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  1. You mean ? Sorry, I seem to be lost. This isn't the Mistborn (Era 1, Book 2) board...
  2. Just throwing this out there, but when I go running, 3 MPH is my walking speed and 6 MPH is my running speed. It's a very odd running speed in that it feels pretty fast if you're on a treadmill, but it feels relatively slow on the road (I have to actively monitor my speed, so as not to go too fast). It's definitely on the slower end of the run speed spectrum.
  3. Renarin can’t have seen someone dying to the Chasmfiend, because no one (important) did. If he had, he’d have already known the visions weren’t “set in stone” and not despaired as much in Oathbringer about Jasnah. At first I thought he bonded around the time he stopped wearing glasses. In WoR P260 is the last mention of him wearing them and P334 is the first without (also, that section starts out with him summoning his blade and freezing). But the first set of numbers happens on p80, which means Renarin had to have been bonded at that point. I don’t think he was bonded on tWoK (gut feeling here).
  4. Not enough “jokey” characters (like the Lopen and Lift). We had just gotten a lot of the Lopen in Dawnshard, so probably didn’t want to double dip there. But I felt the absence of levity in the book Not enough time spent on new radiants (i.e. the Shadesmar delegation). (I think we only saw them really interact in one of the sections?) You know, Brandon has said that part 1 was basically the climax of the untold year time skip. I would have been cool with that being a novella if it meant some deeper looks into the Shadesmar delegation.
  5. ( @mathiau, pinging you as well) My understanding is that it was Rock's son. We see this in Lift's interlude (I-5). Gift is Rock's oldest son.
  6. I don't have my book on my right now, so I can't help you there. But here's Brandon's official advice about defective books:
  7. The most recent WoB I could find (using this search) basically says that internally they have a timeline, but it's not publicly known, and is subject to change. (I bolded the part of the response that is most relevant to your question)
  8. Ok, you’re right. I am conflating Forms of Power (aka Regals) with being able to use the surges, but that’s reserved for the Fused. This is probably because we mostly see Venli as a POV character who is a Regal, but can use surges (via Timbre).
  9. Where does this info come from? My understanding is that they use Voidlight, but the source is either always plugged in or they can get more directly whenever by attuning to Odium’s rhythm. Which is my point in the False Desolation. BAM connected to *all* the singers in order for them to get Voidlight from her, instead of Odium (who was locked away on Braize) And I’m still iffy on False Desolation Regals, i.e. it makes more sense (to me) for BAM to “provide” voidspren than to say she was giving forms of power directly (e.g. without voidspren). OR maybe it’s an adapter situation. Singers have a socket X. Voidspren have a plug Y. BAM provides an adapter of plug X and socket Y, something Odium would normally do. This would give a reason why capturing her would remove the Regals as well. I think we need more information about BAM to say for sure, because both your quotes could be read as “gave them voidspren”, @Chaos.
  10. I will defer to your knowledge in this regard, but I still think the main thing was that she could also provide Voidlight to fuel the forms of power, something only Odium could do previously.
  11. I have a theory on Ba-Ado-Mishram: What if it’s a similar situation to Yelig-nar, where the unmade is actually inhabiting someone? I.E. what if the unmade was actually Ba-Ado and the container was Mishram (who in my head is a Singer)? A successful merger, unlike we’ve seen with Yelig-nar. This could explain why Kalak refers to her as Mishram (wanting to see the person more than the unmade) as well as why Raboniel swears to Ado (possibly Ba is a title, and therefore dropped in the curse), i.e. it’s just an old Singer curse when only Ba-Ado existed. So my very rough timeline would be that Ba-Ado existed (separate) prior to the False Desolation. Mishram was a Singer (known to the heralds, or at least Kalak), and was looking for ways to get an edge up on the humans. She finds Ba-Ado and successfully joins with them, becoming Ba-Ado-Mishram. The joining gives her the powers of a bond smith (maybe not fully, but enough to provide Voidlight). (this is evolving as I type) So BAM Connects to Roshar (i.e. the Spren of Roshar), in order to start generating Voidlight. Then BAM Connects to all Parsh in order to form a conduit where Parsh with forms of power can get a supply of Voidlight This kicks off the False Desolation because Regals are returning. Bunch of more intense fighting happens, until finally Melishi figures out a way to capture BAM, ripping the Connection out of the Parsh and Roshar. Kalak (and maybe other heralds) was there because they knew Mishram before, and saw it as putting down an old friend who had gone mad Further speculation: the method of imprisonment is similar to the knives from RoW, perhaps originally used to just drain Stormlight, was repurposed by Melishi to extract BAM (cannot be unmerged now) from the body. (As a counter to something said above, Regals for sure use Voidlight. I don’t think BAM granted forms of power, but granted the fuel needed instead) Edit: Let’s go even farther and crazier: I thought I heard someone mention an Aon Ado (but it isn’t on the coppermind). And I’m also vaguely remembering someone saying that the Seon are unique. So what if there was an even farther back Seon Ado, who was unmade by Odium, and thus became Ba-Ado, the Unmade. (I don’t know that I believe this edit, since I couldn’t find an Aon Ado, but throwing it out there).
  12. I always thought it meant Big Bad End Game, as in the final (and "worst") Big Bad of the series. But it seems its origin is indeed Big Bad Evil Guy.
  13. I believe Lift can only use Lifelight. We know she can't suck in Stormlight (as seen in the Battle of Thaylen Field). Stormlight and Lifelight look very similar, so much so that it is hard to tell them apart unless they are right next to each other and you're actually paying attention (i.e. even know to look for differences).
  14. See, I've always thought that his "punishment" is really just a duty that he's trying to avoid. I would have to re-read (maybe just the beginning of RoW), but I don't think Rock ever uses the term "punishment". So the rough outline of what I think happened: Rock has either always been some sort of important station with his people or became so when his group was killed after coming down from the mountain. Rock doesn't want to be that important station, and so delayed in returning (being a slave was a good excuse). But now that he has taken up the bow and fought, he can no longer ignore his duty and must return to his people. Rock is sullen because he will have to take up a mantle he does not want, and everyone else is thinking this means he will be punished.
  15. I am only about halfway through the episode, so forgive me if this was brought up. But the early talk about new Fused set off alarm bells for me with Mistborn Era 2 spoilers.