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  1. I think the main question here to determine the viability of this is if you can "pre-spike" people, i.e. spike someone as if you were stealing something, but never remove the spike until they die of natural causes. In my opinion, I don't think this is possible. I don't have any proof to this assumption, but we've never seen anyone even attempt it. The closest is when Spook is given Pewter burning ability, and that guy died pretty quickly as far as I remember.
  2. wayne jokes

    Yeah, first is from Alloy of Law when they find the smelting place (original Vanishers hideout). The second one is from Shadows of Self, when they're chasing Marks.
  3. wayne jokes

    Stealing these from an older thread, but they do make me laugh:
  4. My guess would be that each spike can grant powers, but their strength is proportionate to the amount of the spike in each part (e.g. if the spike was split in half, each half would grant half the strength of the power it would if the whole spike was used).
  5. Me, during the first WTCC:
  6. I agree it's possible, and I espoused this theory for a long time (that Doomslug is the biological component of the Hyperdrive). However, during a reread, I have to reluctantly concede that Spensa is the biological component when we see the ship actually jump. I am still on board with Doomslug being *able* to be the biological component (i.e. for times when the fighter pilot is not a user of Cyto),
  7. In a similar vein... Read all of GRRM's Game of Thrones books as they come out, except the last one.
  8. I immediately thought this when I was reading the preview chapters. I asked Brandon during a Reddit AMA if he drew any inspiration from there, but it seems like he hasn't seen the show. I hope it doesn't go as crazy as Gurren Lagann did (which wasn't a bad thing, just not what I want from Sanderson).
  9. This may also help, if you're not familiar with that meme format:
  10. For sure the point of Ironside's interludes is so that we can see things from her perspective (pardon the turn of phrase). It's all about the motivations, and the probabilities. Ironside knew that Chaser had the "defect" and that he basically went crazy. She suspects that Spensa also has the "defect", and so she's trying to prevent Spensa from flying. Ironside's motivation has good intentions, and (without M-Bot's shielding) she would have been right. I also wouldn't say that Ironside got her comeuppance. Sure Spensa proved her wrong (again, because of M-Bot's shielding), but as far as I know Ironside is still the leader of the military. She didn't lose anything except maybe some political bargaining power. My hope is that after Spensa's initial demands about Cobb and Rig (i.e. that they waited for them), she and Ironside are going to work together fairly smoothly.
  11. And here I thought you were talking about the toast of the upper crust and headliners on the society pages: Frank and Sadie Doyle.
  12. I really do think the 4th oath has something to do about failing to protect people or not protecting everyone, and being ok with it. I don't know the exact wording, or even have a guess. Tthe epigraph with the Windrunner from the past who can't say the 4th eludes to *not* protecting people.
  13. I don't think this will happen. Warbreaker spoilers I think Sebarial is what he seems: a guy who bucks normal society pressures (i.e. non Alethi mistress, focused on commerce more than warfare, etc.) And as someone above mentioned, the way that he honored his "deal" Shallan cornered him into makes me think he is at the least a good guy (not good vs evil, but good vs bad).
  14. @junior - I just reread Skyward, and I think you're right. Spensa was the biological component of the Cytonic Hyperdrive at the end. I still want Doomslug to be part of the ship in someway, or at least related to it (e.g. maybe she was a stowaway or a pet of the original pilot).
  15. The seeds are definitely there. Either Sanderson didn't do as good a job excising the arc from the first book, or he's setting up for future books. I tend to think it's the latter. Multiple times later in the book, Spensa starts thinking of Jorgen in what I would consider a "romantic" way. Each time, Spensa thinks to herself "Why am I thinking of Jorgen like that?". Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but at least one of the scenes implies she's daydreaming about being Jorgen's date to a fancy dinner party. And although we don't get any viewpoints from Jorgen, I think he's falling for Spensa too. The scene where Spensa talks to him in the carport / hanger (where she tells him about the eyes), his responses to her are definitely crush material. Like I said, with the setup in Skyward, I think the only thing that can keep them apart is if one of them dies. And since Spensa is the main character, that means Jorgen. There may not be time for a true romance(i.e. boyfriend/girlfriend dating), but I think Jorgen is the one Spensa will continue to turn to for emotional support. He actually seemed decent at it in the scene I mentioned above.