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  1. Yep, we know that now, but I don't think we did at the time of my post. I know Brandon posted about it prior to the actual release of the book, but I think there was a period of time that all we knew about were that there were rumors. I was definitely in the #3 camp at the time.
  2. I could use a name on the first. I assume Lift because of the second one, but don't know where it applies.
  3. Probably because Dante’s Inferno is not canon in Stormlight Archive, meaning there isn’t a concept of nine layers of Hell on Roshar.
  4. I think it’s a pun of CCR song “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”, but beyond that, I don’t get it either.
  5. I don’t understand this one. Am I forgetting something?
  6. You mean ? Sorry, I seem to be lost. This isn't the Mistborn (Era 1, Book 2) board...
  7. Just throwing this out there, but when I go running, 3 MPH is my walking speed and 6 MPH is my running speed. It's a very odd running speed in that it feels pretty fast if you're on a treadmill, but it feels relatively slow on the road (I have to actively monitor my speed, so as not to go too fast). It's definitely on the slower end of the run speed spectrum.
  8. Renarin can’t have seen someone dying to the Chasmfiend, because no one (important) did. If he had, he’d have already known the visions weren’t “set in stone” and not despaired as much in Oathbringer about Jasnah. At first I thought he bonded around the time he stopped wearing glasses. In WoR P260 is the last mention of him wearing them and P334 is the first without (also, that section starts out with him summoning his blade and freezing). But the first set of numbers happens on p80, which means Renarin had to have been bonded at that point. I don’t think he was bonded on tWoK (gut feeling here).
  9. Not enough “jokey” characters (like the Lopen and Lift). We had just gotten a lot of the Lopen in Dawnshard, so probably didn’t want to double dip there. But I felt the absence of levity in the book Not enough time spent on new radiants (i.e. the Shadesmar delegation). (I think we only saw them really interact in one of the sections?) You know, Brandon has said that part 1 was basically the climax of the untold year time skip. I would have been cool with that being a novella if it meant some deeper looks into the Shadesmar delegation.
  10. ( @mathiau, pinging you as well) My understanding is that it was Rock's son. We see this in Lift's interlude (I-5). Gift is Rock's oldest son.
  11. I don't have my book on my right now, so I can't help you there. But here's Brandon's official advice about defective books:
  12. The most recent WoB I could find (using this search) basically says that internally they have a timeline, but it's not publicly known, and is subject to change. (I bolded the part of the response that is most relevant to your question)
  13. Ok, you’re right. I am conflating Forms of Power (aka Regals) with being able to use the surges, but that’s reserved for the Fused. This is probably because we mostly see Venli as a POV character who is a Regal, but can use surges (via Timbre).
  14. Where does this info come from? My understanding is that they use Voidlight, but the source is either always plugged in or they can get more directly whenever by attuning to Odium’s rhythm. Which is my point in the False Desolation. BAM connected to *all* the singers in order for them to get Voidlight from her, instead of Odium (who was locked away on Braize) And I’m still iffy on False Desolation Regals, i.e. it makes more sense (to me) for BAM to “provide” voidspren than to say she was giving forms of power directly (e.g. without voidspren). OR maybe it’s an adapter situation. Singers have a socket X. Voidspren have a plug Y. BAM provides an adapter of plug X and socket Y, something Odium would normally do. This would give a reason why capturing her would remove the Regals as well. I think we need more information about BAM to say for sure, because both your quotes could be read as “gave them voidspren”, @Chaos.
  15. I will defer to your knowledge in this regard, but I still think the main thing was that she could also provide Voidlight to fuel the forms of power, something only Odium could do previously.