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  1. Huh, that's really interesting. I wonder if eventually you would reach a point where it was difficult to patrol and monitor your construction. I'm imagining something like the following series of events: Group of people gets the idea to create a massive geographic construction granting them godly levels of power Said group of people works for a long time setting all this up They become the most powerful (by a long shot) people on the planet, and as such make enemies These enemies come and try and break down walls, or divert rivers through roads, etc. Depending on how large the construction is, and how may people are in the group, the group may have a difficult time keeping a constant eye on the entire thing and protecting it all. There's definitely some counters to that, though. For example, this presupposes that everyone in the world knows how the city of Elantris works. Which, as shown in the book, they do not. So if nobody notices the huge construction project, or associates it with the massive jump in power, then I can't see any problem with this. I mean there's always room for Brandon to jump in and establish a "max bandwidth" on the amount of investiture one can draw, but I'm not aware of any rule like that up to this point. Anyways, my two cents. I could also imagine the logistics of getting a group of people to work together on a massive undertaking increasing exponentially with the size of the project. But hey, in the real world we built the pyramids, so clearly projects on that scale are possible.
  2. Whoops, my mistake, sorry about that
  3. Here's a wob for using regular duralumin and surgebinding together: So by extension, it seem like compounding duralumin, which makes duralumin's regular effect even stronger, would also work, resulting in an insanely strong surge.
  4. Yup! Here's the wob:
  5. Is anyone else still seeing the progress bar on his website display 47%? (I've confirmed it's not browser cache) It's a tiny little thing, but has been bothering me
  6. While I can see Venli flashbacks being a lot of fun from a "cosmere-nerd" point of view (read: all of us) I worry that doing flashbacks for Venli rather than Eshonai could adversely affect the earlier books. To be clear, I'm talking purely about narrative flow. I think it could feel really strange for someone reading the series all the way through (at least once the first 5 are complete) to spend so much time with Eshonai in the earlier books, only for her to die and never show up again. It makes it seem like the earlier books were misplotted, with narrative threads that kind of just... hang. I was ok with Eshonai dying specifically because there was the promise of more information about her with the flashbacks - Brandon always talks about fulfilling your promises to your readers, and he's promised more with Eshonai. To be clear, though, I don't think that Eshonai flashbacks are the only way to fulfill this promise. They might be the cleanest, but I think that other ways are possible (showing Eshonai in the Venli flashbacks, having characters refer to her, etc.) So I hope that if he goes the Venli route, he finds a way to wrap up the narrative promises he's made with Eshonai.
  7. Putting aside the fact that a 30 foot long chainsaw is way past the size limit, it just might be possible. I kind of want to ask Brandon about it . Earlier someone mentioned the idea of a spren weapon constantly changing shape - like, a gauntlet that would change shape as you move your hand. If that's possible, then you could totally do a chainsaw. If you have the ability to constantly mutate the shape of an object, there's no need for moving parts. Just make the shape, and then have the spren move the bits around the edges as if they were a spinning chain. Ridiculous, yes, but I wonder...
  8. I am now imagining a shard-chainsaw. Specifically a 30 foot long one.
  9. Woot! My questions were on Shardcast! That just made me really happy Also, just an fyi, it's pronounced "Joe Zombie", so the second time you guys get it right. (Edit for clarification - the second time in the podcast, it was correct)
  10. FYI, I just called the Orem Barnes and Noble, and they directed me to the event listing on their Facebook page, which was moderately helpful. I've included some of the details from the event at the bottom of this post. There was no information on actually pre-ordering a book, though, and there wasn't any clear way to "pre-order for pickup in store" on their website. I called the store again and was able to place a pre-order over the phone - that would be my recommendation, to make sure it ends up in the right place. How numbers are assigned: Wristband details:
  11. I don't know if there's formalized process for claiming questions, but I'm the one at 24:10
  12. I know this thread is a bit old, and I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but I'm just now listening to this episode, and I had a thought: The Sibling is "slumbering", and the Stormfather said "You hurt them enough". I don't have access to a copy of the book right now to confirm this, but I believe I remember it being mentioned at one point that there was only one bondsmith instead of the usual 3. If there was only one bondsmith at the time of the Recreance, and they were bonded to the Sibling, then I wonder if the breaking of that bond is what caused the Siblings "slumbering". And the Stormfather and Nightwatcher weren't similarly affected because they weren't bonded at the time of the Recreance. Admitted, this doesn't take into account the Siblings withdrawal or the failure of Urithiru, and I might be completely off with the one-bondsmith-thing, but it's a thought I had.
  13. My thoughts on this are a bit more mundane. We know that the pre-catacendre world grew much hotter the farther south you went, to the point where oceans supposedly boiled and people died of the heat. I would expect that once you passed that "heat belt" the climate started getting cooler again, and it's my guess that the southern people lived in an area that's cooler than the uninhabitable zone, but still much hotter than "normal". Brandon has mentioned the southerners having to "adapt", so I think that 1,000 years of living in a hot climate achieved the effect you're talking about, of altering the way their bodies work. Then, when Harmony remade the planet, all of a sudden their land is now cold (I think the way they describe it, as being an uninhabitable frozen wasteland, is suspect) and they have to tap heat. This is supported by the end, when we see the Sovereign's memories, and we see people freezing to death of conditions that he Sovereign thinks are not even that harsh.
  14. Would a 17th shard tournament be a popularity contest like this, or would it involve some sort of contest between the contestants? Like trivia questions, or who can write the best fight scene, or name the most characters, etc.