pleasantly surprised that this still felt like a "vs The Evil Librarians" book. Meaning that it didn't feel out of place in the series. Sure the narrator was different, the humor was different, etc, but a lot of the same tone was still there. Self-aware poking fun at the writing process, plenty of humor, etc. The plot was a bit short, with more of a focus on characters and relationships. I know this was intentional, but the repeated focus on super-depressed Alcatraz at the beginning got old really fast. The talents sometimes still working even while broken kind of lost me. I didn't understand how that was happening. I really liked the end. I appreciated that plot threads were wrapped up, but it wasn't a sickly-sweet "everything is happy now" ending. I'm glad that Attica is stuck in the lens for good, that the Librarians are still around, etc. But the world-ending threat is over, and our characters are doing well. Revisiting humor, I really enjoyed the literary license and money words jokes. It was fun getting more info on Gaks. I really enjoyed Bastille's narrative voice. The whole denying her feelings for Alcatraz was pretty great, especially coming off of another Brandon collaboration that focused too much on ridiculous romance stuff for my taste. Overall I really enjoyed it! Happy to finally have a conclusion.
  5. I'm going to go Scadrian, because of the ingredients issue. If I'm remembering correctly, lavis and tallew are supposed to be similar to corn and rice, respectively. I'm sure you could make a tasty waffle from corn or rice (cornmeal waffles are a thing, right?) but I prefer me some wonderful gluten filled wheaty waffle goodness.
  6. Welcome! Glad you finally made the plunge Do I get points for getting the reference?
  7. I've only watched the first 2 or 3 episodes. Those were unimpressive enough that I keep on forgetting to catch up. I'll probably watch the rest eventually, but the "omg I'm so excited I have to watch this as soon as it comes out" wore off pretty quickly. Honestly I think the show would work a lot better if it was about a new character, not Boba Fett. It just doesn't match the way I see the character at all. (I was not expecting them to make him a Traditional Honorable Good Guy)
  8. I don't know if giving gifts is traditional for Koloss Head Munching Day, but we got the best one this year
  9. I wouldn't anticipate shardblades having much to do with current Spren population numbers - all those 80-100 dead shardblades will represent deadeyes, who don't seem to be a part of normal spren society. The "tens of thousands" number would be for regular non-deadeyes spren, meaning that they're not connected to a shardblade in the physical realm. So if anything it just means that there's potential for there to be a LOT of radiants if all the spren ever decide to form bonds.
  10. The Mistborn tabletop roleplaying game ( has some info, and they released a supplementary book specifically about the Terris that would have more info: They're not always 100% canon, but they're approved by Brandon and tend to be pretty good. Even if you don't want to run their system you can use the info and world building materials they've got. I haven't read through my copy of Wrought of Copper in a while, so I can't remember specifically what they've got there, but someone else may remember more details. Edit: the book description page mentions this, which sounds like it may be what you're looking for:
  11. (This is a "deleted interlude" from Words of Radiance. You may not find it humorous if you haven't read Stormlight, but there shouldn't be any spoilers regardless)
  12. This thread has some good info on this:
  13. I enjoyed reading it mostly because it was "secret" but I didn't think it was very well written and I didn't enjoy the story itself. Just fyi. But for reference, I felt the same way about Way of Kings Prime. They seem of pretty comparable quality to me - if you enjoyed WoK Prime you'll probably enjoy Dragonsteel.
  14. I would hope that the site's running in UTC, but I have no evidence to support that it is. It's just convention to run websites/databases/etc. in UTC.