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  1. @Frustration and @Wit Beyond Measure About your confusion of the prison and The Eye of the World. Book 1 Spoilers (and minor spoiler for later? I forget when you learn about the prison). In the show, they seem to have made a few changes. The Eye of the World is a known location. It kind of felt like anyone could go there, if you went through the Blight. versus being a more mythical place in the books. The Horn and the Banner are not at the Eye of the World (the Horn definitely wasn't, but I'm questioning my memory on if a Banner was found) The Seal *was* at the Eye of the World, but it was the whole floor. What I assumed was just the Aes Sedai symbol (which it is), people online are saying it was actually the Seal. Which seems to follow with what Moraine says in the show, while sitting on the cracked floor. ======= Ok, I just found this post, so I'm going to talk about the show in general now. I'm put off by it, but still not as badly as I was with Seeker of Truth. I understand that some changes need to be made in order to adapt it to TV, but I get really hung up on mechanical changes that I think affect plotline and story points later on. So this is going to be spoilers for all of the books, just to be safe. Ok, that was a list of some things I didn't like. But, I'm still willing to watch a season 2. I'm just not hyped for it and will probably won't jump on it right away.
  2. I definitely enjoyed this novella, but I was never fully drawn in. I definitely wish I hadn't read the ending of Cytonic before reading this book, but I'm not sure it would have helped really engage me. As I've said before, I think I like this series the best when it's focused on all of Skyward flight*, and this felt too much in Jorgen's space. Other than FM and Rig, I think most of Jorgen's interactions with the rest of the flight were while they were in the air. (Ok, thinking back I guess there's some interactions on the land on Evershore). I am enjoying the whole series, but it feels like it is petering out. I'm hoping for a strong finish in Defiant. *Skyward and Sunreach are the best examples of this. Skyward probably kicked it off for me and set the tone, and Sunreach seemed like the first return to that feeling.
  3. Agreed. I think either Detritus or Redawn was teleported close to each other (seems super dangerous though). The other option could be that the as of yet unknown location of Evershore is involved.
  4. I thought this was a jab at the book, saying it was "Not needed" until I saw you had edited your post.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's intentional, and I'm pretty sure Weight is a derivation of Write (in that it changed over the generations), such that Jorgen is a descendant of Jason. I can't find a WoB about it though. EDIT: Hmm, the more I go looking the "less" I find. Maybe I made this up in my memory? So maybe they aren't related.
  6. Fair point. But we’ve seen different PoVs in the books before. So I could have seen a late death with an epilogue from a different POV.
  7. Maybe it's all scripting languages. **shudders**
  8. I’m going to say overall, I don’t think I liked this book. With my reread of the series and the novellas, I just realized I enjoyed the Skyward flight more than I did Spensa alone. And this was mostly Spensa “alone” (with new characters). But I will continue to read the series, because it looks like we’re all back together now. Some specific things I noted: - I really want to know where Hesho got the name Dark Shadow, because I immediately thought this was Spensa’s father, Zeen Nightshade. Regardless of the small ship and time difference of a new recruit. If it was an intentional red herring, it was a bit of a bludgeon in my opinion. - The Delvers are a single entity who are going through grief without knowing it or knowing how to handle it. But I don’t remember anyone naming it that, even with their game of naming single emotions after listing a few feelings. I think the key to defeating them will be in helping them (forcefully), recognize and deal with this.
  9. When I read ReDawn, I had the thought that Spensa may have saved the National Assembly Leaders by pulling them into the Nowhere. Given that Jorgen has seen her twice since Starsight, that means some time has passed for her as well. However, the Shardcast clued me in to part of an interview or Q&A with Janci and Brandon where it was said that Brandon gave Janci the idea to kill the Weights. I'm holding out hope, but it's completely in world for them to actually be dead. So yeah, here's some thoughts. I think we're going to see some training (or at least learning) going on for Spensa while she's in the Nowhere. And M-Bot is going to have some learning too. If the Vapers are "ascended" AI, then I suspect M-bot will become a Vaper. Alternatively, if the Delvers are "ascended" AI, I think M-Bot will become a Delver. Basically, I think M-bot will evolve into something beyond an AI in Cytonic. I think Spensa is going to get out of the Nowhere, and I think it's going to be shortly after the events of ReDawn. I think Doomslug is going to die. Ok, not really. (most of) The fandom would probably riot. For Evershore: I think Spensa will return, probably in the first few chapters, if not the first. The only way I can see she doesn't return is if she doesn't make it out of the Nowhere in Cytonic. I guess we'll probably see Jorgen trying to take charge of both the Military and the Assembly. I don't have any other thoughts on this book, because I haven't looked into it at all.
