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  1. Yeah, at the end I really felt like we didn’t get enough joke-y characters. I miss The Lopen and Lift interactions (not with each other, just in general). Obviously there was some Lift, but not enough for my tastes. As for Rock, I think Kaladin *thinks* Rock is dead because Rock was so sad and fatalistic about going to the peaks to accept his judgement. But I feel like the judgement is just going to be a position of power that Rock was trying to avoid; i.e. he’s some sort of king now, so can’t go running off (not that it’s stopped other kings and queens I suppose).
  2. Hoid knows Odium can, but doesn’t think Ryse will think to do it because his hatred for Hoid makes him singleminded.
  3. I'm not understanding this one. Is it that Name of the Wind seems like a short read now? Or is it in reference to something that happened to "wind" in SLA?
  4. Mistborn Era 1 It seems like Wit was holding excess memories in Breath, probably in a similar manner to a coppermind. This doesn't rule out the idea of storing in copper as well, but I think both storage areas would be susceptible to Tod's view and tampering.
  5. Spoiler for Mistborn Era 2
  6. It's been a hot minute since I read Dawnshard, but I seem to remember Nikli is one of the youngest Sleepless, and is somewhere around 400 years old. I can't remember if that was in the novel or a WoB somewhere. Edit: He's definitely the youngest, still not sure where I got the 400 number.
  7. As an FYI, you just have to put the image in "spoiler tags", aka the eye icon. Spoiler blocks are collapsed by default. But in this thread, 1-2 images in a post is perfectly fine.
  8. My understanding of this is that he fell and was broken / dying. Then some Fused / Singers found him and gave him Stormlight that healed him, except for his eyes for some reason.
  9. It’s possible that Testament was being restrained, similar to the deadeye reacher we see on the boat. Without being summoned as a blade, Testament could be physically restrained in Shadesmar. E.G. the shopkeeper notices Testament is acting oddly for a period of time, and locks Testament in a room.
  10. That’s an excellent point that I didn’t think of. And just reinforces the oddity I found with Shallan’s Ideals. In my previous rundown in this thread, she wouldn’t have been at the Third Ideal with Pattern at the time she killed Tyn or used it in the chasm. Has anyone ever flat out asked Brandon, what are Shallan’s Ideals / truths? Which probably now needs to be specified to “What are Shallan’s Ideals she has spoken to Pattern?” Which is vague enough to hopefully not spoil people who aren’t in the know.
  11. It’s possible this is a Windrunner thing, given that it is windspren that make up the armor. And they are all around basically everywhere.
  12. It didn’t hit me until the end, but I missed getting more Lopen (just got a lot in Dawnshard though) and/or Lift. Both are types of humor that are fun to read (while being super annoying in person probably).
  13. Welcome! I can’t think of anything that directly invalidates this theory. It seems out of character for the Helaran we know, but we mostly know him through Shallan. Also, the sword was lesser known (as Shallan wanted to sketch it for her inventory of blades). This could mean it was new, or it could mean it was known but not in detail, or she could have just been lying about that to have a reason to get close to Amaram. Mai from my knowledge it *could* be, but I wouldn’t put my money on it.
  14. We’ve also got a whole new set of truths to be revealed. My timeline of events: 1. Shallan bonds Testament, up to the third ideal. 2. Shallan kills her mother (aside: who we still don’t know the name of?), and breaks the bond with Testament. 3. Shallan starts repressing her memories and fracturing (i.e. lying to herself), which attracts Pattern, and she starts over from the beginning. I am glad this was explained, because it never made sense to me that Shallan had a blade at a young age (which we assumed was 3rd ideal) then said for sure at least one more ideal (or maybe 2) because she could no longer repress the memories, but didn’t seem to be higher than the 3rd ideal still. So this brings me to the fact that we don’t have any other light weaver oaths we’ve seen to compare to hers. It’s hard to tell which of her statements were oaths (some of them). Shared I am frightened (something she was suppressing from herself) or I killed my father (something she wasn’t hiding from) I killed my mother (for sure an oath) I killed my first spren (idk, did she say the 4th ideal? Or is this just helping with her fracturing?) I guess this veered off topic, but it sounds like Shallan believes she’s double bonded now and can at least summon Testament as a “dead” shard blade.