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  1. I'll be there, I'd love to meet you guys!
  2. My money would still be on Vin in HoA.
  3. Thank you for resurrecting this thread, finding it just made my night.
  4. theory

    So Brandon's did a Sanderson chat Q&A on Twitter earlier and since this thread has captured my imagination a bit I asked him the following: He replied: I know that thread has mostly focused on Nightblood consuming Odium but if that is where Brandon is going with things I doubt he'd answer a more direct question, hopefully this is still is helpful insight.
  5. After reading BoM this feels even more likely to me. Minor BoM spoilers: Just some thoughts.
  6. I doubt the pits are Odium's chasm and I think if he had been acting on Scadrial in the past I think he would have shattered Preservation, Preservation and Ruin or would have at least pushed the scales so far in favor of Ruin that the balance would never have recovered.I If he is acting on Scadrial I think it's more recent, probably not since before AoL or shortly before. It wouldn't surprise me if Hoid actually likes Kelsier just fine but Kel hates Hoid. It's not as if Kel avoids taking strong feelings about people to extremes with or without reason (though we have seen him revise his opinion in regard to Elend). I agree, I really wish The Lost Metal was next to be released but I'm also so invested in Stormlight Archive that I'm also glad he's working hard on that right now. So here's a question, if Odium really is moving on Scadrial in a significant way does that mean he's been defeated and sent packing by the end of the first half of the Stormlight Archive or has he succeeded so completely that he has power to spare? Is he truly strong enough to wage war on both Roshar and Scadrial at the same time? Especially given that Odium is worried about Harmony. In terms of raw power, do we know if each of the shards are equal or begin equal*? We know Odium has shattered Devotion and Dominion on Sel but was that on account of his ruthlessness or strength? *Harmony obviously being an exception.
  7. That seems unlikely given that Hoid and Kelsier really don't get along.
  8. It's entirely possible that Odium has created a chasm somewhere on Scadrial but even if there isn't Odium could be executing a proxy war and hasn't physically (spiritually?) shown up on Scadrial yet and acted directly.
  9. Finished the book up last night and loved it, lots of new bombshells and some potentially important bits to the entire cosmere as well as the new insights on realmatic theory. I agree that Steris is certainly getting awesome and Brandon really outdid himself on her character arc! I'm good with her and Wax now and I'm a fan of Marasi making her own way forward. Wayne keeps getting better too and I love him and MeLaan having a thing, I hope they do become worldhoppers together. It was great to see Khriss & Nazh! I suspected Telsin's true allegiance from shortly before they infiltrated the base and 'saved' her. Just seemed way too obvious that should would never have had a chance to get away before. While nothing approaching a real theory I do have a couple of thoughts and ideas: Kel My money, is of course, on Kel being back, Brandon has certainly hinted at it a bunch of times but I can think of one other person it might be who hasn't been mentioned yet. I know that we're aware that he was directly involved in the founding of Elendel but he could of done that before or after heading South; if after, he might even have a better claim to being a king then Kel does. Either way, I don't really want Kel to be back, he was a great Cosmere character, in fact as Mistborn was my introduction to the Cosmere he was a favorite for a while but he did what he did and it feels cheapening for him to have exploited yet another loophole. Marsh is way more interesting at this point anyway. Parshendi? I also immediately thought of the Parshendi. If it actually was (some form of) Parshendi I wonder if that could be an indication that Odium is actually involved in Scadrial after all but it also seems plausible that they could be worldhopping, after all, we don't know what's happened to their culture by the time Bands of Mourning takes place. Most likely it's just Brandon messing with us. That said, I am kind of enamored with the idea that Parshendi, like humans might not be localized to a single planet and that they might even have existed before the shattering. That just sounds extremely cool. Red Haze & Trell One last random thought, I wonder if the red haze Sazed is distracted with/apposing isn't caused by another shard at all, maybe it's our first glimpse at the mysterious other power in the Cosmere that opposes Adonalsium. If so, could Trell also be part of the opposing force? I'm betting no, I don't think Brandon's ready to play that card yet but it would be an intriguing twist. Note: I haven't read Secret History yet so pardon me if any of these ideas have already been invalidated.
  10. Really? Do we have WoB on that? It seems like that would be consistent with indiscriminate hatred and disgust but I'm totally open to being wrong.
  11. This got me thinking and given the speculation that Nightblood could be designed to take Odium's shard it might be worth examining. Odium doesn't feel right for Nightblood's shardic Intint to me if he has one. He strikes me more as consumption or possibly greed; it never feels like Nightblood has an emotional hatred for evil (or killing people), it's more of an addiction or need. I don't think Nightblood would shatter Dominion & Devotion's shards, he'd take their power regardless of possible alterations to his personality. Just my thoughts anyway. Consumption would make for an interesting shard.
  12. Interesting. I'd love to fill in some of the gaps regarding cosmere cosmology and it might have some implications on what we know of Adonalsium, the opposing power and possible whether or not they were gods responsible for the creation event or just two (or more) other super-shards wielding a lot of power.
  13. Have we learned anything more about the Southern Scadrians since this thread? What powers do they have access to, just feruchemy and hemalurgy that we know of, they don't have (genetic) access to allomancy do they?
  14. Sorry for the off-topic, but out of curiosity, do we know there were other worlds other than Yolen before the Shattering? Is it possible the Shattering was some kind of creation event as shard holders created new world and solar systems with their powers? It doesn't seem like that large of a leap from moving Skadrial closer or further from the sun to creating the planets and, with it, bringing humanity to these new worlds?
  15. I agree, the Twinborn are more interesting and more fun due to their limitations. However, they're a bit too limited for the epic moments Brandon loves employing so much, imagine Wax or Wayne trying to take on a steel inquisitor or even multiple inquisitors the way Vin does. Miles probably would have a better chance but I doubt he could beat an inquisitor, at least not in a straight fight. I'm not saying this is bad in any way but I don't think it's as well suited for the high fantasy and heroic romance characterized by the first trilogy. If anything, I think Brandon will have to increase their powers in the second and third epic trilogies to keep up the momentum building to his signature climax. I don't have any WoB on any of this, I just feel like it fits his writing tendencies. When we get long epics like the first Mistborn trilogy and the Stormlight Archive things go really, really big while his shorter books tend toward the more playful and clever limitations like we see in and out of the cosmere (Wax and Wayne series, the cosmere novellas and short stories, Legion, Rithmatist, etc.).