  10. I immediately got Elven vibes off of them when she mentioned they had been to earth. I also completely missed the line about the ring, tying it directly to Lord of the Rings. Quite funny then that their people are later referenced as being Angels / Demons in earth mythology.
  11. Definitely a fair take, and I could see it playing out like that. Not that there *has* to be, but there hasn't really been any discussion of non-hetero romantic relationships in the books. ____ On a completely different topic (tangentially gotten to thinking about who we've seen that Kimmalyn may be interested in), I kind of want more screen time for the newer members of Skyward flight. Sadie, T-Stall, and Catnip. They've been around since Starsight (which I only noticed due to a reread), but we hardly know anything about them. ____ Jump number 2! While looking at what the Coppermind has to say about those three, this line stuck out about Sadie: EDIT: Listening to the Shardcast and LadyLameness brings up these exact things. She immediately glommed onto Kimmalyn's hesitation in the relationship discussion as a "I'm not into guys" vibe, and then calls back to this habit of Sadie's of writing down Kimmalyn's Saint sayings.
  12. Have you read Defending Elysium, the short story on Brandon's website? If not, go check it out. (It is in the Cytoverse). I had forgotten about the Kitsen shadowwalkers. I was thinking that the voices Gran-Gran was hearing were the Taynix, and she was just very strong in listening so could actually *hear* what they're thinking. The cries for help being due to the fact that the Superiority scare them into working. I actually think it's going to be Quirk and Nedd. At least, I got a very slight twinge of Quirk "panicking" when they were talking about relationships, and I thought it was Nedd who was really asking. When was it established that she was a weak cytonic? (Honestly asking, because I don't remember it. But I also miss a lot of stuff). My memory is that she is an *untrained* cytonic, since she was like 4 pre-Detritus and lost her mother in the jump (which hadn't been explained to Gran-Gran how it worked yet), then they lost *all* their cytonics in the bombing. She didn't hyperjump before because she didn't really know how. Where as "listening" is the basic cytonic exercise they were teaching her at a young age. ______ My thoughts: The first few chapters I was really afraid this was going to be a Starsight scenario and we were just going to be on ReDawn dealing with UrDail issues. Very glad we at least got Skyward flight in deal with UrDail issues. I don't know how I feel about the Arturo / Alanik budding relationship. The progression seemed like Arturo is suspicious of her in that first talk, and then the next time when Alanik *thinks* he's going to watch she doesn't betray them....I think he was already trying to be there more to protect her. Then the rest of their interactions was Alanik trying to catch on. My crackpot theory is that Spensa saved the assembly members on the ship, by pulling them directly into the Nowhere. The events of these books are definitely happening at the same time as the events in Cytonic (I assume we'll see Spensa in the Nowhere in that book) because Jorgen has said he's seen Spensa twice. i.e. we could be near the end of Spensa's book at this point, and maybe she's grown in power / can observe Jorgen, but could only talk to him a few times. Overall I liked this book, but I think I liked Sunreach more. I definitely felt more giddy reading Sunreach, but that may be due to having such a long drought of being with the characters. (Like, I enjoyed Starsight when I read it...but it took reading Sunreach for it to really sink in that I missed the Skyward Flight much like Chaos has said. And I listened to it on 1.5x on my reread because of that). In Sunreach, I really thought FM might die (because of her repeated use of "I have a 100% survival rate"). In ReDawn, I felt like someone *had* to die at the end, to give the story more weight.
  13. So first, I don't know how meme threads normally are started, so just going to throw a generic title up because I had this idea since reading Sunreach. I finally went and made it while only part way through ReDawn. I am not an artist, so that was as close to orange as I could get without taking too much time :).
  14. I really enjoyed it. The repeated use of "I have a perfect record of not dying in battle" kept making me feel that FM may not make it out of this one alive. It was a great feeling throughout the book. Also, the interactions with the slugs was great and reminded me of (Stormlight Archive Spoiler)
  15. Yep, we know that now, but I don't think we did at the time of my post. I know Brandon posted about it prior to the actual release of the book, but I think there was a period of time that all we knew about were that there were rumors. I was definitely in the #3 camp at the time.