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  1. Dark is a German TV show that is currently on US Netflix. It's got two seasons and a very complicated relationship web, and parentage isn't always clear. I highly recommend checking it out. It is a bit grim, and because it's Netflix where "anything" goes I'll also throw out a nudity warning (some, but not a lot) (i.e. don't watch it in public).
  2. Someone has been watching too much Dark.
  3. Not sure about the game you're talking about, but I do think there's going to be a Stormlight Archive flavored version of a newer game: Call to Adventure. I kickstarted the original, with a promised Name of the Wind expansion. One of the updates mentions art direction for a Stormlight Archives expansion has begun (which does mean the actual release is probably still a ways away).
  4. Fair enough. Never looked into it. My mental image will probably still be the pitbull / bulldog mix though. (Just like I incorrectly view Kelsier with dark hair (he has blonde hair!)).
  5. I agree with @Quantus, I believe that making an "illusion" of shardplate that is solid is exactly how a Lightweaver gets Shardplate. We still don't know what real shardplate is (i.e. that worn by Radiants), but I doubt it's a physical object like the (for lack of a better term) "dead" Shardplate that is basically the only kind we've seen (i.e. there isn't some spren Quartermaster doling out Shardplate when a Radiant reaches a certain ideal). Similar to how Radiant Shardblades are their spren taking physical form, and "dead" Shardblades are spren stuck in that physical form. Therefore it could make sense that Lightweaver Shardplate is them being able to make a physical "illusion" of pure investiture. If any of the "dead" Shardplate came from Lightweavers, it's possible that it is stuck in phsyical form much like the "dead" Shardblades are.
  6. I've always pictured him like a large pitbull maybe, but more bulldog as well? A pitbull / bulldog mix, if you will. Like this, but even larger.
  7. I asked Brandon about Katarotam during the Skyward Reddit AMAs, didn't get much from him though There's also this slightly older WoB that mentions Katarotam. At this point, my money is on us not getting more information on Katarotam. The name is only mentioned once, not just by Kaladin, but by anyone. I honestly think the name was supposed to have been removed during drafts, but never was. I'm not holding my breath for Katarotam to be important or make an appearance.
  8. This is just a guess, but I would assume that Brandon at least knew that Hoid took a bead. Brandon may not have known he was going to write that scene, but from what I've seen of Brandon's process, he knows more about the character's actions than is published.
  9. I couldn't figure out the second book either, but I really like the idea of a lerasium bead. The broken thing around it would then be the clay that rings the bead.
  10. Just found out about restriction about similar to your name (Is this something that's an in-world restriction, or just a Sanderson restriction. Seems odd it wouldn't have been mentioned when they were picking them). Anyway, it just so happens that this would line up. Callsign: Arctic Fox (Because of the Mike Birbiglia joke)
  11. Hmm, for some reason I always thought the Allomantic Grenade had a Nicrosil core, supporting the theory that Nicrosil could store a single Allomantic power. But apparently that's just Ettmetal? I do like the theory that Feruchemical Nicrosil can stores a single Allomantic power (as Investiture) and then you can burn that to get a supercharge of the stored power.
  12. I could see this being the dead spren. It requires some leaps, but I could see the Cognitive Realm being called the infinite sea. And from there, sailors makes sense in context. And the dead spren are definitely lost.
  13. It's been awhile since I've read Oathbringer (so maybe I need to start a re-read :)), but I'm remembering the suspicion that while Vivenna is "looking" for Vasher, she isn't really hunting him (not seriously). I think my main reason for thinking this is the fact that she knows Kaladin and Adolin were both taught by Vasher, but she doesn't follow up on any questions for with them. I think she's primarily there for Nightblood, and Vasher seems to be an afterthought. It's possible she's been tasked with hunting Vasher down by someone, but that she's avoiding it for personal reasons (e.g. whoever tasked her thinks that Vasher is responsible for taking Nightblood, but maybe Vivenna knows he didn't).
  14. A friend of mine listened to the audiobooks as their first read through. I asked if they thought the voice work gave away the ending, but they didn't catch it. I think it's just another clue, much like the *way* the epigraphs are worded. Even when reading, if you had been paying close attention, it should be obvious that Sazed (or at least a Terrisman) is the one writing the epigraphs in the third book. (Of note: I was not paying close enough attention...)